Epilogue 3 Hidden Truth

Epilogue, Part Three – Fetishing and Fearing What’s Hidden: About Naked God, Heaven, and Seventy-Six Virgins—What Were They Thinking!?


Training in Faith, In Not Fearing Is About Learning Not to Project Our Personal Hiddens onto a Vast Unknown Which Is Essentially No-Thing


What I saw was God the way I was meant to see Him. I’m sure that God has an infinite number of appearances just as He appears in the entire Universe as Everything That Is, both living and non-living.


Naked God

But still, you ask, What does God look like naked?

Well, like everything and like nothing.

He looks like everything and like nothing…that’s the true answer, because the question is irrelevant.

But what did God look like naked to me? Well, that is a question. But I told you you’d be disappointed.

524507_2908389329214_21521452_nFirst, there is no consciousness of nakedness being anything but as natural as, and just as overlooked as, the way animals look. They’re also naked. But how often do you think what any of them look like in detail? You’re not thinking about their appearance as being shameful or needing covering up…Well, most people don’t think of animals as needing covering like humans do. And they’re not attracting your attention just cause they only have fur on them.

So what God looked like “naked” was not something that I would think to note. But I can say my recollection is that God, naked, looked not much different than myself in the mirror, naked, and again just as uninteresting. Told you I’d be a disappointment for you there.


Fetishing and Fearing What’s Hidden

But I think you’ll like the answer I have to your other question. You’ve got your mind on those multitudes of virgins, ha! see-through-concrete4Well this was pretty interesting from what I could make out…and I don’t mean in any prurient sense.

It reminds me of the lack of interest in nudity when there is no shame. It is almost like there was a universal point where, that which attracts inordinate interest, and even fixation, or even fetish, is always that which has been concealed. Well, where I was, there was no darkness. No hidden truth, let alone agendas. So with everything at hand, or, “at thought,” to be more precise, you’re freed from the wondering, worrying, the interest, the fixation, the curiosity…let alone the fear, uncertainty, of terror, horror, all of which arise out of the things that are hidden, that are concealed, that are in darkness.


Remember peek-a-boo? It is the way that mothers teach their babies…by putting something in darkness, putting something out of view. That’s what causes the upset, right? But it’s how babies are taught to not fear….

You’re still thinking about those virgins, huh? Okay, I will jump ahead to that.

All We Are Saying … Is Give God a Chance.

Well, it’s quite funny actually. You see, only humans could come up with something as horrible as like a hell. ONLY humans. I mean, come on. God could never come up with something like that. I’ll get into why later, but for now, let’s just put it this way: There’s no hell. Just take my word for it, you’ll understand later.

There’s no hell, but does that mean everybody goes to heaven? Now, not quite, not exactly. Because, well, would heaven be getting what you ask for? Or you think it would be getting what God—who knows everything—knows…you…want?

See? It’s a little trickier now, isn’t it? Now, about those suicide bombers and their reward in heaven. Yes. Seventy-six virgins. They got their wishes, right?

“What Were We Thinking?!”

But you didn’t see what I saw. I mean, it was heaven and everything…there was no darkness…. But so you wanta see some draggin’ bedraggled scraggly-assed mother-blankin’ tired lil, lil…I swear to God. What were they thin-king…asking for seventy-six virgins?!

I mean…my God! What does it take to realize that you can’t handle that many?! It’d kill you! So, you know, it was kind of funny. I mean think of it! You know…I don’t know if God’s laughing at that because that might be judgmental…but it’s kinda like, well, He’s just being kind. He gave them what they wanted. And you know what, He does that for all of us…you see?

He does that for all of us and that’s what I meant about the pain being His blessing to us. Because He might protect us from making bad mistakes through pain or something like that, but the other part of it is that He lets us go through with it… and find out…on our own…what a bad and dumb idea that was.

Pain Is the Teacher … to Bring Us Back to Happiness.

So, there you have it. Pain is the teacher. But it’s not pain that’s being imposed, or, is in any way a punishment. In fact, we’re the dumb asses that are pickin’ pain. God didn’t ever pick pain for us, except to bring us back to happiness. And that’s what I’m getting at: God is so good. And it’s amazing that… Well, no, it’s not so amazing because, as you’ll see, it’s all perfect.

Horror Comes from What’s Kept in Darkness

Anyway, let me get back to what I was saying. I was saying that it just occurred to me about that whole lewdness thing that there is a kind of a universal that what’s ever kept in the darkness is magnified. The darkness is also where we project all the things inside that we don’t know yet. And that’s where all the horror comes from. It’s basically from darkness … from the fact that something is not known.


Training in Faith, In Not Fearing

And, like I’ve been saying, even in peek-a-boo that’s the case. But later, it’s God that teaches us, right? And basically, what we’re trying to be taught, in peek-a-boo with God, is not to fear. We’re being taught that when something is not in plain sight, basically not to project our own inner horrors on what always comes down to being no-thing…no thing at all!


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