Epilogue 4 Human Purpose

Epilogue, Part Four – Life Is a Dark Screen and The Purpose of the Human Form: Since God Is All, How Can Evil Exist Unless God Forgets Who He Is?


The Universe’s Trippiest Game Is Being Human: To Be Ignorant of Identity with Divinity Is the Purpose of the Human Form


The darkness is also where we project all the things inside we don’t know yet. That’s where all the horror comes from. It’s basically from darkness … from the fact that something is not known.

And, like I’ve been saying, even in peek-a-boo that’s the case. But later, it’s God that teaches us, right? What we’re learning, in peek-a-boo with God, is not to fear. We’re being taught that when something is not in plain sight not to project our own inner horrors on what always comes down to being no-thing…no thing at all

The Purpose of the Human Form

The darkness makes a wonderful screen for projecting imaginary, truly mental, and fleeting as thought non-realities.


It is the reason for choosing the human form…in fact…. That is, to be completely ignorant of your identity with divinity, to create darkness, is the purpose of the human form.


381068_2409354290062_410697896_neuphoria,girl,happiness,jump,jumping,off,a,cliff,risk-46824072d9eed59244faef612910c0c4_mIn becoming human, you throw yourself, completely, into such a darkness, with the foreknowledge that God is good, and that you will always be in His, Her presence…. In fact you will be literally moving and thinking in total God immersion, and the only difference between people will be the degree to which they know that, or don’t.

Becoming Human Is God’s Trippiest Game.

Showed.Up.On.Another.PlanetSo it is the trippiest game that God plays. Imagine, it would be like any of us throwing ourselves onto another planet with complete total amnesia. And the game would not even be known to be a game! You don’t know it’s a game, you just show up! That’s what’s so much different from us and the animals.

So, God plays this game…and we as God choose it because it is the most fraught with…well, let us say…let us simply call it peek-a-boo. By that I mean it is the most fraught with totally and sincerely believing the most horrible and hideous and terrifying things which can happen. It is because of that total amnesia…that lack of any link to truth…that we can believe the most horrible things are possible or real.


Life Is a Dark Screen

Life is come into and without any remembrance of our true nature, right? Now, life is essentially, then, a dark screen! Because we have no sense of our true nature, life is essentially a dark screen upon which anything can be found.


So the human form has its purpose in being a kind of a purging of all the unknown within. It’s not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with these things unknown. Life is like a projecting out, so that it can be seen, of all the things that one would conceive as a unique divine actor.


Animals Remember It Is Just a Movie, Unlike Us.

251426_2398932749530_1950332734_nBut this dream-like nature of reality is remembered again when in the presence of the divine or even, say, taking on an animal or other form where there is never that total amnesia.istockphoto_4971968-peek-a-boo-girl For nonhuman planetmates only engage in the kind of pretend that an actor has when performing a role in a play. See that’s what their reality is like. They always remember, so they’re always pretending…even when it’s like something horrible that’s in the script. And they never confuse the role with their own true essence.


How Can God Be Devilish?

tissue-peekabooscream4poster-finalSo it is only humans, forgetting their nature, who can conceive the incredible horror and act out the most hideous things possible.

But that also is part of the plan or game for humanness. For how could God act devilish and murderous unless He allowed Himself? Think about it.

And I know you’re saying, why would God want to act devilish and murderous? Ok, maybe I’m ahead of myself, but just hold that thought.

How ’Bout if He Allowed Himself to Forget?

F8D93F64But say there was a reason. And I know you think there’s no reason—God is good, blah blah blah, lightness and light and all that; but just check this out now.

How could God act devilish and murderous if He needed to, unless He allowed Himself, willingly, to totally forget who He is…that is, Goodness, Awareness, Bliss. You still don’t get it. I see.

Well, for starters, let’s remember that there is no such thing as death, ok? It’s another impossibility. When you know the truth, you know death is an utter impossibility. wpa0729lFor God is All, and always existing, and all things that seem to be actual things and therefore separate are actually only variations on the One and Only Reality… I say reality, I won’t even say one and only thing or form, for they are illusions, too; they are Illusory props of the game.

It’s all so simple when you know. But knowing requires seeing or apprehending accurately. And the point of this game as humans is that seeing so clearly is impossible, as we are filled with the illusory. Totally wiping the God consciousness of knowledge, of its foundation, source, whatever, allows a kind of vacuum into which anything can crawl, in which anything can respond…in which the most obvious untruths are allowed to dominate the play of the game as if they were more than just the smoke they are.

It Is the Greatest Adventure

living_screenSo it is the greatest adventure, fraught with the greatest possibilities of extreme fear, terror, and so on.

Still, aren’t getting it? Well, in this way God, who is not darkness, creates darkness. 600276_2204359725326_600181181_nNow why would He want to do that?

First of all remember, that the darkness He creates is only fake darkness. Remember that. Remember peek-a-boo? The baby’s alarmed…but he was wrong. Ok?


And I think I’m gonna, I think I’m gonna tell you a little bit more. But if you think of the nature of peek-a-boo…of what is happening, what is involved…. If you’re starting to see that, you’re starting to get it.

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