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The Democratic Party | Call ‘Em Out: Palin

The Democratic Party | Call ‘Em Out: Palin

Open Letter of Congratulations to our Noble, Honorable President, Barack Obama

My story is that I started writing again — after a 9 year fallow period; mostly afraid to speak my mind politically while Bush was in power — about a week or two after you were inaugurated. You have brought incredible joy back into my life and that of my wife’s (I’m 59; she’s 74 years old). I have written that the fact that you were elected, an authentic person, is an auspicious sign that “Something Wonderful is Going to Happen.” You were too young, but with John Lennon and people like him of my generation, we felt that wonderful things could only happen. But then the moneyed interests changed what was taught in universities, changed what was allowed to be published in books, changed what the media would report, and changed what the history books would say — having been witness to some of these events I am aware of how even our history has been shaped to suit the super-rich.

I had given up hope. You gave me back my hope. Don’t let us down, Barack. I don’t think you know how twisted are the brains of Republicans. Joe Biden and I come from the same part of the country, and he speaks plain talk. Listen to him tell it straight. But thanks for renewing my life and my wife’s. We are fully in your corner, speaking out on many blogs and websites. This is wonderful that the world recognizes your heart and your steadiness. Please don’t let the snakes snooker you. It’s one thing to know of the audacity of hope and to look toward the light, but as your forefathers did when traveling the Underground Railroad, keep your ears and eyes to the back also to keep an eye on the dogs, the guns, and the wild eyes. They want you down. Please don’t let them. Continue to stand tall and noble and following your divine inner wisdom as to the right thing to do for all the people. God will support you — the good and loving one. But all but sad zombie americans will too; and that is at least two-thirds. With your example, you can even win over some of the crazies. Some. The world and America loves you when you speak and act authentically and righteously and do not give an inch to the filthy rich zombies who have stolen from this country and brought the world to its knees.


Indeed for my wife and me, they have taken all our money and our house. But we will be going around the country, traveling in our RV, and helping people suffering, and helping promote the causes that you and I both believe in. You know, I was a community organizer too. I, with a group of others, and with our mutual friend Peter deFazio, brought down nuclear power in this country by creating the largest bond default in history on the grounds that the people of the Northwest were going to be indebted to the tune of $8,000 per household because of the corruption by the rich in the WPPS scandal. But we beat them by finding democratic law on the books in Springfield, Oregon that did not allow public officials to in-debt their constituents over a certain amount without there being a vote. Since there was no vote, the court declared that the people of Springfield could not be charged with the exorbitant misdeeds of the mad investors. Not much different from what happened when you came into office, except the rich this time did get away with it. Please be strong. Democracy is not just an olive branch; it is a hammer against the thugs that would rob the people of a decent life. Remember your mother and her last days. That is not America. But then again, it is America now, even though the Western Civilized World would not have allowed such a thing as happened to your mother. We need to become noble again. The whole world is supporting you, this prize is an indication of that. Put the Republican crazies behind you just as Jesus said, “get thee behind me Satan.”

You will have immense strength. Sathya Sai Baba will not let you fail. You must continue to speak out against this continual rising of wealth into the hands of the very few and this descent into Dickens’ England for the 97% of the rest of us. God gave you all you need to keep the U.S. from becoming another Mexico, or some other third world country.

So, congratulations! You know the world is with you; please remember that an unusually high percentage of Americans are too. Do not be afraid to use your hammer. Remember presidents who were called “trust-busters” and of whom they said “Give ’em hell, Harry.” You are that kind of President. Stay strong, be bold. We’ve got your back, my friend. I thank you for taking on this job. My wife prays for you; and my actions are my prayers to educate people to the correctness of what you do and the, well, idiocy and mean-spiritedness, of those that oppose you.

Take strength in the love of us millions, knowing that we are all One, and that you cannot fall without all of us falling.

Do the great things you are capable of. There are many of us now dedicating our lives and making the big push now, with you in office, as we have waited since November 23rd, 1963 for the lying times to end and for there to be the chance that Kennedy once opened our minds to see. That time is now. It is our time, It is your time to lead. You have been blessed with the skills….

and this time

this time,

we shall not fail

we shall not fail.

We SHALL overcome.


OK, now, Barack. Got Nobel Prize.

Got Nobel Prize. Ok.

Ok then.

Fired up?

Ready to go?

Fired up?

Ready to go?

Good then. Because we sure as hell are too.

Congratulations on this great honor.

Now be it like you know you can.

All the best.


Your friend,

Mickel Adzema, aka SillyMickel

at and about 20 other websites and blogs.


Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 14:08:04 -0400
Subject: Inspired

Untitled Document


Mary Lynn & Mickel —

We woke up yesterday to tremendous news: The Nobel Committee has awarded this year’s Peace Prize to President Barack Obama.

The President made a conscious decision from the beginning of his presidency to promote American ideals through re-invigorated diplomacy, talking to rivals as well as allies, and inspiring us all to put what binds us together ahead of what pushes us apart. Yesterday’s news is a clear sign that the United States has returned to its long-standing role as a world leader.

It’s also a reminder of why we all worked so hard to elect Barack Obama as president of the United States. Hearing the President announce that he will accept the award as a “call to action,” I was inspired once again:

“…I know that throughout history, the Nobel Peace Prize has not just been used to honor specific achievement; it’s also been used as a means to give momentum to a set of causes. And that is why I will accept this award as a call to action — a call for all nations to confront the common challenges of the 21st century.”

The news has left me deeply proud to be an American. So I want to congratulate President Obama, and give every American the opportunity to join me in saying “Congratulations, Mr. President.”

Send a message of congratulations to the President.

President Obama’s efforts to bring world leaders together are helping the people of the world face monumental challenges like nuclear arms proliferation, conflict resolution and climate change. His deep commitment to constructive solution and building alliances is bringing about a safer America and a more peaceful world.

It’s exactly the change we fought so hard for.

The prize reflects a world that all Americans want to build. For our nation, it brings a sense of enormous pride. But it also brings a sense of deep humility about the work that remains if we are to resolve the global problems facing humanity.

As President Obama continues to work for a world in which conflicts are resolved peacefully and prosperity is widely shared, we will stand with him. And today, we’re taking a moment to simply say, “Congratulations”:


Governor Tim Kaine



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