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“Requiem from Earth” Song Discovery – New Light on Last-Lived’s Minds Hearing Planet’s Screams

This is an original song-chant – written and composed by SillyMickel Adzema. All rights reserved. Copyright 1993. Michael D. Adzema.

It is a Requiem for Earth, a metaphysical view, an eerie emotional raw sound. It is sung by two of the last survivors of Earth — from all appearance it would have been the composer SM Adzema and his beloved wife, Mary Lynn Adzema — obviously not professional singers — but heartfelt nonetheless, giving us a glimpse into the profound sadness that must have hung over those last survivors after it became clear that Earth’s ecological balance so shattered, there would be no life at all to survive the strange behaviors of what Earthologists have begun calling "the suicidal ape" – referring to the species that alone brought down the entire planet.

Indeed this song, as an electronic scrap mixed in with an island of Earth debris discovered by spacepreuners hurtling swiftly through the Verse not far from the star system’s outer reach — the one that had once contained the fabled Earth — is one of the few very rare looks into the hearts and minds of those people as they watched, helplessly, as their planet’s delicate life sheath imploded with a gathering rapidity.

Some who have heard this sing-chant claim that it supports the more radical theory of this event of a planet murder-suicide — the theory that the suicidal ape was divided on this global murder-suicide with a goodly number of this species working furiously to save the planet even as stronger, more powerful forces for reasons still not understood, continued their secretive sabotage of the other sides’ efforts, ensuring the downfall of all, including the sabateurs themselves.

At first hearing, this song seems to be expressing an awareness of the sadness that would accompany such a horrific event; at odds with the stories of "suicide ape’s" gleeful festive behavior in the midst of the massive killing and suicide.

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