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Leaders Were Liars, Planet is Dying, Economy Has Imploded… Now, Even a Horse is Pissed at Bush

In this piece I begin alluding to a phenomenon we’ve gotten used to over the last eight years and forgotten it to be strange: Those in power screwing up royally and essentially blaming their dumbness, but then there’s more to it. We also witness here a hapless trader losing his shirt on Wall Street, but then Mr. Ed shows up! Yea, I didn’t even know he was still alive, did you? Well, he’s making up for being out of the limelight, it seems, for while humans apparently can’t see what ‘s coming, Mr. Ed shows off quite an animal’s instinctive knowledge. He sees clearly, far into the past and into the immediate future. And he’s fed up and won’t be shut up, taking the now "filthy rich" Wilber to task. Apparently animals know a lot more about humans than we do about ourselves. While our comeuppance is not pretty (that horse has quite the mouth on him — you’d never have gotten that from the show! And a rather gruesome imagination), it is not all humans he condemns. Given a chance, I betcha he’d bring back unions.

I feel it is illuminating to relate an event I remember hearing on the financial news in America, on CNBC one day, sometime last fall. One of the expert trader/commentators was being interviewed on the floor of the actual exchange and surrounded by all the evidence of the carnage. He was asked to give his take on the scary and unprecedented retreat from stocks and those days of multi-hundred point losses, one after the other. This elderly obviously seasoned personality seemed to balloon out several sizes of his suit, in his sheer incomprehension and his near perfect confusion. Still, raising his voicing, a little more squeaky and almost embarrassed, Puffer-Fish guy held forth, as if written on tablets first, how "all the traders have lost money," and then "Nobody’s doing OK… " But his afterthought hit me like a spear: He pleaded, "I mean who last year at this time foresaw anything like this coming…I mean," he said "anything at all, at all, like this coming up?"



SillyMickel’s audio rendition of this Post
"Horse Sense: The Leaders Were Liars, The Economy Has
Imploded… Now, A Horse Talks! Mr. Ed is Back, and Would You
 Believe Even He’s Pissed at Bush!…and More Than a Bit Miffed at Wilber.
But He’s Bringing a Message to All of Us From Our Tolerant but at Long Last
Fed Up Co-Creators and Fellow PlanetMates on Spaceship Earth

I laughed out loud feeling the sharp pain in my belly. Is it funny, or horrible, that I had been making money hand over fist as I kept shorting the market, buying only puts. For this seasoned elderly guy, had not had a clue that this downturn could happen, nor apparently, had anyone, any trader, or any CNBC talking head, seen a thing. Still, lowly me, is it because I’m a Democrat? Lowly me, well I did I remember the way Reagan’s "Robin-Hood-in-reverse" economics created a great recession, which brought Bill Clinton to power, incidentally, but also how everyone was alarmed at the size of the National Debt, which, during Reagan-Bush I, had more than tripled. It wasn’t just me, for I found mentors in the market, who I picked because they also knew we were headed for collapse, and even got laughed at and ridiculed publicaly, on TV, for espousing his views. Still, I found these few not afraid to look squarely at the fundamentals and who were not Republican cheerleaders propping up a Bush economny of give-aways to those not needing it. The market crashed, and we saw the many others, who had been in bed with that Administration and represented the special interests, suddenly realize that Bush could not keep the party going endlessly – anymore than Reagan could. So, suddenly shocked that there were limitations, on things, they could be seen running for the exits like a bunch of cockroaches when the light is turned on.

I also watched as these Republican-speaking mouthpieces for the rich and for the economics of greed were more and more the only voices being heard when the Mr. Ed horse-like chart markings of the DOW began that nodding, as if to say, "I’m weary of being artificially propped up, Wil-ber! I just want to lie down, to let my head hang low, to rest, to not have to confirm self-serving theories of rich people, using their wealth to make the biased and twisted thinking of their underlings to be sounded endlessly above the din of the moaning masses as year after year they see their costs going up, wages stagnating, and their efforts, doubled, tripled, and beyond without being able to get their heads above it. You see, Wilber, I’m tired of doing your bidding for, more than just it being wrong and this thievery perpetrated on the helpless being more feudal than economic, despite the big smokescreen of the god of capitalism or the supposed "free market." No, Wil-ber. And no matter how funny it might seem to you and your friends . . . this pulling off of a prank, once again, of stealing from the poor, it is in fact the same story of the rich making up rules to suit themselves that has been going on ever since humans stopped wandering and began living in stable groupings that allowed some men to gather more things about them than others (as nomads, no one wanted to "own" very much for it had to be carried. But ever since certain people began thinking they were privileged, better, and closer to goodness simply because of, say, being luckier, they have been sucking the very life blood out of the masses and keeping the poor downtrodden, ignorant, beholden to them whether rightfully or not, unhappy, and enslaved. And Wilber, being a mere beast myself and seeing your kind forever expecting more as a matter of right is wrong enough, but I too keenly see also how forever unaware you are that suffering whether by beast or the unnamed masses is as real, as sharp, often much sharper, than that of the rich. So I’m not lifting my head and braying your praises anymore, no matter what you do. You see, Wilber, your paid for support and theories are not only irrational and self-serving, they are not only harmful, and therefore not funny, and they not only spread waves of pain out from your high-handed actions. Your easy cruelty is not only unkind or unfair, you see, but it is murderous. For just as Hitler once openly acted and believed that a better society would exist if the weak and unproductive and the lesser, by the determination alone, of the prejudices of him and his kind alone, and this resulted in the slaughter, suffering, murder, and elimination of millions — millions who never got to find out what life could have been for them, well this same attitude murders people now, too. For there will always be those whose fate it is to stumble, to draw the black Ace. And lacking resources as they are made to live just on the edge of survival, some small thing to you might mean the end for one of them; it being just enough to break him so badly, like a whipped horse, you see, that such a person’s mangled body will never rise again. So, not funny, Wilber, my head is down, and I won’t be part of the big lie anymore."

Or so it seemed, as the Dow’s mighty charts swung lower, then lower, then lower still. Expressing the weariness of the overworked masses and their despair as they were seeing their dreams of eking out a tad of happy existence, year by year, burdened with debt, seem to be further off, rather than closer. And the despairing millions give up their "ghosts" at that, regardless of how much longer their body manages to suffer through its daily movements, with little or nothing left to hope for. No, Wilber, your kind has infected the world with the lies that give you your brief period of privilege and superiority on this Earth. But not only have you stolen from the poor, but you’ve killed off God’s creatures, mindlessly, in your vapid mind games, and now, even the planet itself.

So your kind will even kill off its own in the end. Your evil is in the end, at its base, the thick meaty dumbness that, and this is a bit funny, you see instead in those you despise. The jig has been up for many of the masses especially since the beginning of the 1980s. Many have suffered, fallen, and died, while you played. But now even you will know suffering. And it will be interesting to see just how much of your own entrails you will devour before it even occurs to the meaty thickness of your brain that it is you that you hurt.


A RECENTLY UNEARTHED, UNRETOUCHED PRE-BUSH PERCEPTION from September 21st, 2000 shocks and saddens and then illuminates.

Is it Cogent and Prophetic?  Or simply Eerie, Unfathomable?



SillyMickel’s audio rendition of this post:
"Message in a Bottle: A Message Arrives from Nine Years in the
Past Predicting Today’s Events, Part 1"

I recently unearthed, March 9, 2009, 9:49am, three never
finished drafts of an article I intended to publish on my website prior to the 2000 Presidential election.  Stuffed and interwoven among the electrons of the backups of old computers, I had completely forgotten ever having written any of it.  Engulfed, indeed, pushed around and battered within the intensity and sharpness of recent political, geopolitical, and economic and financial forces, I was shocked to see the words, written almost a decade earlier, which, desperately intoning, warned of specific dire happenings should George W. Bush be elected.  For it seemed those exact words, of so long ago, had just been lifted from the headlines and front pages of today’s daily news.

Prophetic?  Eerie?  I don’t know quite what to make of it.  It certainly disturbed me and got me to wondering, and then to writing.  Perhaps now, as I lay before us the thoughts that I couldn’t help but ponder, and alongside them the thoughts expressed in the writings of that little remembered time, you and I, just might, perhaps in ways that we would never even be able to express to each other, nevertheless find revealed to us something totally unexpected, maybe even wonderful.  By looking closely, we might just get a peek beyond life’s veil surround; we have here the chance of capturing a glimpse beyond or into that mystery that has been said to be just beyond our limited senses, that place of awe and odd activity, a mere membrane away from the normal, which mystics, sensitives, seers, and sublime artists, claim to sense and sometimes speak. 

Take that as you will; still there’s no denying the fascination and fixation that these awesome unknowables held for the likes of Einstein and William James, pinnacles of rationality to the world, yet regarding these things in their attempts to communicate them only ecstatic and rhapsodic language would do, and even at that, they would claim they could not come near what they were intuiting.  So, here, perhaps, is just that kind of rare opportunity, rare for ordinary people, for getting such a glimpse of that sensed but unseen reality beyond the common sensical one, perhaps a keyhole into Mystery itself.

Certainly possible all this, yet I have to be extremely careful to note that I was hardly the only one thinking these thoughts nine years ago (the most recent dates on them are 8/19 and9/21/2000). 

It saddens me what could have been.  Reading it, I am stunned by how we’ve managed to vanquish from our minds and our media the insane, chaotic, and truly awful outlines of our times, as the events of the last nine years crept daily into our lives and world and shaped them and it in drastic ways that we can discern only by the contrast.  These unpolished catscans of a mind and time provide such a contrast, stark and shocking. 

So these writings I will reproduce here for your consideration.  However do keep in mind the date on the upcoming writing.  The last date this piece was even touched was, as determined by the “date modified” figure, exactly 8/19/20000, at 9:41pm.  That date, so long ago in my memory, really shocked me, especially in terms of the parallels with events today that were equally salient then.  The entire piece is on the long side, I’m sorry to say, but if you, like me, are a real political junky, I think you’ll find a lot of meaty stuff.  Substantial and important zeitgeists of that time are I believe made palpable.  Considering what is going on right now in our political arenas, it may seem so tangible that you may forget that it is not about today.  So I must stress that in no way, even slightly, was this writing altered.

(More later…)

Animal White House


SillyMickel’s audio rendition of the continuation of this post:
"Message in a Bottle: A Message Arrives from Nine Years in the
Past Predicting Today’s Events, Part 2"



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"Message in a Bottle: A Message Arrives from Nine Years in the
Past Predicting Today’s Events, Part 3"
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