Epilogue 10 Heaven Slickers

Epilogue, Part Ten – Heaven Slickers: How Forgetting Our Divine Nature Makes Us Feel More Alive and Is Something God Would Want

Why It Is That God Would Want to Forget Who She Is and Become Human: Heaven Slickers, Life — Like One Long Peek-a-Boo

Experience Is God, God Is Experience

It is experiences, feelings that we want to contrast to reveal the magnificence of it all. And they are harder to fit words on or to picture. So we use analogies like light, dark. But they are icons and therefore obscure the truth not reveal it. They need to be removed for us to think clearly again.

So, yes, it is experience, individual experience, that we as God want to contrast so as to manifest it all more wonderfully, more poignantly, in its happy and sad “flavors,” its good and bad experiences of existence.

We Don’t Know Good Till We Know Bad

For we don’t know how good we are as God until we know how bad we are as God, but not knowing it. You see?

It’s like you said…. And it makes for the most PERFECT, PEEK-A-BOO, EXPERIENCE … OF ALL!

Life – Like One Long Peek (a-Boo)

istockphoto_4971968-peek-a-boo-girl_[1]And that’s what I’m getting at: That it is all about peek-a-boo. It’s like, life is like one long peek….

And God teaches the peek-a-boo game to everyone. Why? Because no matter how many lifetimes it takes, no matter how much time passes in which that shield is up, blocking out true reality, and we do not see Momma, or God’s face, so to speak, it doesn’t make any difference. It simply does not matter.

The point is, Is there such a thing as a short or a long time for returning to God, for remembering our true nature as God? No! If it is longer we are able to magnify the magnificence of the drama, expanding its flavors of experience and poignancy. If it is shorter, we’ll have happiness and bliss; and we’’ll have the experience: “Wow, ok… Now I remember! Wow! That was incredible! I would not have believed it!” We’ll have that sooner, but either way is magnificent.

That Was a Trip!

And when we remember…. Well, put it this way, how many people come back from harrowing experiences and say, “Wow, that was a trip…I’m just glad I survived it!” But they’re glad they went through it! They’re glad to have had the experience of it. They say it was like, “Wow! I really woke up to life, during that!” You know? It’s like, “I may have almost died, but I never felt so much alive!”

Heaven Slickers – Nothing But Peek-a-Boo

In fact, some people pick up on this. There was a movie. It was called, of all things, “City Slickers”! And it was pointing out the dead lives that people live in the city. These friends decided to have an experience away from their wives where they would experience living on a dude ranch and being real cowboys for a spell. They expected some physical manly work out in the fresh air and some hearty cowboy chow.

What they got, though, was all kinds of complications and troubles where they ended up being left totally on their own to bring the cattle to market. This was supposed to have been taken care of, and they were supposed to have been just along for the ride, just for the experience. But people died, bad folks were run into, there were complications and they ended up being responsible and having to face the dangers and challenges head on.

And guess what. Against all odds, to their utter surprise, and in spite of themselves, they did it.

In Spite of Ourselves

Then they were speculating at the end…”Hey! We almost got killed, we almost got shot, we got robbed, we almost got left in the desert, and then there was a storm, and then this, then that, and oh, how horrible!” But they’re all so happy about the whole thing. For they left the city and went out into greater feelingness, and they felt more alive than they ever felt in their life because they had finally experienced something that scared the pants offa them. And it was all a peek-a-boo! Going through it they never expected to come out alive, let alone successful, so when they did there was huge relief and glee — it was a peek-a-boo.

When they started out, they did not know they were in for such an adventure. They were under the illusion they were going to be taken care of on the whole trip. They did not know that they were going to experience pain and all that. So when it happened all those harrowing developments were a big and terrifying surprise.

A Very Long Peek-a-Boo

But they also, you see, didn’t know it was going to turn out ok when they were going through all that bad stuff they didn’t expect. They believed it all. They believed they were in real danger and would not survive.

But it did end, and wonderfully at that. So it turned out to be one very long peek-a-boo.

Maximizing Your Poignancy

But the wonderfulness of it would not have been so great and it would not have worked if it had not been that they did not know how it would end. If they had known, they would not have been so scared or so into the experience.

So, you see, for the sake of having the experience fully, if they had been all-knowing as God is, or even if a part of them knew, they couldn’t allow themselves to know.

The fact that in the end it was going to be seen as being great, wonderful, and worth it had to be hidden from them the whole time or it wouldn’t have had such an incredible ending. It wouldn’t have been, ultimately, so wonderful, so beautifully poignant with pleasure.


Well, “City Slickers” brings us forgetful divinities a metaphor for our lives as humans. And in the same way as those city slickers, we as “heaven slickers,” when we take this adventure of human existence, we have to do it honestly. We have to forget that we are all knowing; we have to come down from being God and allow ourselves to be a limited self in order to have all the experiences fully, which in the end are known to be fun.

Had to Have Faith

But what the city slickers did need was faith. They just had to have faith and persevere. And so therefore they won, at the end. So, also, we as forgetful divinities simply have to have faith and to persevere.

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