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Totalitarianism Come to America – Demon Monster “1984”

Culture War, Part Thirteen: The Resurgence of "Obvious Truths" – The New and Improved Demon Monster

American Fascism

This chapter has to do with Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, the fascism that is no longer creeping, torture of truth-tellers in America, the article “A Nation Stripped Bare: Fascism Has Come to America” by Chris Floyd, reposted here, and “Hello, 1984, You’re Looking Quite Spiffy These Days!” First is this must-read article by Chris Floyd:

“A Nation Stripped Bare: Fascism Has Come to America” by Chris Floyd

From Empire burlesque, March 5, 2011

It is a question that has sparked much debate, at least in certain rare quadrants where the unvarnished reality of the American imperium is recognized. But surely now the debate is over. Question it no more; the supposition, the fear, the heartbreaking intimation is a fact. It is real. It is here.Fascism has come to America.

And no, it didn’t come in jackboots. It didn’t come in massed, marching ranks. It didn’t come in greasy-haired frothers ranting on a stage.

It came with cool. It came with savvy. It came wearing the mask of past evils redeemed by the image of a persecuted minority elevated to power. It came spouting scripture, hugging bright children, quoting pop music, sporting pricey leisure threads.

It came on Facebook, it came with 269 cable channels blazing, with I-Pad apps offering Catholic confession and YouTube porn. It came with the Super Bowl, with de la Renta gowns on the Oscar carpet, with 36 brands of dips and chips on the bulging shelves of your local Wal-Mart.

It came right in the midst of your ordinary life, as you went to work — or looked for work — as you partied, as you courted, as you watched TV, as you worshipped, as you studied, as you played, as you went about the business of being human.

As you went about the business of being human, this inhuman thing has come. It has come in your name, wrapped in your flag, claiming your security as its raison d’etre.

And in the guise of a young, hip, educated progressive, it has just now declared that anyone who reveals any hidden evil committed by the fascist state is subject to prosecution for a capital crime. That’s right. It has revealed that you – you American citizen, you patriot, you believer in goodness and justice and genuine democracy — you can be killed by the government if you tell the truth. This is what the administration of President Barack Obama has demonstrated — indeed, has proudly proclaimed — in its treatment of the young man it is avowedly, openly torturing for telling the truth about American war crimes, Bradley Manning. There can be no mistaking the meaning, implications and import of Barack Obama’s actions.

Corporal Bradley Manning has been charged with leaking “classified material,” including a video posted on WikiLeaks that showed American forces gleefully shooting up Iraqi civilians with helicopter gunships. Manning is also alleged to have obtained thousands of other files detailing crimes, corruption, cover-ups, lies and deceit by American forces and American diplomats around the world. Although American officials have repeatedly said that none of leaks attributed to Manning and to WikiLeaks have caused any bodily harm to any agent of American imperial power around the world, Manning is being accused of “threatening national security” and “aiding the enemy.”

And who, pray tell, is the “enemy” being aided by the expression of truth? On Thursday, the Pentagon very helpfully spelled it out to the New York Times:The charge sheet did not explain who “the enemy” was, leading some to speculate that it was a reference to WikiLeaks. On Thursday, however, the military said that it instead referred to any hostile forces that could benefit from learning about classified military tactics and procedures.

It could not be clearer. The release of any information that the American government declares might be of any use whatsoever to any possible “hostile” force — real, imagined, or possibly run by American provocateurs — somewhere in the world at some point in time is a crime that can be punishable by death. Thus any person or any entity that reveals embarrassing or criminal facts that the government wishes to keep hidden now stands in the shadow of death.

If that is not fascism, there has never been such a thing on the face of the earth.

To be sure, American officials say that they will seek only life imprisonment for Manning — who they are now subjecting to hours of forced nakedness in front of video cameras. But the military judge who will oversee Manning’s court martial is entirely free to disregard the prosecutor’s stated intention and impose the full penalty for aiding the “enemy.”

But again, who is the “enemy”? You are the enemy — if you speak a truth that the government does not want you to reveal. (Of course, if you are an approved and coddled courtier, an eager, scurrying scribe like Bob Woodward, for example, you can reveal all the most secret “classified material” that you like, as long as it comes from savvy insiders “authorized” to praise their bosses and make their rivals look bad.) If you speak this unwanted truth, the government, the president — the cool, savvy, modern, hip, educated progressive president — can throw you in jail, subject you to torture, deprive you of sleep, and finally strip you naked in front of cameras to break you down and humiliate you in their efforts to dehumanize you, to grind you down into a piece of meat.

Here is the New York Times report on Manning’s treatment — a small, brief story which did not make the front page of the print edition and within a few hours disappeared from the dozens of stories on the front page of the on-line edition:

A lawyer for Pfc. Bradley Manning, [David E. Coombs], the Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking secret government files to WikiLeaks, has complained that his client was stripped and left naked in his cell for seven hours on Wednesday. … The soldier’s clothing was returned to him Thursday morning, after he was required to stand naked outside his cell during an inspection, Mr. Coombs said in a posting on his Web site.

“This type of degrading treatment is inexcusable and without justification,” Mr. Coombs wrote. “It is an embarrassment to our military justice system and should not be tolerated. Pfc. Manning has been told that the same thing will happen to him again tonight. No other detainee at the brig is forced to endure this type of isolation and humiliation.”

First Lt. Brian Villiard, a Marine spokesman, said a brig duty supervisor had ordered Private Manning’s clothing taken from him. He said that the step was “not punitive” and that it was in accordance with brig rules, but he said that he was not allowed to say more. “It would be inappropriate for me to explain it,” Lieutenant Villiard said. “I can confirm that it did happen, but I can’t explain it to you without violating the detainee’s privacy.”

This is rich; this shows a devilish irony at work in the PR boiler rooms of our fascist state. Yes, we tortured Manning, but we can’t tell you why — because we want to protect his privacy! We are very concerned about his sacred right to privacy! “I’m sorry,” said Sgt. Heinrich Schultz, spokesman for the Auschwitz-Birkenau detention facility. “I can confirm that Mr Shlomo Stern, formerly of Krakow, was indeed stripped naked by guards here, but it would be inappropriate for me to explain why, because it would violate the detainee’s privacy.”

And as Glenn Greenwald reports, Manning was indeed stripped naked again the following night. Coombs himself notes:

PFC Manning was forced to strip naked in his cell again last night. As with the previous evening, Quantico Brig guards required him to surrender all of his clothing. PFC Manning then walked back to his bed, and spent the next seven hours in humiliation.

The decision to require him to be stripped of all clothing was made by the Brig commander, Chief Warrant Officer-2 Denise Barnes. According to First Lieutenant Brian Villard, a Marine spokesman, the decision was “not punitive” and done in accordance with Brig rules. There can be no conceivable justification for requiring a soldier to surrender all his clothing, remain naked in his cell for seven hours, and then stand at attention the subsequent morning. This treatment is even more degrading considering that PFC Manning is being monitored — both by direct observation and by video — at all times. The defense was informed by Brig officials that the decision to strip PFC Manning of all his clothing was made without consulting any of the Brig’s mental health providers.

What is happening here — as Arthur Silber foretold long ago — is that Barack Obama is codifying the worst abuses of the Bush Administration (and its predecessors) — which had usually been committed on the side, in the dark, in secret, behind many layers of “plausible deniability” — into the open, declared law of the land. This too is facism in action. Indeed, rarely has there been a regime more legalistic than Nazi Germany, where jurists, legislators and civil servants adhered strenuously to the “law” as determined by the will of the ruling clique. And for all those who make a fetish of the “rule of law,” here is the end result: law being used by brutal Power to “justify” inhuman treatment of truth-tellers. As we noted here some months ago:

A conversation during Civil War. (From work-in-progress Bright, Terrible Spirit):

“But in days past, I was a lawyer. Yes, a lawyer, can you believe it? It seems….ridiculous now, doesn’t it? An orderly system meant to govern human society, to establish justice, to advance the progress and enlightenment of the human race. Yet that system, that civil cosmos – to which I was so passionately committed – embraced and protected the most wretched evils, entrenched the powerful in their unjust privilege, oppressed the poor and weak most relentlessly and wickedly, yet at every step – at every step – sang hosannas to itself as some kind of divinity. The “Law” – oh, what a hush of reverence surrounded that word, how deeply that reverence and respect penetrated the heart. Well, my heart, anyway. But in these last few years we have seen – in intense, concentrated, microscopic view – the truth about the law, a truth which too often escaped us in the slow unrolling of peacetime. The truth that there is no law, no Platonic Form out there to which we give paltry representation. There is only power: power in conflict with power, power seeking to drive out power, to establish its dominance, maintain its privilege. Power…acquiesces to law – sometimes – but it never, never bows to it. Power goes along with the law when it is convenient to do so, when it is not too restrictive, when it demands little more than the occasional sacrifice – for the powerful are certainly not above throwing one of their own to the mob when circumstances require. But when it comes to the crisis, power shreds the law like a filthy rag and has its own way. And then you see that the law is nothing but a rag, to be torn and patched and fitted to power’s aims. The worst atrocities I have seen or heard of in this war have been committed wholly and completely under the law. This thing I held in such reverence was, is, nothing but a scrap soaked with blood and shit.”

This is what the administration of President Barack Obama has brought to open fruition in the United States of America. The debate is over. The question is answered. Facism has come…..

A brief reprise of a recent tribute to Manning and other truth-tellers:

“Good corporal, good corporal, don’t you know the fate Of all those who speak the hard truth to the State And all who trouble the people’s sweet dreams? They’re mocked into scorn and torn apart at the seams….”

Demon Monster “1984″

Feds Using Fake Online Profiles To Spy On Suspects

reports the Huffington Post  (March 22, 2010)

You get a “follower” on Twitter, whose picture shows horn-rimmed dark glasses, fake crooked teeth, goofy hat, and smile (obviously in disguise). So, did I see this coming a mile away!?  (”You betcha!  <wink> [ugh.])

Get Smart-ishly transparent?

But then you think, would the CIA, FBI, right-wing hate groups, (News Corp?), et all be so obviously fake? You answer yourself, no…well, except for the right-wing hate groups. And even then, just the duped followers acting on their own would be so “Get Smart”–ishly transparent. So, except for those tea-bag enthusiasts who are not the manipulators but who are the duped, frightened, sheeple followers; and except for similar crazed or right-wing vigilantes acting independently (i.e., again, the sheeple element), these attempts would not be obvious like the example I gave.

The “New, Improved” Fascism

For the professionals would be smart enough to NOT look fake, or at least be plain vanilla enough in their profile for your eyes to glaze over scanning them.

Early Agitators

But that’s not the scary part. We saw their obvious “plants” at antiwar demonstrations, late 60s—early 70s. They’d be short-haired and dressed in trench coats…at an antiwar rally surrounded by others sporting patches, jeans, head bands, tea shirts, blue work shirts, and so on. Hey, this was the Nixon era—they were anything but slick in the beginning…not thinking they would have to be; and with the assumption that any that didn’t agree with their obvious rightness must be idiots.

Anyway, these crude and obvious “plants”—government paid agitators—would get into the middle of groups at particularly tense times  and do things to rally the crowd to violence, encouraging everyone to overreact and “storm” something or other. Now this was at an ANTIWAR peace rally, a peaceful demonstration, which everyone knew would fail if there were any violence because the violence would become the news and the point we had gathered for would be discredited. We were NOT stupid.

So these agitators whose job it was to get us to do something that would discredit us and thus serve the ends of the War, would be trying to get us to come along and join with him, taunting us to “push through the police line” or whatever. Everyone around would be looking at these guys and turning away. We’d be shaking our heads and turning to each other knowingly, motioning to each other to “back away, stay away from this guy, don’t listen, he’s one of THEM.” So, quite common in those days, it was, I say (becoming Yoda, for some unknown reason :-) ).

Some Things We’ll Never Know

But what I’m worried about is not so much what they did in the past or what is being reported that the Overseers are doing now in spying on U.S. citizens’ internet relationships. What I’m most angered, scared, terrified, saddened, depressed, and riled about is what these corporate matrix-weavers are doing that is beyond the law—the wiretapping, national electronic monitoring—y’know the kinds of things that Vader-Cheney-Gonzalez just LOVED.  Now THAT’s what I’d like someone to find out and report to us. But, dream on, I say to me. We all know their best spying/infiltration is so good that it will not see the light of day ever, not even for the history books.

So, I say, “Good-bye, privacy. Hello 1984…again.”

This Demon Weltanschauung

Yea, I looked right into the face of that prick, that demon who is so taking us all down. Fully aware was I of his monstrous pervasiveness and control and the incredible advancement in the “polish” of his mind-soul designing. I knew the world was seeing unprecedented heights of accomplishment in the art of what had once been called, a term seeming so crude now, “brainwashing.” Even “propaganda” is too pedestrian a term to use for the tools that are in use, which go so far beyond that in degree and variety and currently are orchestrated with such finesse and slickness—again like nothing ever known.

Mordor-Horrible, Matrix-Seamless Nightmare

Spectacularly horrible, yet perfectly understandable is the coming into form of this demon Weltanschauung. You see, for, having gathered over 90% of the world’s wealth into “his” greedy hands, there’s little world intelligentsia or brute resources that are not sucking on “his” tits and making real “his” Mordor horrible, Matrix seamless nightmare…out of greed, terror, blackmail, or one or combinations of many other tools of compliance.

Soul-Stealing, Enlightenment-Lobotomizing

Such is “his” success—that soul-stealing, enlightenment-lobotomizing demon, “1984″—that a good percentage of Americans are mindlessly lock stepping behind “his” every move. They’ve been newly birthed into politics and like freshly hatched baby ducklings are hypnotically bonded to their Monster Corporate Mommie, ready to tie tea bags to their bodies and attack and threaten with violence the interests that are working to preserve their lives and health, blind even to the hundreds of thousands of deaths of people like them, some whom they even knew, that were caused by the very people and moneyed interests that are leading their attack.

Vision-Adjusted From Birth

As for the rest of Americans, well almost all of the rest are vision adjusted from birth to doubt the evidence of their eyes or any of their senses. So they can see a zapruder film, watch a president shot by a driver, and yet when told that one magic bullet from a rifle far away was what took a life they can thank the authorities for being more perceptive than them.

They can watch the TV live for hours and see the Twin Towers come down demolition-style and even see the precise puffs of smoke ringing various floors and hear the pops of the explosives set there. They can hear the news anchors, reporters, fire and police personnel on the scene all remarking on the the puffs of smoke and the precision demolition. Yet a day later they can be told that their own eyes lied, and the reports of the anchors and people on the scene were confused and hysterical, despite their memory of that not being so. And yet they can again doubt their own perceptions, not even questioning why those many hours of footage are never broadcast again.

Omnipresent Yet Invisible

So the demon monster 1984 is now omnipresent yet invisible, like some kind of demon god. And this enslaver has slipped in to history, time, America, and the world, and has been sowing our realities through media concoctions and distractions for decades. But “his” entrance and presence—“he” being as invisible and yet real as the air you breathe—has gone unnoticed by all but a very, very, tiny few.

Hello, 1984…

But I looked straight at “him”…and I said to this darkness, 1984, who had crept in unseen but was now firmly entrenched and increasingly bloated with hideous power:

I see, 1984, that you’re more brazen about showing yourself these days. But then you know that nobody cares, nobody’s listening, and you’ve got everyone so scared of some made up “others” (dare not say the word) that they’ll cling to you as the only support they know.

But I’ve seen into your future, Cocky-Face.  I even uploaded a lecture about you last year. It is an hour long or so audio clip called  “Message in a Bottle, Part 1.”  In one part of it, near the beginning, I speak as if I am  a “Wolf Blitzer” of the future. And in his monologue, he lays out, on air, the media plan for total brainwashing to his listeners after it has succeeded so successfully that his network is trying an experiment to test their power of total mind control by allowing Wolf to tell the entire story of brainwashing, lies, and untruths put upon the masses by a controlled media, even lets in the masses on the future plans of further expansion of control over individual minds and souls, describing the plan to give everyone wonderful memories of their personal past and eradication of the actual events of people’s lives that’ll be so real, you’ll actually believe you’re having a wonderful life, and so on.

By now the Media is so confident of its total control it even lets the populace in on the proof they’re expecting, of this total control:  They’re going to tell the whole truth for one day of the way everyone’s reality has been made up and the real reality blotted out. And then the next day and from then, the Network is going to deny that information or even that day ever happened, especially not the way it did. And they will deny everything they said in that day of truth, and they will adjust all the records. So the truth will have been spoken. But like that tree dropping in the forest, once the Media says you didn’t hear it fall, you’ll forget that you did, and never give it a second thought. The Media’s slogan about their experimental day of “spilling the beans”: “So tune into our once-in-a-lifetime daylong documentary TOMORROW on LNN; You DON’T want to miss it!!  You’re SURE to FORGET IT.”  [Footnote 1]

But getting back to you, Your 1984-ness…or whatever the fuck you are. I know that you can screw and hurt me in any number of ways at will. But what you don’t know is that “I’ll throw my body on the banana crater to keep it from exploding. What’s one life, when a paradigm shift is at stake?”  [Footnote 2]

I also don’t have any false hope, not for in my lifetime. But I’m not the only one recording these things digitally for some future generation or alien race or deux ex machina—actually, my chips are on the last one as the most likely…seriously—with the cajoonies and strength to serve you your proper karmuppance.

For I know something that you don’t. That as bad as it is for the ordinary folks OF THE WORLD, and in America, the only true non-changing thing is CHANGE!

So control all you want, mofo’s. Keep yourself hidden. Unless you’re able to remove the divinity from everyone…impossible since there is no such thing as something that is not inherently divine, so where would you remove it TO?…then there will be people waking up from their trances over and over and sneaking out of the Matrix to post alerts about what they saw going on behind the screen. We’ve noticed how many of them came clean in tell-all books about the Bush Administration both during and after his ignoble retreat.

I KNOW, that the biggest secrets you are keeping the tightest screws on. Hell, every time I even sideways mention the one biggest atrocity I know that you committed  readers are too afraid to recommend it, retweet it, comment on it, and they’ve shied away from me a bit since because of it, I think.

How would I know that? Hell, even I WAS afraid to post it because of you, and EVEN I would have held back on recommending it, et cetera, let alone having my name associated with…well, actually…me.

And the most important and damning evidence I know I’m afraid to post anywhere, recommend anywhere, associate my name with.

So, I deal with fear and hold back. And then my experience and therefore knowing of the ultimate perfection of all and the unbelievable goodness of God calms me. Then my courage wrought in my knowing of my dharmic obligation returns.

So, scare me you do, “1984,” but I know something that you will never know—blind as you are to Truth, seeing only money and profits, and they being your gods. I know that there is more to life and consciousness than this fleeting dance of physical form. I know that I cannot die, really, though my body can disappear from your eyes at any moment….

“It’s called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.” – G. Carlin

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Culture War, Part Fourteen: Life vs. Matrix


1.  For the Wolf Blitzer spoof text and comedy, see Part 8: Time Capsule, Part 1, the section "Wolf Blitzer –  Freedom of the Press, Repealed" on this site.

2.  For one’s sanity, a farcical, lighter take on all this:

Then They Went After the Ice Cream. Since I Wasn’t Ice Cream, I Didn’t Protest… #poetweet

“First they took the bananas; then the ice cream. Since I wasn’t ice cream, I didn’t protest. But when they went after the Queen, I knew we were all in danger, I had to speak out…”

We just got back from the Dairy Queen. We were jonesing for banana splits. The man said, “We don’t have any bananas.”I was shocked!

A banana-free Dairy Queen world was approaching fast. I felt the need to throw myself behind something to avoid the collision.

“What do you do when you don’t have bananas?” I asked, astonished out of my wits. “We use a powder that tastes like candy,” he said. “But it’s not a banana split.”

I knew my world would never be the same; but I didn’t want to know it just yet. “The candy we use tastes a lot like bananas and people like it.” I quaked.

Later, he produced our turtle sundaes and told us, “Sometimes we run out of ice cream.” “What DO YOU DO when Dairy Queen has no ice cream!” I yelped!

We had reached the existential crater, the black hole of unknowing. It was still smoking, so we called it the cloud of unknowing.

We left the DQ and headed out onto the street. People were driving down the boulevard. Cars were walking down the sidewalks.

We saw a policeman putting out a house fire, while a Doberman ran past the scene, chased by a Siamese cat, who was in training.

It was nightime, but the sun was awfully bright. The pale moonlight lit up the boulevard. Good thing. People were not used to steering themselves.

I had been told that bananas were arriving in the morning, so I knew that I had until then. The DQ wasn’t set up for overnites, so we’d have to get a blanket.

We passed a newstand, where yesterday’s newspaper had just arrived, fresh off the presses. The headline: “George W. Bush leads as Chief Justice of the World Court”

A thought suddenly hit me! “The dish didn’t run away with the spoon,” I said. “Because the cow couldn’t have made it ALL the way over the moon.”

“Am I to believe you,” my wife intoned, “or what has been written and believed for thousands of years.” It was a tight corner, no doubt.

I could always refer to other cultures, I thought. The values are the same, in every one, but you don’t have to believe that moon was ever fully hurdled.

No doubt, the issue that divided nations, that put people to going to war and slaughtering each other was now infecting my marriage.

“No bananas, no bananas!” I shrieked in my mind. “What rotten luck, and why did the night have to start this way!??”

This bizarro, no-ice-cream-Dairy-Queen world was taking its toll. We could lose everything. We could lose each other. It’d be bad for our health!!

The morning alone would bring hope. But we’d have to capture that moment for it to be real. How else would people know there were bananas?

I’d heard of paradigm shifts, of shifts in techtonic plates! But no one wants a split, no banana. “They’d eat the powder and deny it,” I thought.

So I’ll be there late tonight when the sun goes down. At the crack of dawn the bananas are supposed to arrive. I’ll do it for you. For I love you all.

You won’t know I did it, if I do. If I don’t succeed, I’m sure you’ll blame me. There’s nothing like the responsibility of making the world safe for bananas….

Or, for that matter, the responsibility of keeping Dairy Queen free…free to be…all that SHE can be. It’s the least we can do for the Queen.

So wouldn’t each and every one of you stand up for the bananas if you knew what was at stake? I knew you would. And so will I.

It’ll be a long cold night, alone, dark with all that reflected pale sunlight, and tense. If I fail, the bananas won’t really win. So I think my chances are good with them.

Still, if they are as crazed as the World Court, and if they drive their bodies down the street as crazy as you folks do, then tell my wife I loved her.

I’ll throw my body on the banana crater to keep it from exploding. What is one life, when a paradigm shift is at stake?

You can give your thanks to my wife, if I don’t come back in one piece. I’ll be listening, even if my eyes are closed. And I’ll respond, if ever I can walk again.

But don’t cry for me, after all. I didn’t tell you, and maybe you don’t deserve to know.

But if there’s not enough bananas for everyone, I’m taking all that there is down with me…so there!!

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Culture War, Part Fourteen: Life vs. Matrix

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New Improved Fascism

Dictatorship: America – History Suppressed Will Repeat

Culture War, Part Twelve: American Dictator

Totalitarianism in the U.S.

Nations Need Therapy Too!

To avoid our next dictatorship

This chapter addresses why America still MUST have a thorough truth commission of the Bush-Cheney crimes: For how can we avoid repeating history if it is hidden from us? [continued after video and audio links below]


He Said, “I Am the Decider.” How Could We Know the Idiot King Meant “Dictator”?

This is an artistic rendition of feelings swirling around myself and my fellow Americans, living for eight long years under what a number of scholars have officially determined was—as meeting all the criteria necessary to categorize and as characterized by all the elements by which one defines it—the “dictatorship” of so-called President George W. Bush, from the years 2001 through 2009.

Music in “8 Years” – “Dear Mr. President” – written & performed by Pink, (purchase mp3) (purchase CD)
“In the Arms of the Angels” – written and performed by Sarah McLachlan (purchase mp3) (purchase CD)

Totalitarianism in the US: Nations Need Therapy Too!

This is a reading of my original commentary on “8 Years” (above). I titled it, To Avoid Our Next Dictatorship: Why America MUST have a Thorough Truth Commission of the Bush-Cheney Crimes, for How Can We Avoid Repeating History if It Is Hidden From Us? It contains the jist of what is written here. To hear my reading of this post, click on the link above to the audio site or the one below to the audio player here. 

Image of To Avoid Our Next Dictatorship: Why America MUST have a Thorough Truth Commission of the Bush-Cheney Crimes, for How Can We Avoid Repeating History if It Is Hidden From Us?

TRUTHCommentary on the Video “8 Years”

It is just as important for a society to uncover its repressed truth in order to heal as it is for a person.

And just as on the individual level, if we continue to deny and refuse to let our truth rise up to heal us we are driven to continually re-enact it over and over despite our best efforts not to, so also on the level of the nation or society, if these truths are not faced by our country…God help us.

For just as Hitler wasn’t the last fascist totalitarian dictator…look to the regimes currently in North Korea, China, and woefully too many nations in Africa and the Middle East; we had the Soviet Union, Cambodia…George W. Bush won’t be the first and only dictator America will ever have…. He will just be the first….

A Warning

I first wrote this during Obama’s first year in office. I am sad to say it proved prophetic, as ever since the election of 2010…and I argue it is because Obama failed to address the issues I talk about below…we have seen increasing totalitarian-style fanaticism by Republicans and the unfortunate codification of Bush’s totalitarian inroads…denial of habeas corpus, torture, extraordinary rendition, repression of freedom of speech as in the reactions to wikileaks, especially the torture and incarceration without trial of Bradley Manning, and more…by President Obama.  [continued after video]



So in this part you may better understand why current developments have come about, though they could have been prevented if there had been enough gumption, as well as what still is needed—sooner or later—or else we are in for ever more, and greater and expanding, tragedies in terms of the loss of democracy and liberty. So what follow is a warning as well.

A Prophecy

I had written that in pondering this commentary I began to realize some important and overlooked truths concerning one of the issues our government is facing currently. As Obama, Pelosi, Leahy, the Republicans, and all the media struggle over the issue of having a truth commission to look into possible illegalities committed by Bush-Cheney, I was flooded with one of those, truly, obvious truths, the common sense kind, that gets lost in the complexities of personalities and politics.  [continued after video]

For just as on the individual level, as in therapy, hidden TRUTH must be uncovered, faced, dealt with, and ONLY THEN put behind oneself; so also must society uncover its hidden truths or it will be sick. And by sick, I mean the same thing that Santayana meant when he said “A society that does not remember its history is doomed to repeat it.”

So far, nothing big there. Then it hit me: But if history is not known, how can one help but repeat it? In the current situation, if we DO NOT look into what was done by Bush-Cheney during the 8 years in which, as the videos here and numerous scholars have determined, America had its first dictatorship, then we will not have a TRUE history of what happened. And if our history is not true, then it is fantasy, speculation, or propaganda.

In that situation, which is our current one, unless we have that truth commission, we “are doomed to repeat it.” Repeat what? DICTATORSHIP. And the even sadder thing is that when we fail to learn from our past experience, whether as individuals or societies or nations, when it repeats, it repeats in a bigger form, carrying more impact, force, devastation … more dire consequences.

We have numerous historical examples of this pattern in recent history alone–on both sides. When Germany, South Africa, and Japan faced and dealt with the horribles of their recent past…after WWII for Germany and Japan; after the end of apartheid for South Africa…they went forward and prospered tremendously, even phenomenally.


Dire Consequences if a Society’s History is not Accurate

If one’s history is not true, it is not helpful…worse, it leaves a society vulnerable to danger.

Everyone quotes Santayana on history repeating. How then can no one seem to make the connection that your history has to be TRUE HISTORY not a web of lies hiding deep and festering wrongs. So it is just as important for nations and societies to uncover its repressed truth, in order to heal, as it is for the Individual.  [continued after video]

And just as on the individual level, if our nation — specifically right now our government — continues to deny, refuses to let our truth rise up to heal us, or simply, as Obama has so far done, look the other way on the grounds that there are more important things to deal with, well then as a nation — just as individuals, we are driven to continually re-enact our biggest mistakes over and over despite our best efforts not to — so also on the level of the nation or society, we will fix a problem only to see it rise up again during the next election cycle.

In fact, it is exactly that lack of facing the truth that has led to the current global economic implosion, started here in the U.S. Reaganomics caused that; we are finally admitting on our talk shows. Yet we had twelve years of Reaganomics from 1981 through 1992. And during that time, we saw how effective it was: It not only almost quadrupled the national debt during the twelve years of Reagan and Bush, Sr., it not only severely unbalanced the budget, but it caused a recession so important that it led to Clinton winning the Presidency on the slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid!”


Despite the fact the Clinton reversed that downswing dramatically by REVERSING Reaganomics; and despite the fact that his policies helped create one of the most prosperous decades in recent history, even leaving a surplus for the next administration, not a peep was heard about the disastrous experiment Reaganomics turned out to be.

Apparently our country was not about to call Reagan wrong at that time. Too many idiots felt that somehow we had to treat him like a nice Grandad and not say anything unseemly, regardless of how the rest of the country would fare. I fear there were more insidious reasons than that for not broadcasting what we had learned, at such a cost.


And it was just that lack of truth-telling of the obvious, so as not to smear Reagan, though his economics was a horrible failure and it had been proven to be so, that allowed Bush to come in and go about doing Reagan’s mistake, only doing it several powers greater and doing it sooner. Bush came in and gave the budget surplus to the wealthy, without a peep from any in the media or any outrage on the part of Americans, most of whom had suffered through the recession only a decade earlier.

But the average American would not know economics like the experts, the media, and the government. So it was tragic to refuse to point out that Bush’s ideas had already been tried by Reagan and his father with horrible consequences. Everyone kept quiet and suppressed the knowledge of their own experience.

What happened? We “were doomed to repeat it.” Only karma seems to have a played a part because we are not just repeating it. We are being punished severely with one of the worst economic downturns in America’s history. And it seems to me we deserve it because obviously the lesser medicine did not teach Americans and their media and leaders a damn thing. But with this one: Oh, well, NOW, we are hearing that trickle-down Reaganomics started it all. So if we are too stupid to learn from a mistake, that mistake will come back bigger and bigger until we wake up and realize that the path we are on is not working.


Now this is very important, why?

Because scholars have determined that in studying the actions of Bush-Cheney, America, for the first time in its history, went into a dictatorship, meaning that their policies, which involved tossing out the Constitution, and pillar-by-pillar removing the foundations of our rights, our freedoms, and our democracy, including even the right to have a vote that will be counted, or more specifically, will be counted in favor of the person you voted for, not counted toward the opponent. Consider that the ones with expertise in poring over all the documents and data have determined that we had a smokescreen of democracy and freedom talk, but that actually we were living in a dictatorship.

There are scholars galore putting out books delineating the ways in which our Executive Branch acted as literal traitors, and worse, to America, and list the grounds upon which Bush and Cheney would be tried for murder, for starters, if they were anyone else in America.

If these truths are not faced by our country, God help us. For just as voodoo economics returned, with results many, many times worse than the first time; well, what can we imagine would happen if we don’t face the truth about the dictatorship of George W. Bush, the loss of rights and freedom and honest elections?

For one thing, consider how easily this dictator rose to power. Our supposed democracy didn’t stop him, like it is assumed democracy will. If we don’t take in that lesson, not only are we doomed to repeat these horrible eight years, but we are leaving a door wide open for the next one. And if you think you have to have concentration camps in order to see dictatorship, well, gee, just guess what you are going to get under the next American dictator.

And this will surely happen for it is simple common sense that anyone would understand if it were related to something in their commercial life. You don’t see farmers feeding the wrong kind of grain to their livestock more than one time, do you? Can you even imagine it? Then why would we think that we can ignore finding out what happened and fixing it in order to keep something worse than it from happening in the future when it comes to politics?


Is it that we think that as Americans we are immune from something so horrible? Then are we a nation of Pollyannas? In our complacency we have witnessed so many Katrinas, Iraqs, Vietnams, Bush-Cheneys, being rated at the bottom in health care among developed nations, having one of the shortest life expectancies among developed nations, having one of the worst educational systems, and having one of the lowest standards of livings among developed nations. How many of these kinds of events is it going to take before people stop engaging in magical thinking, believing the things that pandering Republicans will tell them to hide these facts, instead of taking their truth from the experiences of their own lives?

I hope all Americans and our representatives will resist the tendency to run away from the unpleasant past and instead find ways, and there are plenty of easy ways, to turn and face the darkness behind us, so that we will not be forced to walk through an even blacker and more horrible darkness before us.


How Did I Do?

As you can see from the commentary above, which I wrote in 2009, I was predicting what is currently front-page news. For us to have hope, we must always hold to the idea that, given insight, there is always time to change our ways, to alter our course and thereby to correct where we have been wrong. This may or may not true. Still, I implore you to believe that our efforts to rectify matters are not futile, else we will insure that they are.

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He Said, “I Am the Decider”; How Could We Know the Idiot King Meant “Dictator”

This is an artistic rendition of feelings swirling around myself and my fellow Americans, living for eight long years under what a number of scholars have officially determined was—as meeting all the criteria necessary to categorize and as characterized by all the elements by which one defines it—the “dictatorship” of so-called President George W. Bush, from the years 2001 through 2009.

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Totalitarianism in the US: Nations Need Therapy Too!

This is a reading of my original commentary on “8 Years” (above). I titled it, To Avoid Our Next Dictatorship: Why America MUST have a Thorough Truth Commission of the Bush-Cheney Crimes, for How Can We Avoid Repeating History if It Is Hidden From Us? It contains the jist of what is written here. To hear my reading of this post, click on the link above to the audio site or the one below to the audio player here.

Image of To Avoid Our Next Dictatorship: Why America MUST have a Thorough Truth Commission of the Bush-Cheney Crimes, for How Can We Avoid Repeating History if It Is Hidden From Us?


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The Resurgence of "Obvious Truths" –
The New Improved Fascism!

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Who’s responsible. Faces of the “faceless” filthy rich

There’s a lot of idiocy on the right about who’s responsible and who are truly the rich in this country. I’ve actually had relatives tell me that Democrats are the ones who are rich. When I asked the how they could say that, they said the Kennedys.

That kind of mystification can only be happening because folks have lousy education so don’t know their "numbers" .. don’t know the difference between millions and billions for example (it’s just "lots" in their minds), because they have been made confused and deluded by Fox-style propaganda coming out in all the media, and because folks are afraid–and so make it "inappropriate" to name names and point fingers… As if knowing who is really responsible for things would trigger another French or Russian Revolution and have heads rolling and czar blood flowing. (Seriously?…)

So isn’t it about time we educated ourselves about the real causes of things rather than remained dummied down and going after each other (listen up, Tea Party).

So, I’m pointing fingers and placing blame. Anybody who tells you that is an inappropriate or crude thing to do is doing the work of these criminals to cover up and get away with their abominable deeds.

Here are some of the faces of the "faceless" filthy rich.
Amplify’d from

Bad Billionaire Ballot

Welcome to RootsAction’s list of the Filthy Rich.

Billionaires get tax breaks big enough to fly a private jet through, and it’s contributing to our federal deficit. But it gets worse. The most vile of the bunch are using their money and influence to pollute the environment, wreck democracy and profit from war. The fancy word is plutocrat. Another way of saying it – they are the enemy of all we hold dear. Many of the billionaires in this collection have attended the infamous Koch Brothers’ annual retreats to plan their takeover strategies. These folks don’t deserve a tax break. At. All.

So check out a bit of their background, and consider – which billionaire is doing the most damage? We know, it’s a tough call. But you can do it. We just aren’t buying the line that these folks are worthy of special treatment and that Social Security must go before they do.

So vote away, and tell your friends.

And, let’s remember, we can Balance the Budget on the Backs of Billionaires. Believe us, they can handle it.

Pick your bad billionaire. Remember, they may all be despicable but you can choose only one! Share with your friends to help your favorite "win."
Who’s responsible. Faces of the “faceless” filthy rich

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Republicans – Blue Meanies Naked and Looking Foolish

Oh, Those Prankish Republicans

This follows from “Obvious Truths,” for those who are interested. This is called “Naked Republicans, Blue Meanies Fleeing or Foolish.” May 8, 2009…so maybe some of you seeing the news lately will know what I am talking about as what is going on currently is merely a continuation of what was started then, as I explain.

To start, this follows from how George W. Bush and Hank Paulson managed to get away scot free with their last-minute cleaning out of America’s cupboards—taking even the silver—and leaving America, and the world, closer to an actual doomsday within a generation or two at the most…leaving us closer to the end of all time than ever before….

Yea, I know… that made me feel real good too *sarcasm* … Happy thoughts…  [Continued below audio]

Cantor on Hardball.  It was Reported He Looked Foolish. Refused Questions, Was said to be Blabbering.Naked Republicans: Blue Meanies Looking Foolish
an Audio Reading by SillyMickel Adzema

Here is an audio of the author’s impassioned, sometimes, humorous, reading of this chapter. For the author’s reading of “Naked Republicans,” click on the link to the audio site above or click the audio player here.

Image of Naked Republicans Blue Meanies Fleeing or Looking Foolish by SillyMickel Adzema


Blue Meanies Fleeing or Looking Foolish

Ironically, however, by knee-capping all efforts we were put on a worse financial footing even than the already horrible financial footing caused by the war and the eight-years of massive Republican tax giveaways to the Filthy Rich that was already going on and was going to be left to Obama and America to take care of. So what they did with TARP at the very end of Bush’s reign took a very bad situation and turned it into the emergency that we’re experiencing…. Yea, that cheered me up to.

Ironically, however these Republicans-that-got-away by kneecapping all future efforts to steady ourselves made sure we would never forget them either. For the last-minute clean-out was an overreach of the most red-handed, leaving us far worse off than the already horrible financial footing they had left America on, which was the result of a long war and another eight years of massive Republican tax cuts to the filthy rich…following from the twelve years of the same during Reagan-Bush….

So much for Republicans being deficit hawks

So the Republican facade had come down as surely as the Berlin Wall had. However, leave it to Republicans to never let the facts get in the way of saying whatever lies they can dream up to support their benefactors, showing in this way their true servitude to those outside interests. Unfortunately for them, after their embarrassing rejection in 2008 these Republicans were not even allowed the dignity that the Communist hard-liners had when they were so openly shown to be wrong and were allowed to disappear from public life.

Cantor and Bonior with bogus Republican response

They looked all the more ridiculous when they attempted some kind of reverse outrage at Obama for having been put in the position that, actually, their policies over the eight year’s of their governance with Bush put them.

But don’t cry for them. Because Republicans are extremely wanting when it comes to self-consciousness. It is impossible to imagine they they ever look at the “man in the mirror.” They are so other- and outside-oriented (towards money). Naturally it follows they are horrible at soul-searching or even looking inside to their conscience.

To keep this squarely on hard realities and not overreach, I am going against my gut and laying out that huge assumptionthat they even have a conscience. Certainly, John Dean of Watergate fame was not facetious when he wrote about “conservatives without a conscience.” So that is the context of this new era.

No. Republicans have ridiculed the inner life, any inner life, for many decades. They have been notoriously ripping into the prospect. Somehow they have convinced too many Americanswith their juvenile and effective substitute for reasonthat is, ridicule, mocking, and shamingthat if you have compassion for others you are a “bleeding heart.” They have advanced a perspective that if you shed a tear during a presidential campaign, for example, you are weak, unstable.


If you attempt to raise yourself  above feeling and seek the Presidency as someone who would NOT put himself above the law (See how great the opposite idea has worked out during the eight years of the W…that is, we had someone who did put himself above the law)…. If you would attempt to show that you would follow the law no matter what your personal feelings and you would give a legal answer to a personal question about your wife…for those who aren’t as old as me, I’m talking about Dukakis…well, then you are a zombie and have no feelings.

Somehow Republicans had convinced Americans it is better to be irrational and murderous for the sake of one’s family and to shred the Constitution and act dictatorially as a president than to aspire to deal with one’s feelings personally and abide by the same laws as everyone else so that Americans could still have the sense that there is still some democracy left in this country. Like I said, this was Dukakis’s approach in the first campaign we saw of a Bush for president. And somehow America decided it wanted a tough-guy, Bush, rather have than a rational person, Dukakis. That is strange.

Anyway, my point is that the Republicans disability in the region of the heart, has left them completely vulnerable to making total fools out of themselvesThe polls are showing they are not believed anymore. But that is not the whole truth, which is most Americans just do not think them credible when, after eight years of robbing Americans blind and creating the biggest and most punishing economic debacle in almost a century, it would be discovered the only progress or benefit of all that was to create a brand new class status in America. It was widely seen that Rich-publicans major accomplishment under Bush was the rising up of an entire new level of moneyed power which is above the very, very rich and which is so far removed from normal Americans the cable documentaries to report on it have struggled with any kind of normal sounding name for this class. Lacking even an acceptable euphemism the reporting  on this very very very very very very very very rich was forced into the obvious, calling this new class the “filthy rich.” That was the actual name of a documentary, “The Filthy Rich.” So don’t blame me folks, I didn’t make up the term.

So immediately after the end of Bush’s term and after the Bush-Paulson-”filthy rich” caper that cleaned out the Treasury and nearly eliminated Obama’s hopes for economic justice once he became President, they looked ridiculous when they turned right (around) and proclaimed as foolhardy, unworkable, and unnecessary Obama’s attempts to save the economy by funneling money to the actual people who do create wealth in America. These ordinary folks actually create the wealth in that they work for a living, not suck off others’ wealth. They actually pay taxes back to the government when they work…again in contrast to those other people we are talking about. And they actually create jobs because, not being “filthy rich,” they have not had the lives of ease of Bush’s Republicans and his “filthy rich” constituency. So when they get some money, however little it is, they maximize it; they do not feel like they have the privilege to blow it.

I mentioned Bush’s “filthy rich” constituency for certainly his administration was not a government run for the benefit of any but that new aspiring American royalty, those faceless people inhabiting that tiny slice of status above all the rest of us yet controlling  more than sixty percent of all America’s wealth.

The Republicans began embarrassing themselves within a few weeks of the outcome of the 2008 election by completely reversing their rhetoric soooo quickly. They had no trouble doing this because they are not ones taking to anything smacking of any namby-pamby “psychobabble” so they do not have a clue, and therefore no shame, about the way they are being perceived. This blind-sightedness is their way of covering up, to themselves as well as others, not only the fact that they are disabled in not having a heart but also the fact they have not the faintest glimmer of what an inner realization, understanding of one self, or even an insight is.  

So they could not help but expose themselves and their personal inadequacies before the majority of Americans who have had enough classes in the school of hard knocks as to have had to learn a few things about themselves and to have become at least a little savvy about human motivations and the hidden agendas of others. Because of their confrontations with the hard realities of life, ordinary folks are able to see through at least the most obvious of the dishonest ploys or self-serving lies of the people around who might occasionally resort to that.  So they were able to see these “emperors” sans clothing and their respect for Republicans turned toward pity. Therein we have our context.

Specifically we have these Rich-publicans…at this point now shortly into Obama’s term and after having blown all that money at their turn…squealing about big spending Democrats! Keep in mind this was only weeks from the ending of their dominance of government which had them, instead, opt for…well, not free spending…like they say “free spending Democrats”…but blatant and free stealing , with the obvious consequence of breaking the bank—the Treasury—in their all-consuming greed.

So, Boehner and Cantor, as Republican minority leader and Republican whip, went squealing and setting the squealing chorus going and keeping it high-pitched and ongoing about the very results of their own actions just previous, which added to the transparency of the shame they were displaying to … the world!  For, tragic but funny enough…and they so deserving of being laughed at…what we all saw was a small bunch of squealers who were obviously knowing of their guilt over the years and the suffering , immense, over the years they caused. They could not help but be keenly aware of the way they had enriched themselves and their circles of cohorts (the “filthies”). So rather than…. Christ, their behavior was the kind of thing you are able to see through at least by the time you make it into junior high! They opted to flaunt their shame and hypocrisy…”you lie”–Joe Wilson…rather than stand idly by. Undoubtedly they knew if they respectfully retreated at all, it would leave the center of the circle open to be filled with nonguilty voices. And these voices they knew would circle in increasingly on them and their despicable actions in the not too long ago.  So, terrified their silence would leave them naked and exposed to the truth…culpable, perhaps criminal…they opted for tactics of the most, let us say…well, unsavvy and unslick are two words that would apply and would be kinder than they deserve.  It didn’t take Shakespeare to see through their juvenile, laughable fakery and lies, which they then were stuck with and trapped inside of. And this caused them only to increase their proclamations to higher and higher levels of—hilarity for the rest of us—inane, embarrassing  and telltale inanity for them.  [continued after video]

True Deceivers

It didn’t take a Freud to see this tactic. In the common way of thinking of this Republican ploy–not the psychological way…like Freud–people say the best defense is a good offense. Others might say they made spectacles of themselves caught up in the shame and fear of being caught in their criminality if it were ever to come out what they had done under Bush. So, overburdened this way with anxiety, they could not then think with any rationality, nor even come up with any smooth or artful cover-ups. 

But America is not as averse to understanding other humans as these Republicans wish they would be. For a long time they could get away with their habitual lying, and they forgot that things had changed. Remember how McCain was brought down by his lying during the campaign against Obama in much harsher fashion than any of his predecessors?  He wasn’t a bigger bald-faced liar. No, he was just as big. But he ran in an era that had seen a rapid increase in technology, including the sort that allowed the production of ever cheaper and smaller little cameras without film, with immediate recall and which also recorded video, all from a tiny box. 

So, McCain, being like most Republicans out of touch with the waves on which the normal folks must surf or at least move, also made a laughingstock out of himself…remember this? He time and again and on stages small as well as grand (Meet the Press, for example) adamantly denied ever saying exact wording that, sure enough, the moderator would produce in video showing him, plain as day and exactly, saying and meaning.  So it was really rough going for all Republicans whose political skills all ran in the direction of their ability to lie and deceive while hiding their true agenda.

No, technology hasn’t been kind to liars.

And they had been so successful over the last few decades, half century that in the last fifty-eight years prior to Obama’s win, Democrats had held the Presidency for only sixteen of them. Indeed until Clinton managed to prevail for eight years, it had been a measly eight years out of forty-two. 

So, many Republicans had become reliant on deception. Hell, perhaps they became Republicans for that reason: They could apparently seek office with even the sleaziest, most criminal, or most selfish of reasons, but they would be surrounded by a sea of true deceivers–liars who made sport, game, and a perfection about that that.

Just ask them. As even McCain was accused by Bush in South Carolina of fathering a black child and came to the obvious conclusion that at least Bush was a big liar and deceiver and so on. Unfortunately that did not stop McCain from doing the same kinds of things. That’s the tragedy there. But that’s Republicans for you. I can’t understand them.

So, that’s the history, the thrust, and the wind behind them, as decade after decade, they turned truth on its head and got away with it.  Indeed, they were able to make American heroes out of the best in that art—Reagan the penultimate example. And in doing so they aided their cause of confusing Americans about truth. America’s mind became seriously muddled through Republicans getting away with blatantly and self-servingly turning white into black. Just add a little anti-abortion or a little evangelical sounding talk and they were able to come across to some as as white as the proverbial driven snow.

But things change.  I mentioned the technology as helping this along.  But how can anyone forget eight solid years of Bush-lies.  More than the lies:  How could anyone forget all the suffering caused by those lies!  No, people were getting harder and harder to lie to.

But when, being a Republican, that is the only tool, the only political skill, the only reason you are even a politician in the first place… well, though they might know that there has been a change in people’s abilities to see through them, still, skunks can not change their stripes, but funnier still is the stench they can’t cover up. 

Imagine that, and you’ve got an idea of how they appeared, how funny, how stupid, how much appearing to be the obvious fools, liars, self-interested, uncaring of the public interest, the Constitution, or anything that they they’d ever espoused, and which for most Democrats would be their actual reason for being in office…as it should be for all politicians in our democracy.

So, let’s take a little gander back at the fun of, no, not yester-year, actually not so long ago.… And would you believe it?!  I don’t believe they are going to allow themselves to realize how foolish they are appearing.  Look, if ya got no clothes, you may have an inkling at times that people are laughing at your foolish, saggy hide, but, well, YA GOT NO CLOTHES!!

So, a little fun, and, then, too, for the record:

I won’t go into the stupid things that Boehner and Cantor and the other bewildered fools said and that were laid out one after the other, the pundits almost chuckling at the spectacle as they, well, being reporters, they HAD to report on this idiotic behavior.

Basically, these Republicans are obviously the guys who blew all that money there at the beginning of their control. And even at the end, just a month or so earlier, they had wrangled the largest single payout in American history by extortive means. And then there you see them saying Democrats are spending too much money…. And, for what are they spending? The Dems are criticized for wanting to put money into the hands of people who might actually make jobs and could really use it…. Wow.

And but for all but them this is obvious and unseemly. Shameful. But don’t feel too sorry for them. Like I said, they have no capacity for insight. They may even shed a tear on occasion, giving you the impression they have a heart; but, no, not at all, none at all, absolutely NO insight into themselves. Let’s see…. Put this another way…NO self-awareness. 

For them it is, “Hell, where’s the time for that psycho blather when there are endless high wire games of swindle, intrigue, and self-interest to attend to!” And all of it with the added wrinkle of it having to be totally lied about. They are become consummate pretenders, precision actors. And of what would seem to be the hardest acting to pull off. Oh, lots of people could pull it off for a moment, a spell. A scene, let us say. But they have to pull off for a lifetime (!) that they are…check this out…that they are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they really are. 

They have to boldly pretend in defiance of every single nerve and thought that comprises them and is obsessing every second how to get a personal advantage out of every, every little thing. Against that they have to appear they are “serving” the interests of the nation. Or, caught in that lie, well, it’s their “constituents” they are serving…

Though, think about it now, just who exactly lives in a district whose constituents want you to enrich yourself? Or who has constituents who are ALL, or even predominantly, so wealthy it enriches them as well? What kind of constituent could there be who would want for you to have power or advantage of whatever secret sort that is the object of your game or who would want you to work to benefit those “filthy rich” folks I was talking about earlier which…and this is match, point, game, no question!…which boon for them is achieved completely at their expense!

What kind of people would want that? What constituent would like seeing the already-haves having more at the expense of their having to accept lower wages, lower standards of living…having to worry about their not being able to afford health care and having to live the rest of their life with the knowledge that but for that unneeded manna on the filthy rich their child would be alive? Or who would want knowing that a war that cost them a child, and much else, was made up to distract and enrich certain corporations and not for your protection or benefit at all?

What kind of constituents are like that? Who has constituents who are like that?

Or, just simply, who lives in a district where your actions increase virtually all of the struggles of their lives so that you might slavishly carry out the wishes of the hidden puppeteers who have paid for your seat, bought your election for you, and so on, and who you wish to get ever closer to, in the thought  that sucking up enough you too can suck yourself, too, right up and through and into the tiny sliver class of the filthy rich?

So, that ploy, you know, goes like,

I have to screw all you Americans because the people in my district basically aren’t like real people and so the increased burden added to life’s struggle by my actions, well…

and here’s when the “heckuva job, brownie” really comes splattering back out from the fan


And the smell of that bodily waste…well that’s a stench that even that skunk would run from.

I mean, say I’m in that district that person is talking about. Or the person who is representing that district is running for president and is showing me what the years with him leading our country are going to be like. Like I’m going to go…ok, because of course he’s right and I and all the rest of us in the district are the most blitheringly idiotic humans ever spawned…so we’re going,

Wow, yea. You’ve just made me feel so proud, you’re wonderful.  This being an American is so great, how fortunate that I am one.  Why, now I see, when you’re an American, you get to have stren…no, kind of like powers, Superman like powers. 

Yea, that’s the ticket.  ’s gonna be so fucking great having McCain as President, what a life I’ll live!  I’ll go to war but will kill multitudes and never get a scratch!  And, well, who gives a shit if this guy does everything the exact opposite of what would help improve the economy and make jobs. 

Damn, that don’t matter.  I’m like Superman!  I could probably work ten jobs; as he said, y’know, “we never shirk,  we never run away from a fight,  we will shoulder all responsibilities ,and never buckle under a burden.” So since I’m superman, as he’s pointed out,  that’s not going to be a problem for me, I could probably work ten jobs.

But if there weren’t any jobs, I wouldn’t even starve.  Thank God I’m a freaking American, how weak those sappy European weaklings who…heh!…have to eat to survive. 

Ha!  This is going to be absolutely such fun with McCain as president:  I’m going to Fight! I’m going to bear heavy burdens, I’m going to have responsibilities that never let up.  I’m not going to make much money…them “filthy rich” sorts, well they’re the ones that care about that.  Whereas me, because of this incredibly wise and pandering McCain (or Bush, Dole, Romney, Bauchman, Pierce… go ahead, any Republican name will work perfectly), I’m gonna get to have superpowers. 

Oh, how dumb, I just realized how dumb that sounded,.. Sorry, my bad, I’ll get this right… No, of course I’m not gonna GET superpowers, just because of this politician, however good, kind, wise, and caring of me.  Of course not.  He can’t GIVE me any such thing. 

But, I’m so alive and happy and grateful because, well, of course you see, it’s so obvious, HE’s opened my eyes to the fact that, well I’m an AMERICAN  AND THAT MEANS THIS INCREDIBLE GIFT, Gol Dang, thank you, Lord, and forgive me for not noticing the obvious: 

That I ALWAYS had these super powers.  How wonderful to be awake.  I’ll try my best to forget how stupid I was to have not realized it myself…ever…my whole life long.

OK, enough of that.  No, things are changing.  I don’t really know how these self-serving phonies, these pretenders, these highest wire liars, perfecting, ever more precisely, their deceptive skills, can continue the mass fooling of people they need to do.

So, there they are, wind no longer at their back but, like salmon, only knowing one thing one direction. And the only thing they know, stumbling and mucking their way forward, are those invisible strings pulling the same way, pushing them now into the wind! No matter how the winds have changed, they cannot change course. For they never got to set it in the first place. 

And so, in tandem they march, no matter how foolish they appear stumbling into the head winds, and falling down in their words–their words no longer seeming so artful as they go on and on about having to save the American workers and the middle class as they hand over, so fast it lookin like a holdup, to rich thick bankers the hugest sums ever dispensed by Congress. And this most quickly. And this outflow not to end cancer, achieve world peace, give solar energy to everybody in America. But, no. Rather this effusion into the hands of a jet-owning billionaire who is later going to brag how his bank is not going to give any of that money to people needing loans, homes, autos. No, they are going to store it away as it will increase their corporation’s profitability. And when the quarterly earnings come out, hell, they’re going to look great, their stock will go up… .more money, more money… and in the meantime, they’re going to triple the interest rates of those who already have loans with them…more money, more money, more money, feel like dancin…more money…like singin.

Well, believe me, they did that. It happened to me and virtually everyone I knew.

Well anyway these naked squeaky voiced Republicans…it’s a  blessing that they have no self-perception really…idiotically crumbled before that gang of the “filthy rich.” And, like I said it was a damn good thing for them they have no shame either when these bankers did not even cover up or hide…well not much anyway…the fact that they made out like bandits and they had no intention of having that money be anything but for feathering their nest.  Indeed, it was all the more suspicious since such a huge calamity was predicted if the money wasn’t forked over. I mean,  the Democrats were told it was going to be a “worldwide economic breakdown.” So then when the bulk of the money was not used to help the situation at all, and…well…we’re still all here….  Wow, it really looks like it was quite the con job, I’m afraid to say.  

And so these stumbling over their feet and their tongues Republicans…well, Obama is in office and a few weeks go by and now what?

What’s this?  They’re claiming that they’re standing straighter now. How’s that? Well, to a person, no one of them voted for the stimulus. Keep in mind that money was to go toward serving the entire economy, even the world economy. And both would of course serve to reverse the suffering and eventually go in the direction of easing the burden of all. Well almost all. After all the filthy rich bunch…well, it don’t help them.  You have money going into the hands of ordinary folks and well, that’s not money that they can steal from the government now is it.

So, there you see these Rich-publicans, talking as if they’re not absolutely exposed and naked in everything they say to you and me and the cab driver, butcher, computer nerd, and all the rest of the kind of people you actually see walking about in this world and in its cities. By the way, as for their “people,” where the hell do these faceless “filthy rich” live, anyway? Do they walk? Fly? Are they in fact alien beings? Superior ones, maybe? Well at least then it would have SOME kind of sense to it. 

But no, they are so pathetically proud, the Republicans, that they stuck together to “do a Hoover” and to screw over ordinary Americans. Do they really think we really believe them when they burden us, when they take the rug out from beneath us when we think we might be getting ahead, and so on? And then they call us Americans who can bear any burden, shoulder any blah, blah, blah, fight this, carry that, blah, blah, blah.

Ok? Now, there was that stimulus package and there was all the Republicans in the house, not one of them voted for it. And they’re saying they’re all helping us all out. Well, sometimes it’s funny…sometimes it’s just sad. but they made fools out of themselves, that’s one thing.

I mean were there EVER any people so pathetically lacking in self-esteem that such claptrap about where they were born actually made them grateful to the politician, who just added another, well not brick to their load, let’s say more like he just busted their truck with the load and now they are going to have to start all over again.

Ok, so now let’s say I’m one of those “constituents.”  I’m thinking…

“Thanks a lot, bastard, you think I got it easy?  You jerk!  Who the hell you think you are down there in Louisiana, Mr. freaking Governor who don’t need no additional unemployment money.  No, idiot!  You GOT a job! 

It’s me that can’t find work and that’s worried about my kids getting sick and, well, now the almost certainty, by the way because of your stupid-assed spiteful action to turn down my money for me.  Now, I ‘m gonna lose my house, worry about my kids staying healthy.

But you’ve done what?  You’ve stood up to Obama (the guy who was gonna give me money?)  You’ve said we don’t need no stinkin’ money and made yourself a spectacle on the national stage and, you think (here’s that lying again).  You screwed us over and then you’re thinking you can tell us that we were better than that or something of other of a slick confusing fog of insanity.

And you think that this will give you a leg towards the Presidency.  You screw me over and then tell me I’m a better person than you? that’s… eyaaaah!

Well, Mr. Jerk-off turning down my money for me like it’s my pride your fighting for, do you really think we are still that stupid, still that happy to be burdened and crushed for your aspirations, which obviously don’t include, you’ve made that damn clear, doing anything for any person, any “constituent, any citizen, no, not anyone”

And it’s clear that our burdens are so meaningless to you that you will heap misery on us to do, now what was that again?  You “stood up” to Obama?  What the fuck, are you in grade school? 

Do you think I give a shit who’s staring who down?  I’m trying to live a life; a life that you have just put a cloud of unhappiness and worry over that will not go away for many many years. Thanks a lot! In fact I may never own a home again.

Thanks for the radical change in my life that I wasn’t expecting.  But I won’t go on about things that cause your eyes to glaze over.  Just let me ask you this Mister, wise-potato?  You “stood up” to the guy who’s gonna give me money, and hold out his hand to me?  Ok, Mr. more principles-than-brains, what’s your next big plan?  

Oh, I see, you’re gonna stand up to, uh, Santa Claus.  Oh, yeah, I hear it all right.  Out on the National stage; spoutin out as if you’re talkin our mind; shit, you ain’t even one of us.  But I hear you:”

“Nope, Mr. Matthews, you see we’re Louisianans?  Not beggars.  We don’t need Christmas.  We can take care of ourselves.”

I hear you saying…

 ”Let you folks out there have Christmas.  I mean, if you’re so weak.  So you’ve had it your whole life and now you’re kind of like addicted to it.

“Well OK.  I’m not going to talk down any on those who are obviously so weak and needy.  But, you see, Mr. Matthews… Mr. Matthews, well let me put it this way, you ever come down to Louisiana?  Ever?  To visit us, anything?  You have? 

“So you’ve met with some of our citizens, have you?  You have.  Well, then you know what a strong-willed,  strong-spirited, and PROUD people we are down here, don’t you?  You agree. Thought so. 

“So you see that’s why.  I knew you would agree because it’s so obviously true about the folks that live down here, I didn’t see how you’d miss it. 

“So that’s OK, let Santa go somewhere else where he’s , you know, where they’re the folks that need to have a handout and can’t get by the year without having a good time.  No, my constituents are strong-willed, and they wouldn’t have me letting any squirrely funny-suited guy out here prancin around and lookin foolish.  Well, not us.  We’re not foolish.  We’re PROUD.”

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Culture War, Part Twelve: American Dictatorship


Cantor on Hardball.  It was Reported He Looked Foolish. Refused Questions, Was said to be Blabbering.Naked Republicans: Blue Meanies Looking Foolish
an Audio Reading by SillyMickel Adzema

Here is an audio of the author’s impassioned, sometimes, humorous, reading of this part. For the author’s reading of “Blue Meanies,” click on the link to the audio site above or click the audio player here.

Image of Naked Republicans Blue Meanies Fleeing or Looking Foolish by SillyMickel Adzema

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Culture War, Part Twelve: American Dictatorship

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Culture War, Class War, Chapter Twenty-Six
American Dictatorship

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Time Capsule/ Message in a Bottle, Pt 3: A Planetmate’s Warning, Something Wonderful to Happen

Culture War, Part Ten: Time Capsule/ Message in a Bottle, Part 3



 Bringing Some Horse Sense to Bear

Just at this point, the Mr. Ed chart markings of the DOW began that nodding, as if to say,

“I’m weary of being artificially propped up, Wil-ber!  I just want to lie down, to let my head hang low, to rest, to not have to confirm self-serving theories of rich people, using their wealth to make the biased and twisted thinking of their underlings to be sounded endlessly above the din of the moaning masses who year after year see their costs going up, wages stagnating, and their efforts, doubled, tripled, and beyond without being able to get their heads above it. You see, Wilber, I’m tired of doing your bidding for reasons bigger, I think much bigger, than just it being wrong and that this thievery perpetrated on the helpless is more feudal than economic, despite the big smokescreen of the god of capitalism or the supposed ‘free market.’

No, Wil-ber. And no matter how funny it might seem to you and your friends…this pulling off of a prank, once again, of stealing from the poor, as you would see it, just a hilarious juvenile prank, like locking up a freshman in his own locker. Yes, I can hear you laughing, but as much as I think that cruel it is still not the really big reason I’m rebelling.

You see, Wilber, what’s been done again is so much exactly as it’s always been; no matter the talk of democracy or progress. It might as well be a time of kings and nobles, or any time or place in the past. There have always been “strong men” or a “strong man” at the center of human suffering. This story is the same old story of the rich making up rules to suit themselves that has been going on ever since humans stopped wandering and began living in stable groupings allowing some men to gather more things about them than others. For when your kind were nomads and gatherersmore gypsy-like and free-spirited and trusting in the invisible forces to be kind and to provide whatever one really needed…I’m saying that as wanderers and nomads no one of your kind wanted to “own” very much for it then had to be carried ever after, hardly worth the burden. Much more like the other beings on this globe, like my own kind, you were then. 

But then there was that fear that came over your species, unlike anything ever before seen among the rest of us creatures of God. A fear of uncertainty, quite strange. For we think it joyful to not know what the future will bring, and believing in higher forces that really ARE good and loving, we expect to be loved and blessed and gifted with whatever fate the future brings, knowing there is nothing that is not a product of that consciousness of All, which is both good, for All, and perfect, beyond what mere creatures can know in the moment. So we are happy with our lot, never understanding why your kind chose to forgo the glorious, blessed lives you had at one time:

“There was in the beginning such a closeness with what you call divinity that we saw you happy and playful as little babies when Mama plays peek-a-boo behind a towel or handkerchief. Even you know how the little child is alternately a little distressed—where did Mama go? And then when Mama reappears from behind the veil, smiling, loving, happy, and saying “peek-a-boo, I love you,” why the squeals of happiness are the greater for having been fooled into thinking something distressing was happening but wasn’t.“

“That is the way your kind…we have observed for as long as we were aware of your kind…that is the way we have seen your mamas teach their children that mama will always be there, even when she seems not to be. And this learning is precious to the child, for it gives the baby a foundation of certainty that love is around even when not seen.

And isn’t it obvious that it was a teaching meant to be about more than the protection given by mothers. Wilber, Wil-ber, that learning was so much like the way we learn, falling down but finding there is always love around and that we will be up again and back in the mix, if we just let the many blessednesses around us come to give us what’s necessary, always, and we know there can be only one source for that constant love and attention, a spirit of love and perfection, always on our side, teaching and guiding and leading us, often in spite of ourselves! For like Mama, it knows the truth, and we do not. So we trust it. This loving Perfection Spirit we don’t see with our eyes but feel in our muscles and heart.

But not your kind. Why, we’ve observed with increasing astonishment as little by little and then more and more, in dribs and drabs, your kind forgot the joy of the freedom that can only be felt in the simplicity of owning little, and therefore the complete trust that, ever were one to throw oneself over a cliff, we would be caught and risen up by invisible hands, if it were not part of the perfection and goodness of the Thing As a Whole that we should suffer and die at that moment.

“So sad. I hear your kind saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Well you have no idea what a knock down, roll on your belly howler that is for us to hear. I mean, this species, humans, ha! That is seriously as funny as what you’ve recently been telling me about these political sorts—you called them Republicans—only a few months after the election of a Democrat and even less after a huge giveaway of treasure to your kind—you and your rich friends—well, here these “republicans” are decrying such help to an incredible number of people who actually really need it, many more than was helped at the end of the Bush’s reign.

And these sorts are blaming Democrats, finally in power after being left to stew in silence on the peripheries of government for eight long years, and only to be brought in on any issues of importance when these lackeys of the rich, the Republicans, wanted cover for what they suspected or knew was wrong…the Iraqi war, for example. And these powerless representatives of the not-well-heeled, Democrats, were treated like servants, only let into the dining room when the food was questionable and what was needed was someone to be the guinea pig. Sad that most of those Democrats never saw that they were never ever called because of their expertise, or to contribute, but always, always to be lied to and manipulated. And your kind being so very…well that’s what I’m getting to that makes you all so different in fact…Your kind being so desperately fearful of not being liked, so desperately wanting to be noticed and even applauded. What the heck is that, Wil-ber??!!

“Well, whatever it is, it is the source of shame for your kind: Your people, Wilber, will sell out and give in and let themselves be manipulated and used if only given a few words that are kind or that make them feel like they belong and therefore are special and better. Which is curious to us.

For we are noble and will do only what is in keeping with our principles. You can cage and break us, but as you see now, Wilber, I’ve never given over to you my inner sense of things. I’ve never wanted to be like you and to think like you or to value the things that you value. Hardly. Sure I can speak your language, but you don’t own my tongue, even less so my thoughts. Yet how easily your kind is duped.

And why? Well, we see that is has to do with that thing you did long ago when you stopped being trusting in this amazing and wonderful and loving Thing within which we all live and are a part. Since we know that, we need nothing from another, not from another creature, or horse, and certainly not from a human, except when you make us dependent on you by cutting us off from that life of freedom where the Thing of IT All blesses us.

“But, no mind, we have come to realize that so great and so Perfect is that within which we all move and have our existence that even in these conditions of captivity and enslavement, there also is that Thing That Undergirds and Loves and Supports us all. So we do not trust humans to take care of us. That’s a joke considering your unbelievable inability to even take very good care of yourself…again that oddness about your kind. No, we trust in That Thing in Which we Live to have made even contrary, forgetful, and self-centered humans to give us exactly what is needed for us to grow and learn in the path laid out by that Perfection, which we feel in our muscles, as I said.

“And we find that even your cantankerous nature, when it causes a forgetfulness or denial of us, that too is what we need at that moment. But we never feel afraid that it will always be like that. And so we feel a part of something wonderful and belonging to something far greater and gooder than we can even imagine, no matter what our physical lot is. So we feel upheld, blessed, and noble.

Now, Wil-ber, I know you don’t want to hear this; I certainly expected that as, again that is one of those things that characterizes your species making it different from all others—that is, your unbelievably strange ability to shut the truth out of your mind so that you can hold strange, actually quite infantile ideas. And we notice that a big reason that you do so is to get something from others: We see some of you throwing away truth for money, position, closeness to power.

Obviously we don’t even know what it’s like to want such things.

“Even ‘closeness to power’: When you feel as we do that you can never be any are already so close as to be in it, swimming in it, not even knowing the difference between It and you…this immersed in the greatest, in fact only Power there Is, the Source of All as well as All Manifestation being equally one with It, including oneself. So again, we see that your pathetic and slavish desire for the regard of others is enough for many of your kind to give up their own Truths, which is the things they know from direct Experience.

So if a position or regard or money is available if only one must repeat and even believe, over against one’s own experience, the beliefs and thoughts of a more powerful person, we are shocked at how your kind is able to split their mind in two—or is it more than that after a while…pieces…and to be able to convince themselves even that certain things they assuredly experienced, well, they just didn’t happen, if it makes it better for them to think that.

In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret, Wilber. While your kind go puffing and strutting upon the stage of life, fully convinced that you are stars in some gigantic drama, and using truth and the only true knowledge you can ever have—that of your own lived experience—as chips in that game, as easily traded as money, well, when we are not sad and sobbing for you…well, the equivalent for us of what would be sobbing for you, take my word you wouldn’t get it if I explained it…when not sad, then we can’t help but just laugh. You have no idea what a comedy your species is for all the others living here.Except for one thing, and that is that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy which you most assuredly DO NOT adhere to. In fact we see you little children, you bags of dirty water, mucking with just about anything that you can get into. It is true that your kind, of course, feeling superior to everyone else, go about enslaving and trying to own everything, even other beings like us.

That’s always been a problem for us, but we see you even enslave each other; and that hasn’t even stopped though you think it has. Your ability to shut out facts being so overdeveloped, you don’t even let yourselves know how many people you have in jails for doing things that most of us would not even consider crimes. We certainly, for example, don’t imprison anyone, of course, but more than that, we don’t even judge.

“We are astonished to find that your kind will make criminals out of people who have ingested certain things—we would say like eating or consuming—into their bodies. Not only don’t we know what others ingest, we don’t want to know. And besides, what a waste of joyful life it is to be watching carefully what other people do.

“But your kind are able, I suppose, to do that because, as I said, ever since you got fearful and untrusting of the benevolence of the All, the Only, you began to project your own evil tendencies onto that Other and onto all the rest of us. We saw you fearfully thinking that some species were going to harm you. Though they hardly knew about you and cared less, but still they were unfortunate enough to have certain characteristics that meant something “bad” to some groups of you. [continued after audio link]

Mr. Ed, Speaking for All Planetmates, Begins Humans’ Great Reveal
an Audio Reading by SillyMickel Adzema

Here is an audio of the author’s impassioned, sometimes, humorous, reading of Mr. Ed’s rant. For the reading of Mr Ed’s address to humans, “Mr. Ed, Speaking for All Planetmates, Begins Humans’ Great Reveal,” click on the link to the audio site above or click the audio player here.
Image of "Mr. Ed, Speaking For All PlanetMates, Begins Human’s Great Reveal" by SillyMickel Adzema

A Planetmate’s Reveal…and Warning…Continued

So we have it that you have not only brought us all—and this is the point I’m getting to that requires me to speak whether you hear me or not—not only brought us all close to the point at which all of us could easily be gone, and who knows how much of the planet would be uncontaminated as well, and it could happen so quickly and so soon that even I might be forced to witness and be part of it. And for what? Again, your fear has made you hate everything outside of yourself…why even everything inside of yourself too, we have noticed. So that we see that an alarming number of you would accept and not think it all that tragic if your crazy ways—the source of our concern for you as well as our humor—would result in the end of everything here.

This, in total disregard of the billions of generations of your species and others on this planet that set entire lives to making this home of ours the best that it could be. For even that whom you deem as mere creatures or animals, all have had a part in that Divine Perfection and a mission of some small or large part in sustaining and maintaining it. We did this all without your forcing us to or controlling us. But with these tendencies of your kind to be uncaring of everything except your getting relief from your fears, and in so doing, we hear that a mass extinction of nearly half of the species on this planet, in the next few decade the way I understand it, is what we are to expect, and it, of course, has already begun and is picking up momentum even as I speak.

Those of you that know this, even those who are trying to awaken others to it, and doing something to educate others about what is causing it…. Well, heck, Wil-ber, how can your species be so utterly vain and self-centered and stupid as to not see, and if it is seen why is it not said then…to not comprehend the magnitude of such a thing and what it would really mean. I mean, was it your species that created, sustained, and nurtured and guided those beings for millions, in some cases, billions of years, into the performance of their unique contribution to the sustaining of this beautiful planet?

Does your kind have any idea how long the perfect balance of all beings in harmony with the needs of the planet itself, any idea of just how long such an exquisite and complex perfection was in the making?

More than how long, are you not aware, even as your mucking around on this planet with your heavy Caterpillar boots has devastated and stripped bare works of exquisite ecological complexity like rainforests and such? And don’t you see that it is that same Perfection Beingness in which we all swim and dwell that is the force behind all that? But you wouldn’t care about that. So what I’m saying is that when these things you’ve done have led, as they have, to climatological disasters, floods, famines, and much else—which have cost so many of your lives—still does your kind not take the hint?

The hint that if your kind is actually doing so much damage as to eradicate half of the species that still remain—the products of billions of years of, using your word, “divine” orchestration…Is your kind so fearful that they would rather die and kill us all rather than come to an obvious conclusion? That obviously….

“Wilber, in all seriousness now…. Hmm, I think only an analogy might give you the glimpse of what’s at stake: Imagine that a doctor told you that you were infected with a disease, a disease that won’t kill you just yet, but you will notice, unfortunately, that in a few decades, if not sooner, and, oh, by the way you’ve probably already been feeling the effects because it’s already begun. Anyway, just be prepared that in roughly a few short decades you will have lost, in an entirely random manner, half of your body’s parts. I mean organs, parts of organs, like glands, and so on. They will just be gone. But cheer up, you would no doubt qualify for Social Security Disability and at least wouldn’t have to work!

“Do you still not see? That is how we see your species. We watch in disgust as you calmly go about feasting on your own entrails while still alive. We expect that you would, Hannibal-Lector style and before it is over, even try a bit of your own fried brain, nicely sautéed. Do you get it yet, Wil -Ber!? This is only one scenario; and with global warming, ozone loss, and global radiation, it appears it may not even be the biggest danger to our survival—all of us—in an even shorter period. But again, have you no concept of how much your lives have been intertwined and dependent on all the other beings here for the entire time of your existence?

“What has happened to your people, so fearful as to give away their very souls, their very conscience, indeed, their very memories of their experiences and what they learned from them, for trinkets, for adulation of others who will—everyone of them—be dead, Wilber, will cease to exist along with everything else? So while your Republicans make a game out of the efforts of others to avert what is probably not able to be averted now, for how long did your kind sit and do nothing while these things were known at the highest levels of your society?

I mean, in astonishment we watched as a caring, concerned generation of you over forty years ago became aware of these things and made your entire world aware, so much so that the very things that your current president is trying now…after you so horribly took away all tools and resources from him, so that he has been handicapped from the start…but the very things he’s attempting and being charged with stealing from generations to come in order to accomplish…. Well, Wilber, not only were these things attempted by one of your presidents over thirty years ago—a peanut farmer, mellow sort of guy with a huge engaging grin, like Obama in that way he is—not only did he try, being as aware as the youth of that time who had rallied in the streets to support us…

“…and oh, how that touched our hearts…

“Not only did this former president try to begin the process of transforming your systems to ones that would not hurt the planet, and not only did he fail as even some in his own party were so abhorrently ignorant as to buck him—instead contending that it was the short term gains of the time that should be focused on (those short term gains, now, what were they?)—but we watched as your species seemed to grow more rabidly self-destructive as his wisdom did not only land on deaf ears, but he was punished for even bringing it up. Your kind, you hideously rich sorts, say there are different reasons for the fate of this humble farmer. But then, how can you believe a species whose regard for truth is so minuscule that it can be given away for a little bit of attention even?

And we have no such leanings or even understand them, so we’ve all seen clearly what was done: Hating the truth of the grinning farmer, you have turned and bowed to the lying leaders, like your most recent president, the W, and especially the one who in 1980 began the process of stomping out the truth that had flowered earlier giving us all hope. While those presidents did much harm, why the one is even being honored as somehow great, even as his legacy may be that he destroyed the only chance this planet had of making it through a hundred years. And, ironically enough this buffoon king is revered just as your world descends into an economic collapse he set in motion. And this starvation of ability that is his legacy could be of a kind that might just be the thing that eliminates all hope…for we see a globe lacking in resources to fight for its very life in the biggest struggle for survival ever seen on this multi-billion-year-old planet…. Does your kind even know how long a billion years are?!

Well, in a time that is many times over a billion, this planet has never before seen such a scepter of death hanging over it… And this person who is praised roundlyeven by some of your Democrats, again it must be that desperate wanting to be liked you guys havehis big accomplishment, exactly, was what again? Oh, he cut taxes and was supposed to be for smaller government.

“So, as we approach the end of all beings, all stories ending in one final, perhaps agonizingly stretched out period of years of horror and insanity as those still alive watch the kind of horrific ending that even your best Hollywood folks could not imagine….

We watch, death all around us, and know that it will come sweeping our way at any time…so much in fearnow there’s a fear that’s real beyond all imagining, not like those imaginary fears of yours that has brought us here….

“So as this occurs, will we still be lauding this supposed great god, The Reagan, who convinced the worldrather than to listen to the youth and the previous president and to prepare for this horrorinstead charmed the world, like a snake charmer, into forgetting itself and its survival and into focusing on money…and not even the prosperity of the majority…? 

“No, rather Reagan began again that thousands of years old evil of your kind of the powerful feeding on the less powerful making them weaker, and despairing again. And not only stealing from those below them, but Reagan actually began that horrible slide, the end result we are sinking down with right now, of stealing from the generations to come. For though claiming to be a tight-fisted conservative determined, supposedly, to slash away at a government too big and costing too much money, in fact, he did quite the opposite…much like his more recent little protégé, the W. Between Reagan and his successor, the elder Bush, they managed nearly a 400% rise in the National Debt and never balanced a budget.

“As for big government, while he slashed programs“budget cuts” they were calledhe bloated the military, as if that were somehow not considered government. In essence his theories were the old rehashed rationalizations of strong men down through the ageskings, tyrants, noblesall those who loudly proclaimedas if by repeating it enough it could make it truethat they, the rich and privileged were the best managers of wealth and so they proceed with their robbing and stripping away of the prosperity of all those below them, keeping them on a level of bare subsistence. By the way, we know, for we witnessed it, that that extra seemingly unnecessary stripping away of any form of wealth that might grant a little security was not done for the earlier reasons: that is, the “we’re better managers and will make us all prosperous” rationale.

No, for it seems that no matter how facile your kind is in lying even to itself, your kind still has some kind of basic survival mechanism that tells them that they have in fact performed great evilgreat evil and suffering that could very well result in an uprising against them by an enraged populace. But then under Reagan, just as now in the eight years under Bush the W where it became increasingly clear to the overseers that only the complete stomping into the dirt of the other than wealthy could keep them from rising up in revolt…Yes, then too, part of them knew the great wrong they were doing and were fearfulso what else is new?your kind doing the greatest of evils and terrorizing and murdering because of the fears that the tyrants harbor.

So these class warswell hardly wars… For with the wealthy always and everywhere not only controlling and directing the Muscle and Mightused to keep the masses down and humbled and suffering and near starving, as a way of keeping them from getting strong enough to rise up in angerbut they control as well all the information systems. That is why, indeed, so many of you will disregard truth so easily. For you do know that saying the truth, down through the ages, got people killed.

“When I say they controlled the information I mean that they pronounced for all that lived under their thumb what exactly the truth was: what attitudes to have, even, what religion one had to believe in. And so they, like those of the current erashould there be one daring to “not mind his own business” and to find out and to spread some of the realities of their lot and the truths, inconvenient to those in power of course, which would tear a hole in their cruder but just as pervasive and hypnotic unrealitywell these people were, sometimes in full view so as to warn others, and other times, like under Pinochet, or the Chinese at the time of the Tiananmen Square, there would be an outside disapproving world to such behavior, so these outspoken people simply disappeared in the dead of night.

So, Wilber, the point I’m making is that you now find yourself, like those thieves of old, making a game out of the suppression, murder, and suffering of the masses, as a way of controlling the fear inside you that you have. Because for so long you have been estranged and not trusting of the Perfect All That Is that managed to sustain billions upon billions, nay, trillions of beings of all kinds on this planet…. And so many countless of them playing their parts in this planet’s slow development, living and dying, even before your species existed. And in your short existence, how you have managed to muck up the perfection wrought by so many over such a long period?

“Are we sorry for you? Yes. For with your fears and pain you are the saddest of all beings here. But that sadness, and that fear that covers it, is no excuse for the angry murderous rage that is layered over the fear and partakes of its energya rage that is horrific enough directed against your own, but now is taking down all life and obliterating the histories and efforts of untold trillions of souls who’ve lived and died before ushuman and nonhuman.

So, Wil-ber, that is why I must speak up, that is why I no longer can stand mutely by as you laugh at your supposed mere prankishness. For, Wilber, it was never “mere” and it was never only prankish to the people whose lives were shunted into a stifling, suffering, and brutishly short existence, who cried horribly as loved ones died, were raped to death at times, and suffered so many things that you have no conception of nor do you want to be aware of the consequences of your actions, your kind never did. That is how you were able to see yourself as just mischievous sorts when to others you appeared very much to be devils from hellcan you handle that?

Well, finally it must be said. And I will end this discourse by saying the things that your kind are, currently, striving not to hear and are actually, as you lose your support among the people who finally have suffered too much and many also seeing that this kind of insanity cannot be allowed to happen at such a crucial time for the survival of us all. Yes, again, just like in that time before that President Carter, we again have a generation, indeed we have a generation and we have many from all generations now living who will not take the purple pill of unconsciousness as they see the madness of the ages as perpetrated by your kind of others magnified beyond all imagining at a time when our survival requires we get every break we can. 

“So how crazy your kind, how cruel your Republicans, how unbelievably evil your kind, so greedy and uncaring of the suffering and death you cause that at this worst possible moment you are not merely the rich, but so voracious your appetite that the term “filthy rich” has been put on you.

And while Republicans were actually proud of that and thinking it humorous that anyone would be offended, for to them it meant that despite their losing their control over the minds of the masses, they had accumulated so much wealth that they would not and could not be hurt. They would be able, as always, to use that wealth to undermine the legitimate strivings of everyone else for justice, for the truth, for relief from suffering, but now even for the survival of us all and, dear Wilber, how can your kind not know that includes themselves as well. Still, these truths must be made known and be thrown up to counter those fewer but somehow even more loudly heard Republicans.

The truth is this: That your kind has suffered greatly because of a fear that caused you to stray from trusting in a good God, as you put it, that caused you to instead strive mightily to control the powers that would have guided and taught you and given you a happier life than you could ever have designed on your own…oh sadly feeble minded ape in suffering pushed to be insane ape…and railing against all that by claiming superiority over all life and Godlike powers of deciding death, now even determining the death of the planet along with yourselves.

“So sad, so insane, so abhorrently unconsciously evil; and in the end, it is not naked or sexual or big-brained ape that will be on your galactic epitaph, as your deeds are already being known and discussed and astonishing many species lucky enough to not be of this planet right at this time, yet they’ve come to watch the spectacle, to see: will you pull off the most incredible turnaround the galaxies have ever heard of to save yourselves, or will that epitaph go forth to accompany the knowledge of your existence: “Stupid ape” is what it will be. It might still be that even if you do succeed, though I don’t see how you’ll do it. Each day that passes and in your most powerful country, the stupid “filthy rich” continue their game of, well, quite literally, actually, “pin the tail on the donkey” as they pull their strings and their Republican lapdogs cry out the louder being obstructionists to the good people who are trying to save, why, even your foolish hide.

“And their media puppets, having been allowed to back off on the sincere and competent Obama as even the “deciders” behind the scene tired of their C-student puppet, the W, who, while loyal in doing their bidding and indeed giving them such great success was even more embarrassing than that Nixon they’d made a similar mistake on earlier. Even the prankish filthy rich, looking out at the masses as oh, just way too many ants, were not pleased by the buffoonish, clownish behavior of the W, who couldn’t even pull off the pretense that he was working hard; indeed, with his funny dances and playboy party behavior in the courts of the world and in front of the cameras of the world, he seemed to actually be trying to go down in history as being the realized human manifestation of that “mythical” character known since the Fifties, and introduced to generation after generation of males, in particular, usually in high school and junior high as that “What? Me Worry?” idiot icon Alfred E. Neumann.

“Thus it seemed that Bush, who they thought would bring at least “good looks” to the job, in the end seemed to be aiding the forces against them by playing into this notion that this idiot icon could have been some kind of freakish premonition of the coming of the W after the turn of the century. And so embarrassed they didn’t want to be, and yet, bad luck again, the McCain could not seem to stop being caught in obvious lies, and looking freakishly old and muddled headed, so much like the W; on top of which the Sarah Palin. They were backing the overgrown preppie Mormon, an obviously sure thing to take us back to the monotonous suppression and feigned happiness of the Fifties.

“Then the Palin came along, and the legend of buffoonish Republican leaders was hardly quashed but instead reinforced. So Obama they let the media do as they wished with. And we see now what their plans were. Not a bad stroke, to commit the biggest theft in history in front of the eyes of the world and to kneecap the Obama presidency even before it began with this huge bailout, extorted from hapless Congressmen by their lackeys who used the threat, not of an attack that “just might be a nuclear one” as they’d had Bush phrase it to scare the be-jeesus out of everyone and into a war of profit for them, but something very much like that, to our amusement. When we heard about the threats of an “economic nuclear holocaust” from which the world would never recover, and the blatant auto sales tactics to boot, it was astonishing to us that nobody saw through it and, sure enough, in broad daylight, your kind cleaned out the treasury on their way out of town. Brilliant, if it wasn’t so stupid.

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Blue Meanies"


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Time Capsule/ Message in a Bottle, Pt 2: Bush Legacy – The World May Never Recover

Culture War, Part Nine: Time Capsule, Part Two



My Reaction – About Dictatorship and
a Legacy From Which America Will Never Recover

There you have it, the "un-retouched pre-Bush perception” from September 21st, 2000.

My reaction, at first, was that of being stunned, then saddened at what it reminded me of—the way things once were, what we had before it was stolen, destroyed.… But having had time to process and review the changes we’ve gone through and are going through, placed in relief against the assumptions of that former mind, something new has arrived.

Those were my fear eleven years ago. Not being Nostradamus, I’m sure my mindset was not unique; it was at least shared, I know, among many of my friends and colleagues at that time…probably even far beyond that. Still, now knowing what I had said and no doubt felt and thought more extensively about than what I actually put on paper, I can only be stunned considering my dire premonition.  [Continued below audio]

Message in a Bottle/ Time Capsule, Part Two
an Audio Reading by SillyMickel Adzema

Here is an audio of the author’s impassioned, sometimes, humorous, reading of this part. Though it is of the first, unedited and unpolished version, and it does not contain all the detail of its current form here, it does capture the flavor of it all. I offer it here for your listening pleasure. For the reading of this part, "Message in a Bottle/ Time Capsule, Part Two" click on the link to the audio site above or click the audio player here.

Bush Dictatorship

For since Obama took office I have been hearing these comprehensive evaluations and calculations in books by scholars, with enough clout and credibility to be broadcast on the mainstream and from several sources, that, first, the government under George W. Bush was run essentially like a dictatorship, by any definition of that. We are being shown how we lost our democratic rights, among so much else. The only thing that kept us from realizing this was the resistance by the media and the reluctance of the populace to face such a horrific prospect.

Basically, until Bush was out of office, hardly was there anyone with the courage to look squarely at what he was doing and has done and add it up. People who have lived under dictatorships can I’m sure understand that reluctance to point out such an horrific prospect while still under the regime’s thumb!

America May Never Recover

There is a second development that has caused me to be struck by what I said years ago. It is the calculations of a scholar who added up the damage left behind by Bush in America—economically for the most part, but otherwise as well—and concluded there was no way, ever again, that America could expect to have the relative prosperity, opportunities for the majority, not to mention standard of living, and so much more, that it once enjoyed.

Echoing like the fall of Rome

Essentially this person was saying that George W. Bush had managed to so “kneecap” America during his short…though long they seemed…eight years that America would never ever recover. This is an astonishing assessment, echoing like the announcement of the fall of the Roman Empire.

We haven’t always had the best of Presidents. But this person’s thesis, in the midst of the dire things coming out, and they continue to pile up, is being widely considered. While hoping him wrong, people are not discounting that he may be the only one getting it right. For it cannot be denied that few are brave enough or have strong enough stomachs to actually go piece by piece through the wreckage and add it all up and place it alongside the best assessments of America’s needs and responsibilities in the decades coming.


So it is with these things in my mind that I read that statement about Bush leaving a legacy from which America will never recover, which I had written eleven years ago and then forgot. And I am shaken.

But you are not me, and so there is the need for this explication as well as the need to completely leave the document as I found it, incomplete sentences and all. It was reproduced exactly in Part One, without even changing obvious typos or even confusions of grammar. I did not want anything to taint or draw suspicion around what you mostly have to take my word on.

I can only say that I feel no need to puff myself up nor do I care if you don’t see what I think is obviously there. But I still thought I’d give my best case possible to you for my credibility. For if I garner a bit of that, the reader just might see and understand the astonishment that I felt.

The Ignorance Excuse

Our Leaders Prefer We Think Them Dumb Than Culpable

This might seem to be overdoing it, but I’ve noticed that we live in a time where those in power, making these huge “blunders,” like to excuse themselves by claiming ignorance. It is quite clearly that they would prefer us to think them stupid than evil.

“Real funny, Richard”

I noticed one kind of use of the ignorance defense on TV a few years back. Richard Clarke, who had worked in national security in the Bush Administration, was talking about the widely held theory that our government was responsible for 911. He responded laughingly—which by itself is odd. But what he said is the exact way that those in power would prefer we think them stupid than culpable.

Richard Clarke’s response was a takeoff on the notion that, ha ha, government cannot do anything right. Government is the great scapegoat in this convenient societal defense mechanism; the US Postal Service is the prime example of how it is used. We ask things of mail service and those who forecast the weather that we would not expect in any other area. It is unreasonable, but society must have scapegoats, I suppose.

Social niceties are not profound political theory.

People need something to blame for their frustration when they are unknowing and denied information of the real factors affecting them. So we have these societal punching bags to collectively complain about which allows us to share our irritation, receive knowing support on it from others, bond with others in a shared laugh about it, and go on to other more understood matters.

But these things are not based on reason. They are in the category of those “obvious truths” I have been talking about—true sounding, but not true. Rationally speaking the postal service is about as reliable as a thing can get and much more reliable than what the private sector can do, and weather forecasters are far more on the mark than pure guesswork or the feelings in one’s joints would turn up. Still, both are remembered for their rare, but irritating occasional screw-ups than for all the times they are right on the money. It is just a social way of talking and bonding that we do in complaining about them.

Convenient-for-the-rich common nonsense inspired Reagan.

Yet, Ronal Reagan brought this common-nonsense to the level of a grand theory of government. He declared, “Government is not the solution to the problem, it is the problem.” Jumping ahead, we see how idiotic that was currently in 2011 as we see government being stripped down to the bones and people suffering ever more because of it. Reagan based his government on this convenient-for-the-rich, irrational but widely held social ritual of complaining about things and using the government as an example of ultimate foolhardiness.

Clinton, to his discredit among all the creditable things he did, continued Reagan’s contrivance in declaring “The era of big government is over.” This is an example of the “triangulation” he was noted for—co-opting and holding the territory of his opponents and using the additional sway that move gave him to make gains in areas his opponents did not approve of.

Clinton gave sacrifice to the dragon of nonsense to get some good things done.

Unfortunately the drawback of that move was, first, that Clinton had to make tradeoffs to get his gains; he had to actually take action in areas no progressive would desire. So, Clinton “reformed” welfare, which is something that may cause suffering in our country forever. He did this so he could create the illusion of ending big government.

The second negative from this triangulation is that it gave credibility to these common nonsensicals about the foolhardiness of government effectiveness. It is nonsensical, as is done these days, to think that big government is a threat to one’s precious Medicare and Social Security! But this is the legacy of Reagan, and then Clinton’s, pandering to the irrationality of the masses brought on by decades of immersion in “obvious truths.”

So getting back to Richard Clarke. He laughingly brushed off the 9-11 conspiracy theories by saying that would entail a high degree of government coordination, which is hardly possible for our government (ha, ha, ha). This is a pristine example of the powerful preferring we think them dumb than what they really are…guilty.

The Ignorance Defense Is No Excuse

Another kind of use of the stupidity defense may have another culpable official saying “Well, no one, before the fact, had ever considered for a moment that people would take planes and crash them into buildings,” for example.

“No one beforehand would ever have thought…”

For that one, former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. It’s a statement she has made since 9-11, and even had repeated it in her last days in office. Never mind the well-known, and widely reported Intelligence that was released after 9-11 that had concluded that bin Laden had determined to strike in America using planes to crash into buildings, statements given to the American government many months before the catastrophe and which Rice herself is known to have been aware of months before the crashes, and which journalists record her having little interest in, despite several attempts at briefing her on it.

And she is only one of those who make the same claim, denying the warnings. The Intelligence on this was most damning, in that it was specific, in pointing to a lack of vigilance, and an apparent narrow ideological view which made them, apparently, not see all the evidence required to make valid assessments. But rather they were predisposed to certain conclusions and so scanned for the pieces that supported that.

We know in retrospect that is what happened, and we know how disastrous that view was. Which is why I am writing this. It is simply high time for people who knew better to stop letting these ideologues, whose very ideological bent was arguably the reason they failed so horribly, get away with the ignorance defense.

“Ignorance” means literally “to ignore.”

It is one thing to say that one did not oneself consider certain outcomes or possibilities, but to claim that “no one at all” ever thought these things…. Well, it is ignorance, literally, “to ignore,” that caused so many in power, ideologically bent, to simply see only what they wanted to see.

To know, yet to continue to assert ignorance, is defined as “lying.”

But, proven wrong, and shown and pointed out that there had been plenty of evidence to have led one to do things differently and to get it right, and to still claim that no one else knew, is defined as lying.

It may be human nature to lie after one has screwed up so badly, but it is not required of humans. And others have many times admitted they were wrong and humbly admitted their failings in not considering the very evidence in front of them. Bush’s Scott McClellan is one such person. He was the Communications Director under Bush, and wrote a confessional book admitting that he should have known better and done differently.

If so susceptible to “human nature,” there are others who would not be.

No, it is too damn easy to say “human nature.” People in such positions should, let us say, we would hope, have a tad more of the noble in them, a bit more integrity not less, or they shouldn’t be allowed to take such positions, which require at least the integrity and nobility to be working for the betterment, protections, and the increase of all of Americans, over against one’s own interests; and need I say over against one’s egotistical desire to try out on the world stage some ideological theory. Else, hell, there’s lots of folks—many are Democrats—who would have tried a lot harder under the same circumstances.

So, it strikes me as more than arrogant for people who created these situations out of their own ignorance, greed, and so on, to excuse themselves by basically painting everyone else with the same brush.

Guess what, Cheney-Bush-Rice, others would not have come to the same conclusion.

No, Rice and Bush and Cheney, who all engage regularly in this, “No one could have known” excuse, do not have the right, after being given (or after having taken) the reins of the most powerful governmental forces, to place themselves as innocent and humanly unknowing just like everyone else, as they perpetrated the kinds of deeds of evil that they were so ready to decry, and put down, in others, and now to escape their mistakes and their ideologically driven lapses of such consequence, to be making themselves feel superior and safe by saying, essentially, anyone in the same situation would have come to the same conclusion.

Ignorance not an excuse when you make every effort to not know.

Well, the facts are, as I will be pointing out again and again, that when you make the conscious decision to eliminate contrary points of view, even when there are more of them than support your bent, and having ignored reports, stifled opposition, and insulated one within a group of monolithic true-believers; all while that entire America and the world is requiring you to get it right; NO, when you basically set it up so that, after hearing things you don’t want to hear, you make damn sure that the only people that are around or will even be allowed in (Bush took it so far as to never allow anyone even in one of his town hall meetings to attend if they were not fully on his side), it seems to me, to be more than arrogance, I don’t know, to say that, having drawn one’s circle so small, and against the better interests of the American people that you would at least, having been given the job, to do it as well as any small businessperson and simply find out everything one can before making a decision.

We know you didn’t do your homework, but this is hardly grade school.

But now, why would it be? Why this need to go so far in denying the facts? Why the need, which as pointed out existed during that long period where it became increasingly clear that the Administration had gotten so many things wrong for lack of “doing one’s homework” that so many of the Bushies, like Rice, also felt this ignoble need to excuse themselves of their mistakes not saying they’d done wrong but, amazingly, adopting and engaging in the same kinds of excuses of common criminals, even a mass murderer to explain one’s failings.

Bushies using same excuse as a mass murderer—how does that strike you?

For as Charles Manson used to like to say, “how do you know what you would have done if you’d been in my shoes? How do you know that you’d not come to the same conclusions and actions after experiencing and learning what I did?” And adding, “What I’m saying is that all you smug people, thinking you’re so above the rest of us and so incapable of evil continually assert how good you are and to exaggerate with fake loathing and revulsion how different you are from these others? Why, except that you are aware of having some of these things inside yourself, a little bit of Manson, or Bundy, or whatever? You are aware of these tugs and pulls and so your protestations aren’t they mainly to try to fight back those things?”

And here he would laugh, “You see, what you people don’t want to admit is that we are all alike on the inside; and that includes the evil. That also includes the good, which you would deny that I have. In fact, you do not want to know that you could as easily done this as I did, under the correct circumstances.”

While, there may be some truth in what Manson and criminals like him have claimed, psychologically speaking, and his pointing to hypocrisy is certainly often merited, still he is talking about the human psychology and the imperfections of them. One can easily grant that humans are not perfect, but that does not mean that we’d all become killers in the same circumstances. That is something one cannot know. But what we do know is that different people can be in a particular situation and react completely differently: one may act nobly, even heroically; another may act cowardly, finding excuses, blaming others.

What I’m saying it that is unseemly to an nth degree to hear those who have taken over our government through their claims to be better, be smarter and more able, and to be more ethical—and would that include a little integrity, even nobility of character. So for these people, who have driven this country into the ground, after claiming higher ethics, character, morality, all the rest, than their opponents, indeed, so high as to warrant their receiving the job of most responsibility and requiring the most integrity than any other one in the world.

If you’re so common, why put yourself up to lead?

So then, after all that sales pitch at the beginning their excuse for screwing up is essentially that they were just the average Joe, the C—student, who didn’t like homework, and it being “so hard,” that they made common mistakes—one’s that anyone would make.

Well, 1) EVERYONE DID NOT MAKE THESE MISTAKES! And you showed yourself too incompetent in not even listening to them, and 2) if you’re so common, then how dare you place yourself above everyone else and lie about your character and so on.

If you were lying about all that as a political ploy just to win. .. so that you could, what? Have power? Help your friends and yourself become enriched, or whatever? Well the lives of all humans on this planet are affected by the decisions of that office. And if your intent was a selfish one, then the whole world suffered, for it was a job for them that you were hired to do.

It’s more than unethical.

Not doing your job, and lying to the American public to get the job, is more than unethical. It becomes treason when the office is used to extort from the American taxpayers, huge amounts of money to give to their rich friends and to corporations with ties to the administration like Halliburton, who made money hand-over-fist with no-bid contracts.

No, that kind of stuff is not the stuff of mistakes but is intentional. It is using the highest office of the land, and taking the hopes of us all, from the little girl who wants to see her Daddy again, the many languishing in hospitals for lack of health care …. The list is endless … it is assuming to be their hero, while spending one’s time dismantling the government and the benefits it provides for us all, which for several hundred years have been worked out.

To plunder government for selfish ends is more than a mistake of foresight.

And for one administration to trash and plunder that government for its own selfish ends is not a matter of “I didn’t think of that before.” No, it sounds like the excuses of criminals because that is what this recent bunch actually were.

So that’s an example of what I’m getting at, which is that, despite so many denials, especially by the people in power and their lackeys in the media—all claiming that they could not foresee this, could not foresee that, that this was truly unprecedented, and that nobody could ever have seen such and such coming.

Not a lack of astute people, it was a lack of intention.

What I’m proposing is that in fact many did see many things coming, not just unheard of and powerless me (although isn’t it significant that even I could pick up on certain things), that it was not a lack of astute people, but let us say an intentional leaving out of the conversation of policy,

any and all minds who could have and would have advised more correctly and would have prevented much if not all that has transpired and which now leaves America in a crisis to top all crises, at the worst possible time when so many other things of global significance are on the line.

So, hey! Thanks a Lot, George Bush!

You might want to step back and enjoy the humor in this as I did. This is my little, oh, "thank you note" to George W. Bush. It is a satirical piece. A supposed admirer-fan-chum of George W. Bush encourages thank-you’s for Bush’s "accomplishments," which, described glowingly by the fan, sound quite the opposite to the listener. The fan has the most admiration for the great caper Bush "pulled off" at the end.

A Comedic Monologue

This comedic monologue combines the actual facts of recent history with a simple, unspun speculation of them, coming from the mouth of a fawning admirer who, for that reason, is allowed to elaborate on the shady dealings. So Bush, it is intimated, basks in the glory of having his ideas for illegal dealings praised as clever and awesome, or even cute.

This is political satire that will have you laughing from the total incongruity and irony of the monologue, but it will also leave you more informed and thinking. This is provocative, funny stuff.


And the audio only version of the above:

A Big "Thank You" to George W. Bush,
with Admiration for the Great Bush-Paulson-"Filthy Rich" Caper

by SillyMickel Adzema

About the audio and video above.

[From February 2, 2010] Yesterday the airwaves were abuzz re: the CEO of Goldman Sachs taking $100 million in bonuses and thumbing his nose at Obama in doing so. Other reports this week are confirming the sleight-of-hand and shadiness surrounding the TARP bailout of the banks: Specifically, that TARP money handed out by Paulson was not recorded, let alone accounted for or monitored; and therefore it cannot be traced or even determined whether it went to benefit American corporations, let alone Americans, and not foreign corporations or even private interests or parties.

With these recent developments coming to light, along with the tea-baggers and Republicans continued blaming of Obama for everything from being born,

daring to take the oath of office with unpresidential skin pigmentation, to daring to reverse the direction of the country from the cliff that Bush had so clearly left us heading for, it seems it’s time to revisit those days of yore, those nostalgic last glimmerings of a time when we had a government solidly on the side of the people, that is, helping them in keeping them comfortably distracted from the sight of the truckloads of loot being removed from the Treasury to the coffers of the filthy rich and the huge, oftentimes, foreign or international corporations.

Let us return, then, to December, 2009, and President Bush’s last couple months in office, and recalling those halcyon days, render our gratitude anew:

And the text of the "Oh, Thank You.." audio and video:

A Big "Thank You" to George W. Bush,
with Admiration for
"The Great Bush-Paulson-‘Filthy Rich’ Caper"

C’MON EVERYONE, JOIN IN NOW!: “Why, Thank you, George Bush!”

…………….This is my little, let us say, oh, “thank you note” to George Bush for all his "hard work."

Also, in appreciation of the "Paulsie Scam," which we will be dealing with forever….

luckily it’s been arranged that won’t be too long.


“Thanks George W. Bush for all your efforts and “hard work” which have led,

your decisions and your Administration solely to blame—

thank you for being “THE DECIDER!” by the way —
to leave us in the midst of so many dire and rapidly expanding problems, so that many people are not just wondering if they will have a job or money, but that even if this planet will make it through another fifty years.

So, hey, thanks for all the hard work and for relieving us and all our grandchildren of any money, and….

oh, I see, there probably won’t be any planet for the little dears to live on.

And everyone dead and all….

Why, gosh, Mr. W., you’re so smart, you probably knew that!

So that’s why you and your cronies went so far as to commit grand larceny even at the end, scraping out the last of any money in the Treasury—wasn’t much left for Obama to do with anyway, after your eight years of partying on high with your Halliburton and your god-only-knows faceless "filthy rich," gang.

Must’ve felt like the ol’ times, eh, except for the cocaine. . .

Er, I mean, I didn’t mean to presume, I mean, you can have cocaine, who am I…

Oh! What a relief, glad to hear you did not partake like the others. It’s just that….

I mean George, friend, my Man here, c’mon there were some pretty weird dancing and stuff and things—right at the end there—that had me wondering and worrying….

Oh, I get it, no cocaine, but wink, wink, you’ve got your ways you say? Hmmm? Finding things better than cocaine and getting away with it?

Well, he he, I’m not about to judge. I mean if we can have Rush Limbaugh asking for drug users to be hung up by their finger nails, even as he’s got a constant drip for a codeine fix, and he gets away scot free, why shouldn’t you have your fun? You always said it was haaaard work.

But I gotta get back to that stunt with the Treasury at the very end. I mean many, many a lesser, "criminal," shall we say, mind would never go back again and again, let alone in broad daylight and in front of the entire world! Gad!

Was this all your idea to totally take everything while you could? Somebody else’s?

Anyway, it was brilliant. First, you enlist the support of that guy Paulson. Er, now that I know more about him, being worth $700 million, like and, getting bonuses of $37 million in 2005 and then 16.4 million the next year before he came into office with you…..

Why, could it actually be that he was the one that talked you into it!!! Naaaaaaw?

Certainly, he’d have to be characterized as one of them "filthy rich" that you helped to create, making people wonder who’s really calling the shots in Washington. …

But, never mind, even if it was his good idea—and now I understand he’s had plenty of experience—being involved with the folks who did Watergate and all…way back in his early days… with Ehrlichman and all—so that—no doubt he’s got lots of good ideas, ya gotta give him that.

But, hell, don’t want to take any shine off your apples. No, it was you who chose him. And despite his background, managed to get him on your side and portrayed as one of the most well-respected men on Wall Street, at the time… I remember that well…. I’d never know about his background, and I was most respect…everybody said it was a big…a good pick for you? ‘Course that was the old Wall Street; ‘cuz we now know those bonuses and stuff aren’t too popular right now.

Anyhow, brilliant move, you put this man of yours on task for the high-pressured auto trading that you knew would be required to pull off such a heist.

So you had your guy Paulson, former head of Goldman Sachs…coming to take this position of Secretary of Treasury for you. And now we find out that none of that money went where it was intended to go and it did not change the situation but rather exacerbated it! Brilliant! More on that later, but…

more on that later, but, Jesus! I gotta say though…pretty incredible!!? I mean, Paulson himself, gets like, uh, what was it…50 some billion to a German bank? That then owes…Goldman Sachs 16 billion, and so he makes off with 16 billion on top, is that like…

What a crackup this guy is being! I mean he had everyone fooled, and, in fact, there is nothing at all being said about his involvement or his possible effects on what happened, even to this day.

That’s smoothness even you and I could learn from , y’know, Mr. W and……..stay away from him, man…. He’s just tooo smart for all of us, ok, I think he’ll have……. He, he, I think he’s already had his hands in all of our pockets, he, he, I figure… (I’m sorry bout that)… But anyway…

Naw, c’mon, let’s, let’s…we wanta go over your accomplishments tonight, Mr. President, I mean…. I mean..the whole thing…y’know, going to Congress, there….

Getting them to tally up that un-be-leiv-able sev-en hun-dred bill-ion dollars! …like almost a trillion dollars…. I mean they could not get that high, I mean….

Anyway…so we heard how you guys gathered these guys together in Congress…I mean how it was done, y’know, it was like…well musta been like one of those movies….like Ocean’s elev…. Like an Ocean’s 33, yeah! And. Anyway, so you gathered those suckers, those guys, in Congress together, who had the money, huh?

And, he, he, he, y’know, like, we heard afterwards how you guys gathered, Congressional Leaders… and… without explaining exactly how it would happen—of course

Congressmen could not be expected to understand the workings of economics and high finance like a Paulson could. So, kindly Paulson and his deputies explained using analogies, how nice of them to bring it down to their level, so sweet of them….

Y’know analogies…like this is like this, this is like this, y’know, and…yea, like that….

I just want to say how cute you are, W.. I mean, it was just, soooooo you….

Anyway, the analogy they used was that if Congress didn’t cough up the dough pronto—perhaps those weren’t the exact words, my bad. But anyway, that the consequences—and tell me W. this was all you, right?—The consequences would be that of a “GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN” (tell me, that part was you, right?) a terminal global economic meltdown that would… (wait, I’m getting an inkling here… was this next part, Cheney’s?) “End modern civilization as we know it for the foreseeable future.”

Wow! It gives me shivers just hearing it. I mean there ain’t no auto salesman in his wildest fantasies that could come up with something so absolutely, well, disabling.

You guys really took those suckers in Congress “out by the knees”! How could they have had a chance!

And, boy, there’s that implied nuclear thing again…"the meltdown"; yea. Doesn’t have to make any sense; I mean economics melting, but hey close enough. How clever! I mean that whole image of mushroom cloud, why it just worked stupendously to get us into a war. And now, this being economics…

Oh, my God, I see it; it’s like a fifties movie—"Oh, please help, we’re meeee-ee-llll-tiiinggg." Yea, super scary. Heck, anything like that from fifties horror flicks…just good stuff.

Heck, you know that most people believe that stuff anyway.

So, I see, you feed them what they always feared anyway.

Brilliant. Brilliant.

But that’s my George, the W. himself, going with what he knows. And, hey, why bother coming up with anything else, that card’s a winner for you, my man….

And c’mon, level with me, I just gotta know, won’t tell anyone else… Was that Cheney with the “end of civilization” part?

C’mon, he’s already living the Wild West out there in Wyoming, he’s probably thinkin Mad Maxin it and everything… I mean, c’mon…. C’mon, it’s got to be him, that’s just sooo Darth Vader, who else could think like that?

Please tell me I’m right…I feel like I know this guy and that is….well, that is just sooooo him!…

So Far Above Us, They

Well That Was Fun, But Seriously, Folks: Paulson, Goldman Sachs

Well that was fun. But, more seriously,


To Continue – 
"Time Capsule, Culture War, Part Ten:
Message in a Bottle, Part 3"


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Time Capsule/ Message in a Bottle, Pt 1: Dire Prediction

Culture War, Part Eight: Time Capsule/ Message in a Bottle, Part 1

Dire Prediction

A Message Arrives from Eleven Years in the Past Predicting Today’s Events

We are disturbed reading that eleven years ago our present national situation was foreseen. Worse, we are reminded of what we lost; what could have been; how we’ve managed to block that from our memory in accepting the much diminished prospects now; but also how we should not forget; how we should remember how it happened; who was to blame; who helped and colluded in bringing it about, and why; so that, remembering, we might never let it happen again.

Forgetting the Past, We Were Doomed to Repeat It

For we learn, worst of all, that our chance to progress, rather, just to survive, now depends on remembering. Because eleven years ago, in the year 2000, all that’s happened since could easily have been prevented if only we had not allowed ourselves to be talked into forgetting the history of only eight years prior to that.

This is a serious and thoughtful piece, which everyone would do well to know if we are to survive another fifty years, not to mention a century or longer. Still, I am not the sort to feel that facing harsh realities means we need go around glumly, martyr-like, in sack-cloth and ashes. Rather, I feel we might as well enjoy and make use of all the God-given abilities we have whatever the outcome of our efforts.

So don’t be surprised that this exposition is aided by guest appearances making their points in hilarious fashion.

If you’ve never heard George Bush as Bluto from Animal House, you’ve got to.

Wolf Blitzer is not recognized for being a comic, but when he goes on to explain to his faithful viewers how they’ve been lied to and manipulated for years, because of pressure from the Administration, and how grateful he is for their gullibility as he is receiving promotions and honors because his viewership is polling the highest in mindlessly accepting the concocted view, well we see many new sides of Wolf.

Thought-provoking but funny, another thing he explains is that their incredible success over the years in getting people to believe and or to forget whatever they want, has resulted in their having a little celebration consisting of an experiment as well…which they hope will bring them in even tighter with the now all-powerful Administration.

The celebration-experiment consists of a documentary in which the entire truth of the multiyear campaign to lie, deceive, and to control minds is laid out. And the experiment part is that they are certain that the next day and ever afterwards when such thing ever being aired is denied, the people will completely forget it and believe they must have been mistaken. Wolf signs off: "One last reminder on our special tonight, the documentary, "Freedom of the Press, Repealed. The Story and How, this Repeal Now Thoroughly Institutionalized Over six Years, We Can Now Reveal How We’ve Duped You and Will Continue To." Tune in, don’t miss it; You’re sure to forget it."

Ok, I’m gettin myself off the floor I was laughin so hard I couldn’t help myself. Ok, now to a more serious part.  [Continued below audio]

Message in a Bottle/ Time Capsule, Part One
an Audio Reading by SillyMickel Adzema

Message in a Bottle/ Time Capsule, Part One

Here is an audio of the author’s impassioned, sometimes, humorous, reading of this part. Though it is of the first, unedited and unpolished version, and it does not contain all the detail of its current form below, it does capture the flavor of it all. I offer it here for your listening pleasure. For the reading of this part, "Message in a Bottle/ Time Capsule, Part One" click on the link to the audio site above or click the audio player here.

  (Link) View more Silly Mickel’s Calling The Noble In Spirit: Wake Up Sound Clips and Michael Jackson And The Authentic Life Sound Clips

 Time Capsule Discovered

Not long after Bush left office, I unearthed, March 9, 2009, 9:49am, three never finished drafts of an article I intended to publish on my website prior to the 2000 Presidential election involving Bush v Gore. Stuffed and interwoven among the electrons of the backups of old computers, I had completely forgotten ever having written any of it.

Engulfed, indeed, pushed around and battered within the intensity and sharpness of recent political, geopolitical, and economic and financial forces of late, I was shocked to see the words, written a decade earlier, which, desperately intoning, warned of specific dire happenings should George W. Bush be elected. For it seemed those exact words, of so long ago, had just been lifted from the headlines and front pages of today’s daily news.

At any rate, I certainly thought at first that I was reading something about the current collapse when I read what I had written in early 2000. I think I’ve said way too much without providing some meat—what kinds of things did I find? OK, in mid-2000, long before Bush was put in power and had a chance to show anything at all of what kind of President he would be, I wrote these words concerning what I thought would be the result of a George W. Bush getting elected:

[If Bush gets elected in 2000,] "I believe we are in grave danger of losing, not just an election, not just a Supreme Court, not just our environment, not just our good economy, not just our recent relative peace in the world but things far worse than those horrors. I believe we are in danger of losing all hope of maintaining, let alone progressing, in the freedoms and privileges that we take for granted.

Prophetic? Eerie? I don’t know quite what to make of it.  [Footnote 1]

Reading more, this popped to my attention:

So is this election important? I believe it is. For me it is especially important, for I feel that if the Republicans take over, they will do so much to damage to the dreams of my generation that even if the Democrats were to be reelected to all branches of government in 4 or 8 years, they will do so much damage (the example of Reagan-Bush nearly QUADRUPLING the National Debt in their mere 12 years being the perfect example) that My Generation will have to clean up their mess afterward, taking more years. And only then will we be in a position to progress in this country and world and bring it more in line with the ideals of peace, love, community, and harmony we envisioned in the Sixties.

Now back to 2011.

The obvious but hidden becomes visible by contrast.  Though I had foreseen it, I couldn’t have felt more helpless. I was made to face the fact that America’s, indeed the world’s, prospects for regaining a financial footing, whereas a mere decade ago looked like lift off, now was predicted as decades off. And that just to regain an ordinariness of life, with some saying that Americans will never again, ever, enjoy the standard of living they once took for granted.

It certainly disturbed me and got me to wondering and then to writing.

It saddens me what could have been. Reading it, I am stunned by how we’ve managed to vanquish from our minds and our media the insane, chaotic, and truly awful outlines of our times, as the events of the last decade crept daily into our lives and world and shaped them and it in drastic ways that we can discern only by the contrast. It was such a slow and gradual change, you see.

These unpolished catscans of a mind and time provide such a contrast, stark and shocking.

Concerning Time Capsule, I have much to say, much have I remembered, and much have I reviewed in my mind observing the timeline of these events and the changes in the social and cultural scenery, and in people themselves as these events happened over the last decade, one following another changing us all. I will make myself clearer following the text of the former piece below.

Dire Vision, Revelation

But before going into either my writing from 2000 or the recent events that it shows more clearly by contrast, I wish for you to consider how I felt coming across this piece that so clearly laid out the future and the fact that these ideas were not brought out into the media. I wish for you to get a notion of what went through me as I mused upon the abject failure of our media to remember history so as to keep from repeating it.

Words from a Decade Ago Come Back to Haunt, Sadden, Provoke, Enlighten, Motivate

How would you feel if you found out for sure that you foresaw in an eerily accurate way the events over the last decade before they happened? Sometimes we all have a sense of what the future is likely to bring forth. Everyone, in fact, has some working model of the future.

But be honest you’ll probably acknowledge those models of the future are almost always some kind of continuation of the present and of the recent past, perhaps with a few technological advances thrown in. And usually, being the hopeful optimists we must be in order to continue our daily efforts, we envision something that is at least somewhat a progression. Something a little better at least.

 What if you foresaw an exact reversal of the current trends, including an economic debacle, recession, market crash nine years before it happened? And even that it would happen about the time it did? You could think yourself prophetic; it could pump up your ego.  

However if you also knew that you did not pick those predictions out of the air, but that you also had lived through a similar period in the past, if you also had decades of experience, intensively witnessing the deepest patterns of people’s minds, as a facilitator and deep feelings therapy as it was, and all kinds of minds, so that you knew something about what really moved people, and you added to that your own multidecade exploration of your own mind and motivations lying deeper and deeper all the way to the roots of your being…I went through primal therapy is what I am saying, as well as therapies like that…so that you had a pretty comprehensive view of what caused you to be who you were, and then along with this understanding of others and yourself you also had been an avid observer and participant of the social and cultural movements over the decades going back to the Fifties….

Well then you might attribute the prophecy as being an astute but quite expected conclusion arising from the visible evidence of the times, and nothing eerie, supernatural…premonition or anything like that.

But then you are no important person, pundit, or professional prognosticator. You have written and achieved moderate success in your field and you had been receiving invitations to write or be interviewed for other publications, but your social, political, and cultural commentary have been met mostly with silence.

Even among those who followed your writings concerning the mind and psychology, its origins and its changes over millennia and the current context and how it might be affected. And even attributed superlatives to your xxx that you knew better than to just notice and put behind you.

No. Pretty much just silence about your cultural stuff, your social commentary. The masses have not come scrambling to your door nor have you been invited to write on such topics or seen doors of professional opportunity open for you. You expect that you are not unusual in your perceptions and any contrary thought is met with the fact that there has been a virtual silent response to your ideas. You feel that other people have similar predictions inside themselves. Isn’t that what you would think?

But then these events unfold over the years, as you predicted, and…and this is surprising…without exception the experts, the paid prognosticators and pundits all of them, to a person, bemoan wearily the complete inability of anyone to have foreseen any of what transpired on each of these things, as the years go on.

And to a person they talk as if these things came completely out of nowhere, a freakish weather pattern or an act of God, falling to Earth like the frozen chemicalized ice bombs of jetliner rest room waste or the lightning bolt out of some dark mysterium tremendum hovering high in the sky above us, but in no way having any roots in any previous events.

No, these people, these commentators on events that you see nitely and whose every word is broadcast into the minds of multimillions, who knows, billions? and then often repeated again, … they have another show or…or more than once…their very words are echoed by other commentators around the world, and in the United States, they’re echoed far and wide by people and in all countries afterward.

These people with such immeasurable power to reach and influence the minds of a global populace. Well they also went through the same events as you, as proven by their age. Yet they also do never mention the times before that were so similar as to cause you earlier to make the obvious conclusions you made. Now, in retrospect those obvious near exact patterns of events of the not so long ago are not mentioned by them.

Specifically, I remembered what happened with the Reagan-Bush tax cuts and how we went into a great recession that resulted in Clinton getting elected and so on. Eight years and Clinton creates a budget surplus and eight years of Bush and nobody’s mentioning even as he’s doing his first tax cut and blowing the surplus that this didn’t work last time. But through the years mind you did any of those events of the not so long ago up till 1992. instead an attitude of we’re just a human and nobody could have known predominates.

Well this would cause you to ponder, would it not? How could so many people, people whose job it is to do so, not connect the obvious thoughts you and others did a decade ago and now even in retrospect they are unable to. Some of the possibilities are that the people who are speaking for everyone have not risen to their levels on their abilities but that something else is behind their rise to positions to speak and shape the thoughts of the multimillions. Yea.

You might also ponder then if better more astute prognosticators and analysts were being kept out of the positions of influence intentionally. Yea. And so on. How else do you explain it?

What it would come down to is you have to ask yourself are you somehow the only one who is capable of making predictions from the recent past, which might make you feel good if you have some problem in your life which made you doubt your abilities but which, if you continue to think that way, would have you living in a world of your own that did not have any ties to reality, you not what I mean.

Or, if humble and astute enough and not so desperately needy for a pleasant thought about oneself, you would have to ask yourself to consider more seriously the prospect that the media reaction may very well be an unexpected part of the original prediction.

If we’d lost freedom of speech and of the press, would you find out about it on the news? 

Now consider if one had predicted an erosion of basic rights, and that had come to pass, basic human rights, like from the Bill of Rights, why would not freedom of speech and of the press be part of that erosion. Thinking more deeply would it not have been a necessary part of the erosion of the rest?

For if the press had been doing its job, would it not have been acting as protectors of our rights in decrying any assaults, proclaiming any  intrusions, documenting any erosions, and so on, in the uncountable ways it has done in the past? Would that not have been a second "2" which added to the other "2" makes sense out of the "4" you are observing and trying to understand? (two plus two equals four.)

But as usually happens when stumbling on the hidden but obvious other, sometimes laughably obvious correlates come to mind.

If Freedom of Speech and of the Press had been part of the erosion in human rights—the rights laid out by our Bill of Rights—well, who would be researching, detailing, proclaiming, or making documentaries about it? The Press? HA!

In order to give you a sense of the way I began viewing things, after the Time Capsule’s revelations, I’d like to take you on a little journey, a little reverie that may provide a glimpse ahead, perhaps an understanding of the unbelievable, as a journey through the looking glass can often do.

So in answering the question above: If freedom of speech and the press were rescinded who would tell you? I would say that it would be one “revolution” that would not be televised, for starters.  

"Well, of course," you think, cynically, "surely they would have done lots of things."

Yes, I respond dryly, one of them might have gone like this:

Wolf Blitzer – Freedom of the Press, Repealed

"This is Wolf Blitzer. Tonight, tune in as CLN details the way we, and the rest of the mass media, have been slowly but relentlessly pressured and bullied into presenting the views of the party in power, the Republicans; how we have learned it to be in our interests, if we were to continue unobstructed, to eliminate more and more of the voices contrary to those in power. You will hear how we learned techniques of deception of our own so that we could seem to be presenting a range of views but how we could easily get the viewer to conclude that the party pressuring us was the most credible. How?  

"Tune in and learn how we matched the words of sophisticated and savvy talking heads from the Administration against the least informed and least polished of those on the opposition, and how we managed a game…which we termed, keep-out-the-insightful…of politely putting off, through excuses of saying we were focusing on areas not in their realm at the present, and a multitude of such ploys, as years went by and they began to doubt their currency and thus doubted themselves and no longer sought to air their views in any but much smaller venues.

“So that’s how we managed to get the intelligent opposition away.

“Or even letting people knowing that they were still around or alive. In fact we were able to get people to think that those people had simply changed their minds and were believing what everybody else was believing, or something. 

“But, anyway: Tune in to see how mass media like ourselves were able, because of our collectively acting in the same way, having been pressured toward the exact same ends by the one power in America currently, the Republicans and the "filthy rich" owners of our corporations—being essentially one and the same with one being the public and the other the private faces of the same group—were able to cast doubt…the newscasters were able to cast doubt…into the minds of seasoned intelligent and astute analysts as to their worth and currency and that of their ideas in the current era, making them feel that their time had come and gone and that personally they were has-beens, as at the same time we were recruiting the least able and the most naïve to take their places.  

“Other ploys: See how we kept media favorites who opposed the administration and who were astute observers and witty, articulate communicators for their side, how we kept them on the dole and were even able to reap the profits of their appearances but how we slyly undermined their positions in myriad sly ways, using known effects of time of day scheduling, competition in particular time slots, sequencing of segments within shows, and of the shows themselves in the lineup—you know, placement of shows and so on—all in ways to discredit them and garner the least audience for these voices.

“But still, we reap the benefits of having them on the show and collecting the advertising money. Additionally, we just look better in seeming to be more balanced.

“So, in our documentary, see how we maintained our position and survived an assault on the Press, by caving in to the dictatorial demands of a Party that also essentially owned us, surreptitiously of course, but how we managed to fool the public  that we had in any way done so; how we managed at times to fool the public that we were their adversaries for truth and a counterbalance, as the Fourth Estate traditionally had been, to the powers of government and wealth, while in fact we were totally their tools in concocting the realities we were told to and muddying or ignoring the truths that came our way that would have been illuminating to the public presented fairly, but would have undermined the position we were pressured to present. 

“So, tonight, our special documentary, "Freedom of the Press, Repealed. The Story, and How—This Repeal Now Thoroughly Institutionalized Over Six Years—We Can Reveal How We’ve Duped You and Will Continue To."  

“Be sure to tune in or TiVo it. For it is just a little fun we are allowing ourselves—that of spilling the beans about what is really behind the things we bring to you as actual events and true analysis—as a kind of celebration of the thoroughness of our success, and as a proof to the administration at how thoroughly we have manipulated your thinking that we can dare to lay it all out and feel certain that it will fail to enlighten a single one of you, in fact we feel it will aid us in an aspect of our campaign—that of keeping you confused so that you will be dependent on us for your conclusions.

“Especially when tomorrow evening and from now on, there will be no mention that this documentary ever existed, it will be expunged from all lists and archives and thoroughly be extracted and destroyed, as if it never existed.

“At that time we will begin…we’re already assuming our success here…and we’re planning a comprehensive campaign to add to our success so far in confusing and then convincing the public of the Administration’s version of events, and to add to our favor with the now sole power in America…basically to suck up to them…we will have begun a calculated effort that we have designed that we think will be very successful and that you will enjoy, of the slow elimination, first, of American’s, of your collective memory of your past, beginning with the most recent and then, hopefully if successful and of course with your help, will continue further into the past; and following right behind the elimination of memory—no, we’re not going to tell you exactly how, now that wouldn’t be very game-spirited of us would it? Naw.

“Although, no one but you and I here now, I’ll give you a hint—confusion, for one, has been found to be extremely powerful in clouding out the details of memory—now, that’s all I’m gonna say, and believe me, if I wasn’t so totally convinced that we have been so successful that we can tell you just about anything and get away with it, then I wouldn’t have even said that.

“But of course, I am. That’s why people like me still have these jobs, while—gad, for a second there I almost said, my god just like it were the old days, I almost said, while "you may have noticed the losses and demotions of many formerly household names here at CLN who haven’t been as cooperative, supportive, committed, or as convinced, as I certainly am, of our ability to totally manipulate your thinking, as we wish."

“Yea, I almost said that. But then that would have assumed that you had remembered any of them. Oh. Old habits are hard to drop.

“And anyway, I have to say I have my viewership to thank for that…for my success. Sincerely, I owe a great debt of gratitude to you folks who regularly tune in to my show in particular.

“Why, the absolute malarkey that I was putting out to you, slowly at first, not feeling totally convinced of your gullibility, I mean, still in those days it was pretty irrational and unbelievable bull droppings, completely concocted out of only the hot air emanating from egotistical rants of those whose sole desire is only to comfort and enslave you.  

“Yet, the pollings that came in showed that I could practically fart out these concoctions and you would swallow them whole like tasty confections! I truly began to feel that I was like Moses bringing nightly the stone tablets; such was the utter inability among the masses of you to evaluate in any way what you were being fed.  

“My colleagues say that my success is my beard and frizzy hair—part patriarchal, paternal, Moses-like, as well as appealing to My Generation base of long hairs and facial hair valuing; to which we added my supposed background as a member of a Sixties band and interest in current rock music—we felt we needed to do more to convince them, with their tradition of question authority and all—and, well, we must’ve got some of them at least because the polls were overwhelming in their insistence on my staunch credibility.  

“So, I just want to say again that my success is owed completely to you, my viewers, and your unbelievably vapid minds, inane gullibility, or busied, stressed, overworked, or threatened existences as to make you grasp at anything outside as being of more substance than what you feel inside, and perhaps more pleasant.

“But whatever it is, thank you, and keep it up. In this next experiment, I’m sure you’ll show up, among all the segments of our viewership, as being the least able to remember and the easiest to forget what we will tell you later tonight. I’m sure you can do it.  I’m counting on you.

“Oh, but now I’m forgetting. Sorry, I just got caught up in a wave of heartfelt gratitude to you all. The high ratings you give me and the solid staunch belief in my credibility that comes so high in the pollings, well they just … just that I get choked up … sorry, folks … this part is between me and you and … well, you’ll forget it anyway, if it’s decided by the Deciders later, that you can’t have it … so between us, well, how do you thank someone who has taken you from the ratings floor to the moon? How do you thank someone who has given up their reason, their very reason and rationality, for your success? You see, I take it as a kind of personal affection you must have towards me….

“And that wasn’t me trying intentionally to sound like Bill Clinton at all. No it wasn’t….

“How do you thank someone who has given up their reason and rationality…their individuality for your success?

“You see? I take it as a kind of personal affection you must have towards me when…who you don’t even know, to be so willing  to be the greatest mass of idiot viewers on TV, getting the prize certainly.

“Because, you know, I simply can’t imagine that people exist who could be so unbelievably lacking in reason, intelligence, or simply the ability to remember what we say from one night to the next, as to swallow so hungrily the pig slop that I’ve been out here portraying as accurate, unbiased, etc. HA. Ha. Oh, the drivel we won’t say.

“So, unless somehow they’ve managed to create people with air balloons for brains… ha, ha…… No, No, no. Sorry, my friends, my bad on that. Let me assure you that has not happened. No, there are no people who’s heads are actually balloons. Believe me, OK?

“Ok, then, what I’m saying is that unless the greatest percentage of you is vapid minded or brain dead—and that I don’t believe folks—then the only thing could be that you folks really care about me and making me a success as to sacrifice your own thought, reason, and individuality.

“Well, yea, I’m sure you’re getting something out of it too, Y’know. I’m sure it helps having not to think and being able to just tune in nightly to be told what’s true and what to believe and never to be given anything unsettling or contrary as to cause you to be upset and have those horrible feelings of uncertainty.  

“So, anyway, we get it, we get each other, and together let’s go make newscasting history—if they’ll ever keep an accurate one… hmmm… oh well.

“But at least for now, going back to what I was telling you about our next big wave of … well, some on our side might call it mind control or even enslavement … but you and I know that you’re better off with us giving you your reality, your memories, your beliefs. I’m sure you’ve all realized by now that we’re doing a whole lot better than the crappy reality you all had before we started helping you out. 

“So the exciting next phase, as I was saying, begins with the slow elimination of recent memory, then memory further back. And to put it in a nutshell: We’re going to give you new happier memories, and interpretations of those memories that you’ll just relish. Just like we’ve recreated your present by substituting confusing reality with simple heart-warming, however untrue, views and perceptions.

“Well, together we’ve been so successful that we’re going to show our gratitude by doing the same for your past. Of course, in pleasing our Deciders, it will be the grand events of the past, the ones that are in their interest to change, that will be conveniently removed and replaced by versions to suit them, but you can trust us, you’ll much prefer, in fact we guarantee, you’ll enjoy what we give you.

“And, be patient, once we’ve been able to do that; you’re going to have to help of course… of course you will; with that accomplished, we’ll be able to help more and more with your personal memories. Not too long now, and you’ll have wonderful happy memories—we’ll have taken your miserable real ones and instead we will give you these happy memories, splendid memories that will completely buttress the views that we’ve been feeding you, giving you personal, unreal, memories of personal experiences that prove the validity of the beliefs that we’ve caused you to have.

“And believe you me, we’re going to load it up with goodies of all kinds—ice cream dates, Christmases perfect and loving, Fourth of July celebrations and innocent love under the fireworks—but that’s enough. Just you be assured, your gonna have your very own "Happy Days" for a personal past. Our guarantee at CLN – the Central Lying News. 

Now, back to regular programming, save one last reminder on our special tonight, the documentary, ‘Freedom of the Press, Repealed. The Story, and How—This Repeal Now Thoroughly Institutionalized Over Six Years—We Can Reveal How We’ve Duped You and Will Continue To." Tune in, don’t miss it; You’re sure to forget it.’”


Well, thanks, Wolf. You’re a real trip, man. But anyway, back to reality, er, some version of it. After that little trip into a parallel, bizarre universe that might actually be closer to the truth than we would like to realize…I think a lot of us would like to know how true it is…

Anyway, let’s take a look at that catscan from the past that I was talking about.

Paranoid? Prophetic?

So these writings I will reproduce here for your consideration. The entire piece is on the long side, I’m sorry to say, but if you, like me, are a real political junky, I think you’ll find a lot of meaty stuff. Substantial and important zeitgeists of that time are I believe made palpable.

However do keep in mind the date on the upcoming writing. The last date this piece was even touched was, as determined by the “date modified” figure, exactly August 19th, 2000, at 9:41pm. That date, so long ago in my memory, really shocked me, especially in terms of the parallels with events today that were equally salient then.  [Footnote 2]

Considering what is going on right now in our political arenas, it may seem so tangible that you may forget that it is not about today. So I must stress that in no way, even slightly, was this writing altered to influence you or anything. This is exactly the way it was, with incomplete editing, mistakes, and all. 

Okay, my bad. I feel the need to pause here and to make the most sincere qualification about what I’m attempting to show and how I’m insisting on garnering the utmost I can of integrity and credibility for this investigation. So, we pause for this qualification:

Let there be no misunderstanding of what is written and why it is included, editing incomplete. First, it reads pretty well, as is, as it had a good deal of editing, before it fell through the cracks, as other things came into my life and kept me from getting back to it. But it seems a little choppiness or even confusion around certain phrasings is far superior than to have its authenticity as being the exact creation of that mind of eleven years in the past at all questioned.

So, however you look at it, I neither remembered, but I also did not want to change a thing, and I needed to show that I didn’t, so that I would be believed on this entire premise. As it will become clearer, the fact that this could have been written and certain things foreseen is not just an anomaly, nor is it an ego trip.

You will see it goes against a particular mindset that we’ve been led to believe over the last eight years is all that can be expected of us humans, even when we somehow rise to the highest positions in a government.

I’ve already related about my astonished feelings at having come across this long forgotten piece of writing. I repeat that it will be reproduced exactly as found, without even changing obvious typos or even confusions of grammar. The least I could do would be to do all I could to avoid any suspicion that it was somehow tainted or, god forbid, that anything was added, that any wording coming out of today’s media was included to bolster my case.

Ultimately you can choose to be suspicious of its validity, but I can only do what I can to allay as much suspicion as possible. I know that basically you only have my word on this. I can only say that I feel no need to puff myself up nor do I care if you don’t see what I think is obviously there.

And that’s the thing, you see. If you suspect its validity, then the things that it has to teach us and the illumination that came to me, will be lost on any one too suspicious. But then, getting back to Earth now, for what purpose would I pull such a stunt!? After all this is not a high-stakes ploy. What would I be gaining by lying? I could have written this up without bringing in this document, too.

So do what you will. I’m convinced that a little common sense will reveal to most folks that there’s little gained by any contrivance on my part, and that, when you hear the things that this incident provoked in my awareness, I think you will not think them anything but reasonable on their own merits. The document is just a convenient mirror in which we can see things that we mostly know, and here’s the point, that somehow we have been taught to forget, lately, mostly without our realizing it, and since intentional, why it would be done.

It’s Not Paranoid if It Really Happens

You need to see this not-quite-finished article to really understand why I would be shocked at what I said back then. One might even say that some of the things I was saying were paranoid. Which makes an interesting point. Here we have a "case study," actual hard evidence that what would have sounded "paranoid" then is now part of American’s knowledge of recent history. So, paranoid or prophetic, guess they can be hard to tell apart.

Anyway here is the untainted mirror into the visions of a mind and its eleven-year ago meanderings. Do parts of it seem really like they are out of today’s news? Why would that be when these two presidents—Clinton and Bush—are so different? And then do you see the huge contrast between the way things were seen then and the way we look at our world today? Any and all comments are welcome. Really astute ones are especially appreciated. It follows:

What They Succeeded in Having Us Believe

It was titled, "Can America Afford to Go in the Bushes?" Subtitled, "What They Succeeded in Having Us Believe and America’s Last Chance to Realize the Ideals of a Generation"

"Stay Out the Bushes!"

Yet Little Talk of Scandal Arose.  At the Democratic Convention this past week, Jesse Jackson exhorted us “Stay out the Bushes”! His chant was echoed by the convention-goers, creating, arguably, the most dramatic event of the convention (though, since it was blacked out of all networks save C-Span, you probably didn’t see it)1 He was referring to voting for George W. Bush for President, of course. But he gave examples of what his brother (“Baby Bush” as Jesse told it) did as Governor of Florida and George W.’s father (“Papa Bush,” according to Jesse) did as President. He pointed out the heinous record of the Bush family, point by point, until he had the house rockin with “Stay out the Bushes!” It was clear that Jesse felt America could not afford the disaster of another Bush presidency.

Cut to another time, on the convention floor, when doing the roll call for electing the President, a delegate from my former home state of Colorado made mention of how another Bush son (I think he said Neils Bush) had run from Colorado in shame after squandering two-hundred million dollars (someone might correct me on the exact amount) of Coloradan’s money in risky and unethical ventures when he was at the helm of a major Savings and Loan Corporation there. This was back in the days of the Savings and Loan scandal.

Despite the fact that the Republicans, including George Bush Senior, pledged hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out these corrupt banking officers at that time, little talk of scandal arose. This, even though it was said at the time that our grandchildren would still be paying, as taxpayers, on these hundreds of billions of dollars in S&L bailouts. Yet little talk of scandal arose.

This is What They’ve Succeeded in Having Us Believe

Instead, years later, the media piled onto the flimsiest of evidence concerning Democratic President Bill Clinton and the supposed “Whitewater” scandal. Though, despite years of digging by an unlimitedly funded Special Prosecutor, they came up empty on anything illegal on the Clintons, the media was tireless in raising its voice in slandering our sitting Democratic President and his wife. It is my recollection also that the amount of money involved in the supposed scandal of Whitewater was a tiny fraction of that squandered by the Bush son (not to mention that involved in the entire S&L scandal)—I believe it was two million or less, making it about one-hundredth or less of that involved in Bush’s Colorado S&L scandal. Despite these facts, the media had the American people believing that this was a story of so much importance and was such a scandal that it was often compared with Nixon’s Watergate scandal. This is what they’ve succeeded in having us believe.

So, what is my point?

Speaking to mostly Nader voters, and especially to “My Generation,” I wish to pose this question: What have the Republicans accomplished in the last few decades? More correctly, what has the Shadow Government accomplished since the coup de etat, involving the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, which installed the Shadow Government, with its figurehead Lyndon Johnson at the highest levels of our government and has kept it there ever since except during the brief Democratic administration of Jimmy Carter and during the Clinton Presidency? Oh, but you say you thought Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK and that he was a lone, crazed gunman, who alone plotted and perpetrated the assassination? Very interesting. Well, this is what they’ve succeeded in having us believe.

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