Epilogue 2 Earliest Preschool

6488199-vector-colorful-illustration-of-the-funny-god-joker430216_10151100018479700_1650849958_nEpilogue, Part Two – Earliest Preschool: The Absolute Earliest Preschool and Pain Is Wisdom Gift-Wrapped: Peek-a-Boo Is a Taste of God’s Training Later in Life

Pain is God Playing Peek-a-boo with Us: “In Spite of Ourselves, We’re Gonna End Up Sitting on a Rainbow”


You might ask yourself why humans are the only species that laughs? And this is where it got really freakin interesting, and really heavy…. So I was glad that we had the laughter….

Pain Is Wisdom Gift-Wrapped

jesuslaughingIf you’re with God, what is it that you would never ever have, that is such a pain in the ass to have in life?

Fear. Of course there’s no fear…you’re with God!

God feels so much compassion for the ways we humans manage to fuck up, and even to reject all His blessings…even the pain that he gave us as our greatest gift. For the pain of life is actually wisdom that is gift-wrapped to hide its nature. This wisdom stays hidden until we accept our pain and open it, so to speak, to find the gift of wisdom which brings with it always ever more release from the fear we have chosen….


God, to hear Him tell it, was as surprised, as an All-Knowingness can be, that we would be so fearful … that when He wanted to show us how there was never anything to be afraid of, and that fear was an imaginary creation of ours we would be so resistant to accepting His gift.

Why You Don’t See Hyenas at Comedy Clubs

442957-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Black-And-White-Outline-Design-Of-A-Hyena-Comedian-LaughingI’ll just say this about nonhuman planetmates (a) they don’t laugh, and (b) they always have a sense that they’re one with God…. So they always have part of them knowing that they are, like, just playing a character.

So, if you felt one with God and thought of life’s dramas as a kind of play, would you have fear? Not a lot, would you? If you knew it was like the movie I was talking about?

Now…. Here’s the big reveal…but I’m gonna let it out slowly because it’s complicated … though it’s sooo fucking simple when you see it.

The Absolute Earliest Preschool

A lot of it comes back to that peek-a-boo. God, you see, provided the inspiration for that game, just as he provided us with laughter, which is a result of our little adult games of peek-a-boo. There was a reason why He thought peek-a-boo was so important. So important that it’s hard to find a mother-child who has not experienced it. Though I doubt any mother ever consciously knew why she was doing it except that it was fun and gave so much pleas-ure! Remember that word—pleasure.


And that is the same way with God and us as it is with mothers and their babies. Just as God inspired mothers to play peek-a-boo to train children to not trust their fears as being real….

Even to set up in us the next step, where when we are fearful, we might have the expectation…and it would be righteous…that soon the clouds will part, the sun will shine…but even more than that…

Peek-a-Boo Is a Taste of God’s Training Later in Life

scarlette_august_1-004Remember, that early peek-a-boo training has an effect on you as a child: At first you’re fearful but after a while you expect Mother to be there all the time…if you have enough experience of it. That’s a big hint. For, you see, peek-a-boo is a sample of training for God’s training later in life. Now…let’s put it this way:

Pain is God playing peek-a-boo with us.

I know it’s going to be hard to take, but

Pain is God playing peek-a-boo with us.

He uses pain to guide us from danger…and toward our true path.

“In Spite of Ourselves, We’re Gonna End Up a Sittin’ on a Rainbow”

That’s one thing we know, right? We know that when things aren’t going right…sometimes the car breaks down or we break our ankle…. How many times have we found out after the fact that was the perfect thing to have happened? That it was God who was helping us out, derailing our plans, because we weren’t supposed to be doing something? We’ve all reached that point where we know that we are being guided by God through some of these bad experiences, right?

jumpfrombldgintofiremanarmsSo, just as God inspired mothers to train their infants to not trust their fears as being reality, He even set up the next step where when we are fearful we might have the expectation, and it would be true, that soon the clouds would part, and everything would be fine. So, for pain, God is playing peek-a-boo with us…He uses it to guide us from danger toward our true path…

Of course we bitch and complain when we don’t get what we want, when misfortune brings down our cherished fantasies…and sure it’s painful. But I doubt there is any of you who haven’t looked back at what we had intended and what we were guided to instead, and said, “Thank God I’m not in charge of my life… If Ida gotten my way, well, hell, what a stupid idea that ended up being. God sure must love me to sustain and teach and guide me…in spite of myself.” But of course there’s much more to it, than that.

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