Return to Grace Series: Ten Books by Michael Adzema

These books by Michael Adzema are available on-line, free at this time, and with complete graphics and video enhancements. Enjoy!

Book 1  Culture War, Class War: The Rise and Fall of “Obvious Truths”

Book 3  Apocalypse Emergency: Love’s Wake-Up Call

Book 4  Apocalypse No: Apocalypse or Earth Rebirth and the Emerging Perinatal Unconscious

Book 5  Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Perinatal Zeitgeist of Postmodern Times

Book 6  The Great Reveal by the Planetmates

Book 7 Funny God

Book 8  Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor

Book 9  Falls from Grace: The Devolution and Revolution of Consciousness

Book 10  Primal Return: The Prodigal Awakening

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