*April 8th thru April 12th, *Dance of the Seven Veils I: Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology & Your Real Self* by Michael Adzema is free*

*April 8th thru April 12th, *Dance of the Seven Veils I:  Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology & Your Real Self*  by Michael Adzema is free*

*Dance of the Seven Veils I: Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology and Your Real Self*

by Michael Adzema is free today (April 8th thru April 12th, 2020)


DANCE OF THE SEVEN VEILS presents the grand overview for understanding your reality and liberating yourself from limiting perspectives, unconscious prejudices, and denials of the reality before you which would otherwise be obvious. The first volume answers the question, What is the real self? The second, What is the Divine Self? The third, What is Naked Reality?

These three books are meant to open your mind to what you are standing upon in your perspective on life. It takes you back, Veil by Veil and layer by layer, like an archaeological dig or a dance of Salome, to the foundations of your being and to Naked Reality. Just a hint, you will find Divinity there. You will also sense the path to be free, the way of ecstasy.

Book Two, *Dance of the Seven Veils I*:

*Identity/Primal Psychology, Mythology, and Your Real Self*

*Adult to Toddler, Veils One-Three.*

This book, the second volume in The Path of Ecstasy Series, is the first of three parts on this topic of the Seven Veils. This first part answers the questions, who to be? And, what is the real self? It deals with our stage of adulthood and goes back to that of toddlerhood. It is all about pulling back the Veils of anthropocentrism and species-superiority, which is Veil One; the hidden agendas of societies and especially its elites which get construed as rites of passage and initiation into adulthood for young girls and boys and which thus corrupt their personalities along lines not their own, which is Veil Two; and the layers of parental abuse, misdirection, control and direction, for their ends, not our own, which get impressed upon us in infancy, toddlerhood, and childhood, and which coalesce as the primal scene, which is Veil Three. And which tells each and every one of us that we are not going to be loved unless we be something other than what we are, what we were meant to be, and what we were destined to be — which is our real self.

In this Book Two of The Path of Ecstasy Series, titled, *Dance of the Seven Veils I*, I continue the exploration of the screens of distortion across human perception begun in Book One, *The Secret Life of Stones: Matter, Divinity, and the Path of Ecstasy*. This time I focus on the ways the crucial events and experiences of our lives create our beliefs in life. In doing so, layer by layer, Veil by Veil, I continue bringing greater, truer perceptions into view of everything beyond.

I show in particular how our ideas about who to be and what to be, as rooted in culture and mythology; what to do, as rooted in early childhood experience; what to believe, as linked to religion, God, spirituality, mythology, good and evil, and much else, are rooted in the patterns of experiences we universally experience over the course of our lives, leading up to adulthood.

Further, I show how peeling back the layers of that onion is ever more liberating, at every step. And where it ultimately leads … what is ultimately true … what is the center of the onion?… Well, the image that emerges is your original face. And your original face is all these things — Divine, true, realer than real, more positive and loving than you ever thought you could be, and more wonderful and exciting than you can imagine. In the same vein as William Blake, I am saying that, when the Veils across perception are pulled to the side, everything appears as it is … infinite.



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April 8th thru April 12th, *Dance of the Seven Veils I: Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology and Your Real Selfby Michael Adzema is free

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