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the roots of evil and fear and their transcendence … the necessary hero and the crisis of our times: Humor and the Divine Feminine

listener on youtube: “The world needs to hear this!! His words are like music to my ears...”

This is the latest interview with me. I talk a lot about my newly released book, Funny God: The Tao of Funny God and the Mind’s True Liberation as well as my soon to be released work, “Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and and the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events.” The transcendent approach to activism; the necessary hero and her/his qualities; the relation of activism to true spirituality; the oppression of women, feeling, and Nature, and its roots in civilization and patriarchal cultures; our inner Divinity; life; existence; and the roots of evil and fear and their transcendence are among the many topics covered.

What was said about it:

Kristina Asinus: “Our new episode with our dear friend Michael Adzema!!

“We discussed the divine dual polarities, sacred energy manifestations, the comedy and humor of life and much much more!”

Michael Adzema: “I just finished listening to it and i am delighted with how it came out… You guys managed to get the best and realest me to come out in it…. Yours and Stefan’s responses, comments, and questions were spot on as well…. I truly believe folks will get a lot out of listening to it, their spirits will be lifted, and they might feel an easing of the fear they carry around…

“as you know, that is why i do what i do…. to comfort and lighten up where i can… thank you to both of you for doing what you do….”

Maxine Downs: “I planned to listen for a half hr and the rest tomorrow but was enjoying it too much to stop!

“Great interview, Michael. your laugh is so infectious … how great is that….

“I love how you tell it how it is with your authentic self. fucking amazing.”

listener on youtube: “The world needs to hear this!! His words are like music to my ears...”

Funny God: The Tao of Funny God and the Mind’s True Liberation is available at Amazon in print and e-book formats


Other Books by Michael Adzema available at Amazon

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