Epilogue 9 Experience, God

Epilogue, Part Nine – Experience, God: What if God Is All of Us: Experience Is God, God Is Experience and Life is the Longest Peek-a-Boo

We Don’t Know Good Till We Know Bad: Funny God, Part Nine— What Do You Call God When He’s Bungee Jumping? Answer: Human

What Do You Call God When He’s Bungee Jumping? Answer: Human

It’s kind of like when you’re bungee jumping. Say you’re bungee jumping off a bridge. Well, you’re sure you’re gonna die. But you’ve been convinced that all the materials, all the equipment, is safe and sound…that you’ll be secure, that nothing bad whatsoever will happen to you.

So what do you do? Having complete faith in the people doing it and the materials and the strength of them, you do it even though you’re thinking it’s certain you’re gonna die! You have all the fears in the world. It’s you doing peek-a-boo again, only this time with yourself. jumpfrombldgintofiremanarmsYou’re trying to prove to yourself that God will be always there to catch you.


And you do prove it to yourself. You see?


But the only thing is, we as God do it one better when we come into this world as a human….

We forget…that the rope is good.



487452_155199664620103_1996148421_nWe just throw ourselves off and let ourselves forget that it is certain we will be just fine and that instead of dying we know that it will be fun, that it will in fact be a blast.


jumpoffrockWe throw ourselves off, we come into this world, hoping…knowing! knowing that at some point we will remember, before we die, that there is never anything to fear and who we really are. We know we will remember because we know we’re never really gonna die…you’re never gonna die…. You will go from one lifetime to another and will think you die, but it is impossible to end consciousness.

So we know we’re going to succeed, at some point or other. We know we’re going to remember who we are as divinity and the incredible magnificence of this game that WE have chosen to do for an adventure and as an experiment in consciousness.

And we also know, when we throw ourselves into diminished consciousness, that is, into physical form, that we are going to experience things that we have never ever experienced before…. and that we may never want to experience again.

And about that last part—where we as divinity experiment with things that are very painful or horrid, which we would never want to do again…. I don’t know, man…. I don’t know enough about this to know if it becomes an acquired taste. I don’t even think that that would be very healthy, yaknowhatimean?

Acquired Taste?

No! An acquired taste for extreme experience, perhaps. But an acquired taste for like evil or for darkness, I mean that could be, ummm, I dunno, creepy….

But, I don’t know… I don’t know, I really don’t.

[“Ok, by experiencing even these so-called horrible things, so to speak. By really being rooted in them and experiencing them, kind of knowing them, doesn’t that mean that when you have the opposite of an experience of love and bliss it’s all the more, y’know, wonderful, it’s all the more of a deep experience because you have the deep experience of the other which contrasts…”]

Well, that was…. Thank you for the point that I didn’t elaborate on but I just started! That’s the point of, as I said, the metaphor of you having a darkness or blackness…

Icon Clasting

A blackness? No. I gotta stop trying to fit words on it for the word is an an icon. There’s the icon! Thanks for ‘clasting that icon, ok?


Y’know, you really clasted that icon…blackness…because after all, it’s not light and darkness that we’re wanting to contrast….


Experience Is God, God Is Experience

It’s experiences, feelings that we want to contrast to reveal the magnificence of it all. And they are harder to fit words on or to picture. So we use analogies like light, dark. But they are icons and therefore obscure the truth not reveal it. They need to be removed for us to think clearly again.

So, yes, It is experience, individual experience, that we as God want to contrast so as to manifest it all more wonderfully, more poignantly, in its happy and sad “flavors,” its good and bad experiences of existence.

We Don’t Know Good Till We Know Bad

For we don’t know how good we are as God! until we know how bad we are as God, but not knowing it. Y’see?

We…it’s like you said…. And it makes for the most PERFECT, PEEK-A-BOO, EXPERIENCE…OF ALL!

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