Epilogue 7 In Spite of Yourself

Epilogue, Part Seven – In Spite of Yourself: Clasting Some Icons, Words, and the Physical World: Your Mind Thinks It Lives in a World of Reflections of Your True Nature


Funny God, Part Seven: In Plato’s Cave with a “Monkey Mind.” But Because Reality Is Unity You Get It Right In Spite of Yourself

Have we already forgotten that God’s essential nature and that which we humans alone share with Him is that ability to laugh? Laughter.

So, all roads lead there…to one thing…to something … which is truly and can only be what God is.

Let’s ‘Clast a Few Icons

Back to my little game for you though. Let us say we see what happens if rather than trying to bring to awareness through gentle tugging at things you know inside but are not ready to remember, we try instead a simple but effective way. I love iconoclasm.

Plato’s Cave

sci_3junglebuddhaimagesWhat’s an icon? It is a piece of God that is described. Right? And now described is no longer seen. For, now, what is being described is no longer seen, just the icons, just the description. Think about that.


Words, Icons, the Physical World

Well, there are all kinds of icons that we accept as totally real. Yet all of them block out reality … and cause you to not see the reality you are immersed in. Instead your mind thinks it lives in a world of reflections of your true nature. These reflections are called words, icons, and even the physical world.

SS005_peek-a-boo_F_detailWhat they all have in common is their ability to block out your perception of your true nature as God. What they also have in common is their ability to reveal your truth, when, in seeking God, you consciously decide to remove them from your perception. And what did I say they were? Words, icons, and the physical world.


Words = “Monkey Mind”

Some of that might be more obvious than others. We talk about words, the “monkey mind,” stuff like that. And you think well if you got rid of that maybe you’d be able to see God? Hey! But it’s the same thing—icons, the physical world…it’s the same thing as words.


Ok, alright…a road leading home. Oh well, sorry for the delay. You see, I only just myself caught this simple vision and I’m still in awe of the superb perfection of this game.


In Spite of Yourself

264109_412890212093728_237833839_n199706_344732748948898_302708152_nAnd thanks to you all for that, by the way [chuckles]. It’s a damn good thing that all the fears you humans have about good and evil and your preoccupations with justice, innocence, and so on are just delusions.

And by the way does it not occur to you that your seeming negative action toward me was the greatest gift I could possibly receive? So, you see, in spite of yourself you acted as God that you are. Hope you’re getting a little closer….

I’m just trying to return the favor a little. Well, this is my attempt at a little gift. Here’s my attempt to gift a little back to you.

Unity is Reality, So…

527911_457999547555625_297967119_n313603_499893186703562_1470181529_nWe’ve all heard it said now innumerable times what the nature of God and Reality is. Right? You can say it out whenever it occurs to you…. I mean whoever wants to say it….

We have come so far as to know, somehow, that Reality is One. Alright? We all say Unity is what is Reality. Is that not correct?


We Do Service Because…

Well the other ways we attempt to experience…there I go, again!…attempt to experience this Unity, and therefore Actual Reality, is through service. In serving the unfortunate we invariably feel our heart—there’s another icon that we should dispense with, I mean really…well maybe another time…. Let’s not do it all right now.

We say it opens up, Ok? We say the heart opens and we sense our Oneness, our Unity with others. We say, “There but for the grace of God go I.” Ultimately we experience our Unity with all things, living and nonliving.


But what I’m saying is, the sense of Unity that we are trying to achieve, what we describe as where we’re headed, and the Ultimate Reality of it all, is always described aaaass –>> One. Correct? And can anybody give me the other word for the other way that God is described, outside of being One?

[“Love?” is heard in response]

Does God Bore You? Ok, How About Truth?

Love. That’s pretty good. That is pretty good, because that is actually closer to the truth than what is normally thought. It is closer, but not quite it.

It is Love…. It’s also hate…in a strange way….

539040_2944542193013_429066433_nallowing-himself-to-haveBut I’m backtracking to say that. So I’m going to just let you say He’s hate; but He’s hate, as us, having allowed Himself to completely forget. So He’s not hate really. God is not hate, not in essence. Hate is just an experience that a part of Him has wanted.

Hate and the evil that corresponds to it is God having a different experience than is His nature. So to have it She needs to forget who She is.


I’m starting to spill the beans here aren’t I? Oh, I hope I… Well… if that slipped out, if you get it, that’s fine.

Why God would want to have such experiences that are not part of His or Her nature is the question. And it is what we take a look at next.



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