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The Thirtieth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Thirtieth Prasad

First off, we would not imagine keeping and using another Earth Citizen.

Certainly, we find that the Reality that sustains us includes a plan wherein some of us prey upon others and the others try to get away. The prize for winning, if one is the predator, is food, which extends one’s life; the prize for winning, if one is the prey, is escape from becoming food, which extends their life.

But in that all lives end; and most are not very long at all; and because there is no reason to not expect that this Reality that suffuses and defines us is anything but Beauty, in that our abode of existence is paradisiacal in its beauty, complexity, and qualities of change and surprise which are, along with our imagination, the foundation of a lifetime of entertainment, engagement, and joy, losing is of no more consequence to losing any other kind of game. And since new games can begin at any time, i.e., consciousness continues and takes on new forms always, and can never really “die” or be destroyed, there is nothing dire about it; it is seen as simply another game beginning.

(to be continued)

The Twenty-Ninth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Ninth Prasad

So for your young the necessities of survival are provided – your captive comrades, ditto.

You spend time teaching, training, molding, and trying to produce of these young things the kinds of older things that you need and can use – for your captive comrades, ditto. We also are trained, molded; sometimes even beaten and tortured to become the kinds of things that would be seen as somehow useful.

Sure enough, we watch as humans raise their dependent half-borns, very often using torture, violence, and all kinds of things that the other Earth Citizens would never imagine doing.

(to be continued)

The Twenty-Eighth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Eighth Prasad

What we end up with, without going through the long and circuitous routes of each of these supposed human “truths” – which are all seen to be in the light of clear Earth citizen consciousness, overly complicated and therefore, well… would we have a concept for stupid before we saw the behavior of Humans? No, probably not at all.

So let’s say we would see this overcomplication as humorous and silly, demented, ignoble, as being random and rootless and temporal, as compared to the eternal or at least perennial truths which stabilize, root, in fact, define us.

What we see: Humans in ways that cover the entire range from caring to cruel and even tortuous, “raise” your children very much akin to the ways that we see you humans “raising” your unfortunate, captive brother-and-sister creatures – your planetmates, us.

(to be continued)

The Twenty-Seventh Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Seventh Prasad

So the boon to the survival of the individual newborn – however twisted the reasons – became also the boon to what humans call “culture.”

For the lack of direct knowledge that characterizes humans, and was increasingly selected for with the predominance of controlling-conforming-appealing-nonexpression traits in humans, led to the increasing overcomplexity of the obvious simplicity of existence.

Your kind grew ever more fanciful and unnecessary traits, needs, desires, behaviors, wants, obsessions, compulsions, beliefs, visions, and thoughts out of this separation from natural ways, this split from Nature, this estrangement from the Divine, this “expulsion from Paradise.”

(to be continued)

The Twenty-Sixth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Sixth Prasad

All these controlling tendencies of all-seen-as-not-ego were alike in their estimation and implementation: control of life ways, all Earth Citizens – Fauna and Flora, other humans, and dependent newborns.

They were all seen increasingly as “things” to be manipulated and used for Ego survival. They were all gradually deprived of their status as being conscious, of having consciousness, as being akin to self and one’s consciousness.

So separation from the Divine meant separation from all else, all others, even one’s own offspring and increasing isolation, increasing reinforcement of the alien, backwards, consciousness construct, Ego.

Newborns were seen in exactly the same way as other beings being controlled: that is, they were viewed as just as worthy an investment as the raising of kidnapped Earth citizens and their forced enlistment in the survival schemes of the rootless, directionless Humans.

(to be continued)

The Twenty-Fifth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Fifth Prasad

At this point, with agrarian culture on the increase, raising humans to aid in the work of accumulation began also to be seen as a survival advantage. For it takes a lot of investment in time and effort to control so much and to maintain and defend against competitors so much accumulation.

Conforming underlings were allies in such huge efforts, but increasingly offspring began to be seen as cheap and easily manipulated conforming underlings who, in time, would be even greater allies in the fight against the blown up fears of nonsurvival – i.e., death – uncertainty, and the obstacles, challenges, and pain you increasingly avoided in your increasing wrong-gettedness as to your reasons for existing (which were to serve as guides in your evolution back to divine rootedness, divine identity, like the rest of planetmates).

(to be continued)

The Twenty-Fourth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Fourth Prasad

So all care giving was tainted with this early deprivation and self-centeredness of the care-givers and so, while it did not serve the newborns needs for perfect nurturing, it allowed for some, at least, minimal nurturing for survival. Meanwhile, it acted on the newborns so that such traits that were even dimly reflective of the satisfaction of the fully growns own early deprivations were selected for in newborns.

This period of ambivalence over newborns and what to do with them characterized your species for a very long period, relatively, and your species remained a small and insignificant part of all Earth planetmates because of this.

This only began to change when you began your sedentary-accumulative-conforming ways. So, however confused the grown Humans, over time they came to understand (and it’s to be noted that in some types of cultures; some would say all; it took a great deal of time to get to this understanding), that there is benefit to the investment in these dying, desperate prematures, for their survival.

(to be continued)

The Twenty-Third Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Third Prasad

Such traits in newborns as non-expression of needs – i.e., non-“fussiness” or non-crying – were selected over traits of expression of needs. Traits of “appeal,” “cuteness,” smiling more as opposed to less, or anything that held even slightly the prospect of the fulfillment of the fully growns own early deprivations, through the newborn, were selected for.

This last meant that if fully growns could see a dim hope that they could get the nurturing – from their own newborns, now – that they did not get from their own fully growns when they themselves were newborns, they would feel more inclined to extend caring to such newborns and increase their survivability over other newborns.

What you call “love” towards your children was at first simply the desperate hope that these newborns would eventually grow up to become the fully growns – “parents” – that did not care for them…did not “love” them sufficiently…when they were small.

(to be continued)

The Twenty-Second Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Second Prasad

It was around the time of ultimate control occurring with agrarian and sedentary-accumulating-conforming ways that non-care and death for newborns was common. Newborns were often and routinely abandoned, deprived, even killed.

Your species could not, of course, thrive during this period; and you would have died off if not for the fact that some of your humans were not as crazed as others and so carried out at least the minimal amount of care-giving for some newborns to reach maturity and themselves have offspring.

During this period, also, there were advantages for survival of newborns who had certain characteristics. Since newborns were increasingly seen as handicaps in the survival competition you created among yourselves, those that had traits fitting with the crazed perceptions of the fully growns were selected for survival increasingly.

So traits in helpless newborns that made them either seem less burdensome or more appealing were selected for and increasingly prevalent.

(to be continued)

The Twenty-First Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-First Prasad

But the fully growns are at the same time consumed by the controlling, conforming, backwards thinking, alien, and crazed overstimulation of consciousness that we’ve been describing. In this state they are hardly fit to be good care givers to newborns.

Remember that fear for their survival – of deprivation and uncertainty – drives their obsessive controlling and conforming. So there was an increasing tendency, as you became more “human,” as we’ve defined you, to not want to add the burden of caring for dependent young ones to your already uncertain state.

Alongside the increasing time of helplessness and dependence of newborns was the increasing reluctance of fully growns to jeopardize their survival for their own newborns. These reluctant feelings did not fully manifest, however, until around the time of ultimate control and crazed beingness that occurred with the switch to sedentary and accumulating-conforming ways.

(to be continued)

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