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Jesus Ignored, God Misunderstood, An All-Loving God Maligned; But The Great Reveal Has Begun:

A God of All-Encompassing and Infinite Love,

beyond any Human’s Ability to even Imagine


He Is Closer Now than Any Other Time,

Something Wonderful is Going to Happen.

Garden Earth_Landscape

To put it all in context, we review how it all began . . .

Not even a month has passed,

yet it seems like the time before is ancient history…now.

We think back to the broadcasts:

“Breaking News…..Obvious Truths Discovered – Despite 25,000 Year Cover-Up, Slander, and Pervasive, Omnipresent, Persistent Misinformation, Big Lies, and Propaganda Campaign

* A Virtual Matrix of Religiousity Pompously Substituting Itself for Reality and Truth

* The Big Reveal — God Is Good and All-Merciful Ends Up Being Not Happy Talk to Comfort Us Before Inevitable Death and then Eternal Life in Fiery Hell of Suffering

* The Big Reveal — Turns Out God Is Actually Good, Real Good, All-Good, and Certainly Gooder Than Any Human Can Imagine

* Investigation Into Coverup Reveals That Source of Idea of Hell Is Actually Tight-Assed Controlling Compulsives Who – Well – Not so Good

* 25,000 Year Campaign to Control Others By Scaring Crap Out of Them With a Totally Concocted and Most Horrible, Frightening Idea Ever to Exist is Actually a Product of Very Sick Humans

* Reporters Rushed to Record Reaction on Street Hear

  • “How Could I Have Been Such a Dufus!” –
  • “Well, Of Course That’s True, How Could We Not See It!” –
  • “How Could They Do That to Us!” –
  • “Wow, Humans Are Real Dumb-Fucks” –
  • “Unbelievable! It Was Right in Front of Us the Entire Time!” ***
  • “I Knew It; But Nobody Would Believe Me. How Can God Be Both Good and Also More Capable of Evil Than Even The Most Twisted Human? In Fact, More Evil Than All of the Evil of All Humans Who Ever Lived Combined. What I Found So Amazing Is That People Believed That Extremely Sick, Twisted View, Never Catching a Wit of Its Absurdity in All That Incredibly Long Time. Shows How Truly Terrified People Really Are on The Inside”

– It’s Reported That Last Quote Was From Someone Who Hates Twitter ***

*** More Coming ***

*** “Latest Developments on Discovery of the Obvious About God and the Overnight Revision of and Now Near Universally Accepted Scientific Starting Premise on Human Species as “bunch of real dumb shits” and “seriously brain-twisted from birth”….

Latest Reveals Include God Not Just Good – er Really, Really, Really to the infinite power Good –

also that God is incredibly, amazingly, and fantastically (tothe inf. pow) FUNNY.

Actually hilarious… a “real riot”…quite the crackup….

Reports coming out saying He/She is infinitely fun to hang out with, nothing comparing to it, “you laugh your ass off!”…

and unself-consciously silly beyond belief, beyond imagining…

so much so that, reports are, “You won’t die laughing, because, well, turns out you can’t (die, that is), but you’ll probably laugh so hard tears will be streaming down your cheeks,

if so inclined, you may end up literally roflmao or roflol … well not literally for the “ass off” but certainly for the “rolling on the floor”…

and “good chance you’ll pee your pants” (He/She is really, inf. pow. Good and is not offended… like so much so we question why we mentioned that)

*** More Coming ***

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