The Great Reveal by SillyMickel and the Planetmates, Epilogue:

The Center of the Onion

Epilogue 1 Cosmic Giggle

Epilogue, Part One – The Cosmic Giggle: Why Humans Are Not Superior to Nature in Intellect or Language, Yet Still Made in Love’s Image

Epilogue 2 Earliest Preschool

Epilogue, Part Two – Earliest Preschool: The Absolute Earliest Preschool and Pain Is Wisdom Gift-Wrapped: Peek-a-Boo Is a Taste of God’s Training Later in Life

Epilogue 3 Hidden Truth

Epilogue, Part Three – Hidden Truth: Fetishing and Fearing What’s Hidden: About Naked God, Heaven, and Seventy-Six Virgins—What Were They Thinking!?

Epilogue 4 Human Purpose

Epilogue, Part Four – Human Purpose: Life Is a Dark Screen and The Purpose of the Human Form: Since God Is All, How Can Evil Exist Unless God Forgets Who He Is?

Epilogue 5 Why Evil

Epilogue, Part Five – Why Evil: Recipe for Game of Humanness — Take Equal Parts Emptiness and Stupidity … Add a Belief in a Death: Life Is God Playing Peek a Boo with Herself

Epilogue 6 Divine Adventure

Epilogue, Part Six – Divine Adventure: The Poignancy of It All and More Tugging on Your Umbilical Cords to Yourselves as Divinity

Epilogue 7 In Spite of Yourself

Epilogue, Part Seven – In Spite of Yourself: Clasting Some Icons, Words, and the Physical World: Your Mind Thinks It Lives in a World of Reflections of Your True Nature

Epilogue 8 The Biggest Secret

Epilogue, Part Eight – The Biggest Secret: The Biggest Secret, The Cloud of Boring Sameness, and Why Don’t We Stop Crucifying Christ Already

Epilogue 9 Experience, God

Epilogue, Part Nine – Experience, God: What if God Is All of Us: Experience Is God, God Is Experience and Life is the Longest Peek-a-Boo

Epilogue 10 Heaven Slickers

Epilogue, Part Ten – Heaven Slickers: How Forgetting Our Divine Nature Makes Us Feel More Alive and Is Something God Would Want

Epilogue 11 Darkness & Poignancy

Epilogue, Part Eleven – Darkness & Poignancy: Human Darkness, Where the Poignancy Comes In, We Are Stardust … Sorta, and Keep on Cosmic Giggling … What Knowledge Needs

Epilogue 12 Fun Times

Epilogue, Part Twelve – Fun Times: Fun Times Waking from Nightmares and Being God in Spite of You: “Won’t Be Nothing but Big ol’ Hearts Dancing in our Eyes”

Epilogue 13 Infinity of Experience

Epilogue, Part Thirteen –Infinity of Experience: Those Times You Absolutely Hate, The Divinity Within You Might Be Finding Interesting. Easily Ungrateful Humans

Epilogue 14 Existence Is Fun

Epilogue, Part Fourteen – Four Falls from Grace … And Back Again: Becoming Human Is Love’s Supreme Act of Recklessness, and Death to Everyone … Makes It Fun

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