Epilogue 12 Fun Times

Epilogue, Part Twelve – Fun Times: Fun Times Waking from Nightmares and Being God in Spite of You: “Won’t Be Nothing but Big ol’ Hearts Dancing in our Eyes”

“You Lose Your Form, You Lose Your Fear”: Funny God, Part Twelve — The Dream Is Over and Liquid Memories

Human Darkness, God’s Nature, and Why God Is LHAO

But the one that’s human, is where you could create the darkness, that will allow you to have the biggest, whooping, howling, wake-up of all when you realize it’s not real. So life is like God’s joke, requiring that He forget the punch line in order to enjoy it. Like I said, God’s nature, and ours, is laughter. And that’s what He wants.

That’s why He created us, why he created humans. Because there’s beauty, and all that, in all the rest of creation. But it’s only through becoming much less than Himself and totally forgetting who He is and becoming us, that when He remembers…when He/She remembers…that She can go, “Wow!!!! THAT was FUN!!!”

(From an Advert in Heaven:) HumanLand — Fun, New Amusement Park

I mean, we are God. And what did we create? Amusement parks! Right? What do amusement parks do? Lot of peek-a-boo, don’t they?

[“scare the hell out of you…”]

You’re there and you’re going, “There’s the roller-coaster…. Oh, it’s going up….It’s going.…aaa-ooo-ahaooo!!!! I’m gonna die!!!”

Oh. But nobody’s gonna die. Nobody dies. And we say it’s fun!

Why We Insist on Haunting Houses

But, there’s more obvious ones. How about that haunted house thing? Where it’s like do-de-do-de-do-de-do.… And you’ve got all these scary things. You’re trapped inside and you can’t get out. Oh, and they will get you! And surely you will die, you will be haunted forever….

You’re thinking, “Oh, my god!” Y’know? “Oooohh!! Nooo!”

And then what? Suddenly it’s all over and you walk out and it’s sunshine, it’s Disneyland, and people are eating cotton candy… So, it’s like, “Holy fuck!”

You see? But you see you have to really believe it for it to be so much fun. Unless you forget… If you go in there knowing it’s an amusement park…. Well, it’s not so much fun! Right?

Fun Times Waking from Nightmares

But when you do allow yourself to put your awareness on the shelf for a while and get in to it as if it IS real, then it’s an in-cre-di-ble fun. It’s like the most fun. It’s like when you have a nightmare. You ever have a dream that was sooo horrible… that you were sooo glad it was a dream when you woke up?

[“Oh, yeah!”]

Tae Kwon Horror Movie — New, Fun Spiritual Practice

Yes, that’s a taste of it, too. How about…and of course this is not exactly forgetting…but like, y’know, we have a taste of it every time we go to a horror movie. Why would we even invent them? We have horror movies because we are practicing that thing of being terrified, yet having faith that the thing that we’re seeing will not harm us and we’ll be ok. It’s actually a practice…a spiritual practice…of seeing horror, but not giving it strength, not giving it reality. Y’know?

And in life we do the same thing. The horrible things we create for ourselves, for our amusement as God, are ultimately not real. And it’s only when we give these things reality that we actually react to them and act them out! But even then, we are, in acting them out, experiencing things.


But, y’know, at some point we want to go back.


The Dream Is Over.

So that’s why we can talk about there being no high or low, about there being no good or bad, ultimately.

But, you know, I think some of us…when we’re talking like this…we’re tired of it. We’ve had enough of it, and we want to go back. We’re ready. We’re ready to understand, to remember again.


Liquid Memories

I mean, after all, didn’t I have a peek-a-boo? I mean, come on. I was scared shitless! You guys, don’t you think…. I mean, I’m so kind to you now and everything. But you guys didn’t think that when I was melting, fer God’s sake…that I wasn’t out of my fucking brain scared?

No Pain, No Gain –> No Form, No Fear

But then, you know what? When I was water, when I became liquid? I told you, it was like the most relaxing massage. It was almost like, you lose your form, you lose your fear.

[“Oh, yeah.”]

It was like, wow! And then, y’know, being drunk up like milk by my cat…being taken into my cat’s mouth…. It’s like, “Hey, Muff, I always love you, man…this is so awesome of you! Wow, how great is that, man? You takin’ me inside of you? That’s so wonderful. Thanks a lot, man!”

In Heaven There Is No…

And after that, there was heaven. I mean, you could not believe it, there was no such thing as an unhappy experience. And, you look all over and, you couldn’t find it!

And when I was there, up in heaven? Holy cow! There’s God, my best friend in the world. I mean, y’know?

Uncertainty Wakes Up Zombies

And, this God….This God was no stodgy, y’know statue love-Jesus looking God, y’know? This was no icon, man. This God is the most opposite of an icon, it’s the most…. Hmmm….

As we’ve been saying…. It’s the unexpected that creates real experience. If you know it, if you expect it, it is just a trance state.

So…. So, I’ll thank you for killing me.

[“Yeah,” chuckling. “Right, yeah.”]

“Hey, Thanks for That Death I Wasn’t Expecting!”

But you know what? Heh! I thank you for killing me, but I also thank me for being you and, as God, for knowing that I would learn that killing isn’t possible for God. That’s the only way I would know. So thanks for that wonderful gift and, uh….

You know, I feel like it’s too bad, you’re at a disadvantage… You guys, you know, I’m sorry that you didn’t have an experience of it. Because I know it’s harder to get this, to understand it just from the head.

Being God in Spite of You

But y’know? It’s all Love. Y’know? It’s all Love that we give each other because, in spite of ourselves, we can’t help but be God.

Spite Your Nose Off Your Face

There’s another verse to the song we used to sing, “In spite of ourselves, we’re gonna end up a sittin on a rainbow… Against all odds, yeah, we’re the big door prize…”

There’s the knowledge, there, you see? “We’re gonna spite our noses right off of our faces…”

That’s true. That’s God speaking, y’see?

“Won’t be nothing but big ol’ hearts dancing in our eyes.” Nothing but Love. And that’s THE TRUTH.

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