Epilogue 6 Divine Adventure

Epilogue, Part Six – The Poignancy of It All and More Tugging on Your Umbilical Cords to Yourselves as Divinity

Forgetting Where You Put Yourself and The Poignancy of It All: Our Divine Adventure in Forgetfulness Has Us Misunderstanding the Pain We Give Ourselves to Wake Up

The Forgetfulness We’ve Chosen as an Adventure Has Us Misunderstanding the Pain We Give Ourselves to Wake Ourselves Up.

Well, what I am saying is that’s kind of the way sometimes we have to be treated by God. It’s kind of the way we being God have to treat ourselves who are in forgetfulness of that fact. Because, well, actually to our credit we’ve chosen quite an adventure—one with forgetfulness that is allowing all kinds of things to happen that animals can’t experience. But being in forgetfulness we would lose our way back unless we helped ourselves out. And God loves God (God IS Love). And so we love ourselves and we’re gonna help ourselves out… even if it seems to us as forgetful humans that what we are giving ourselves is pain and discomfort, not help.

But There Are No Wrong Adventures

But sometimes we choose such an adventure or we see others have chosen adventures that just seem so horrible and wrong that it is impossible to believe a Divine would choose them. But we must remember we are judging these lives and experiences from the view of our limited selves—our selves that are in forgetfulness of our nature as Divinity. So in such a state how could we possibly have any inkling at all of what Divinity would want and why?

There are no wrong adventures. It just seems to deluded humans there are. From the perspective of Divinity we see there are always reasons, profound and beautiful ones, for everything that happens and all that exists. Everything is truly perfect … even in its seeming imperfection.

I am going to attempt to give you a look at that—how things can be perfect even in their painful or horribleness. Let me continue. It’ll all come together, you’ll see.

The Poignancy of It All

Getting back to that metaphor of peek-a-boo: For the baby, Mommie’s face disappears … who knows where? There is concern, distress. Where did it go? Then Momma’s face is suddenly there and everything is bright, beautiful, even more wonderful and joyous than if it had never gone away. For the baby’s appreciation of Mother is heightened by being reminded of the experience of what it is like for her not to be there. You know the saying, Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Indeed, sometimes people in relationships perform some sort of peek-a-boo on each other—usually unconsciously—to keep the spice, to keep that edge of feeling, that poignancy, in their love for each other. Keep these things in mind, now.

And remember that in the baby’s experience of peek-a-boo, the darkness that the baby feels—the whatever…the feeling of loss—it’s not permanent; it has no substance or foundation.

pranhicThe only substance out there that is true is that of Truth-Awareness-Bliss. These other things are fleeting. And we don’t remember it now in human form, but most of Time of the timelessness of the Now, in which we exist—except for like going off on adventures like this in which we create time—we spend in that Truth-Awareness-Bliss.

And I’ll tell ya, I mean, from what I saw in my experience of “heaven”.… I mean, I can’t claim to have attained what, let’s say, the “residents” there have got. But I sure as hell.… 55387CFFWell, it was the happiest time in my life. And I was all Truth-Awareness-Bliss … and, fucking laughin-on-your-ass funniness…. I mean, I swear to God—this is the big surprise to me—that is that that God is one—can I say—one “wild and crazy” dude? I mean there wouldn’t be any comedy, I don’t think, if there wasn’t a God. I think, yeah, this particular gift, this particular creation….

Anyway, I’m surprised no one’s getting an inkling of the beauty of all this. Or you might see the perfect poignancy of such a game.

There are so many other ways to describe its exquisiteness, too. Hmmm, I’ve got it. I will use your own truth to bring you to an appreciation of this.

And You’re Doing a Heckuva Job of Forgetting Today!

Ok, you’re all God…pretending not to be.

And you’re doing a heck of a game today, by the way. It sure as hell reminds me again of the darkness we humans create here out of nothing as my frustration is of that. Hey!

But I have this secret that actually allows me to enjoy this frustration. Want a hint? A little hint that it is all in peek-a-boo, ok? Remembering that…all of it…not just a technique or a game for a baby.Remembering how peek-a-boo works—for a baby or for ourselves in our continuous cycles of forgetfulness and remembrance in life, there is a part of it that we humans always overlook. No doubt we fail always to see it, because it is actually God, and is the only thing that can be God….

I realize that makes no sense to you at all: Where there is God in peek-a-boo or in the things as Divinities we put ourselves through in life—the cycles of pain and then wisdom and awakening that comes from it—sounds outrageous I’m sure. Alright. But just continue. Just continue listening….

This Is the Way, the Teacher, and the Path.

There is no physical world that exists. We know that. Even our sciences reveal that. And there are no words that are anything but a way to block out the vision of essence. So you cannot expect to find God hidden in either the physical world or inside the chaos of our words.

But there is one thing, one thing always that exists, is always present, that contains everything, and that is everything. And it is also the teacher, the path, the way…the way back to remembering … the way out of the darkness…the fear…or any of the more adventurous aspects of reality.

I’ll get to it, but first notice I said adventurous, not negative, painful, or hard. Are you getting the notion?

Let’s go back to that thing that you are God. And you cannot help but be on your side. So therefore what you experience is always going to steer you to understanding. Everything you experience has a purpose of getting you to realizing who you are and bringing you back eventually to your true nature. Would that not make sense? And if you look at your own life’s experiences, is that not what has happened? Is it not what got you here?

So has it yet become clear from this that what I was saying just before about this thing that is overlooked in peek-a-boo, this thing which is God is? Did anybody get it? Does anyone see what….

Forgetting Where You Put Yourself

499545812Yes! Anna! You got it. The experience of the baby is overlooked.

Yes. Notice! Anna, that you as a mother of three, having had many experiences yourself of seeing a baby in all kinds of states of feeling and experiencing the various experiential flavors that this game of peek-a-boo affords, you were tuned in to what is actually just the most obvious thing in the game. Hell! It is truly amazing that our human amnesia can leave out the essence of existence as we are blinded by these physical things. Are you following this?

31fyQsslJsL._SL160_These physical things, which are only projections, not eternal, and certainly not real. They cannot be ultimately real, for they depend on the perception of the seer for their existence!

And there it is again—perception. Another clue! Hope you’re getting it.

Ok, enough of this tugging on your umbilical cords to yourselves as God for one day. Ok? This is not failure, for not getting it. So no need…for those looks…for there is no such thing as failure. And that’s part of the point, too. For all roads, everything that I’m saying leads to one and only one thing.

29155267-149x149-0-0_Draper Draper Rolleramic Motorized Projection ScreBut before I spill the beans…and I’m going to…whether you get it or not…. Now, enough of this, you know, seeing if you can come to it right now. You will, in time.

Anyway, I just had a thought. And, before I spill the beans, I just thought of something funny. And have we already forgotten that God’s essential nature and that which we humans alone share with Him is that ability to laugh? Laughter. Wow! Like I said, all roads lead there…to one thing…to God.

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