Farming, Husbandry, Sedentary Life & Storage, Accumulation, Hierarchy–the 9th thru 13th Descents in the devolution of humans from our noble state in Nature

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Killing planetmates, who are so much like us, and with the repression of conscience required, or, one might say the insensitivity, that came of that, we were able to kill each other. Cain killed Abel is the way *The Bible* expresses that, metaphorically.

*Ninth Descent — Farming*

This increased our anxiety and mistrust and the consequent compulsion to control … out of fear of lack of resources … and the next part of Nature that compulsion was directed to was the plant kingdom. We began growing our food — horticulture — to augment our gathering and hunting. This led to farming, to the agrarian revolution, and to agriculture, in time.

*Tenth Descent — Husbandry*

Controlling now our food sources through planetmate flesh (meat) and the plant kingdom, the next step was naturally to begin growing those planetmates in place, just as we had their distant sister plants. This is called domestication of animals or animal husbandry.

*Eleventh Descent — Sedentary Life and Storage*

Now, all this sedentary living, required for farming and husbandry, made it that we could store more things, which we were not wont to do when we were nomadic and would have had to lug it with us. Hence, we were “settled” in place, and we stored things.

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*Twelfth Descent — Accumulation*

The ability to store meant that some people would store more than others. Those who accumulated more would have influence, and eventually control, over those who stored less. Ten thousand years ago, the rich began calling the tune to which all society would need to dance. We have, with this, the beginning of civilization. As I heard it put recently, civilization is “they lock up the food.”

*Thirteenth Descent — Hierarchy*

Folks who accumulated more — let us call them Large Accumulators, the earliest of what today we call the *wealthy* — could dominate and control, now, beyond the things of Nature, also their fellow humans. Levels of power arose…

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— this is an excerpt from *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, and the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*  (2018) by Michael Adzema.

The topic of the descents of man is central to the book  *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man* (2016) by Michael Adzema, and its ideas were first brought laid out in Adzema’s work, *Planetmates: The Great Reveal* (2014).

For any of the 12 of Michael Adzema’s works currently in print go to Amazon at…

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