Turtle Brings The Seventh Prasad

Turtle Leads The Seventh Prasad

Turtle Is First Consciousness at The Seventh Prasad

The Seventh Prasad

Your fully grown caregivers are instrumental in creating this Ego. They are both the models and the delivery systems for this diminishment and perfect wrongness of Consciousness. Prior to this, for millions of years, however, your forebears were planetmates and Earth Citizens like us. But your split began when your forebears, living near swamps and other water, foraged in the shallow waters and thus found it advantageous to stand on their hind legs in the water for longer and longer periods of time. This survival advantage in foraging into the deeper waters led, over a long time, to bipedalism on land also. This supposed benefit, however, led to narrower pelvises; and in your females narrower pelvises created more painful births, which led to a tendency toward newborns being born earlier and earlier — for at smaller sizes these prematures would mean less pain for mothers as well as the newborn itself. At the beginning of this trend, mothers had pelvic-vaginal openings that could accommodate 20-month gestated newborns — newborns who would be nearly as functional at birth as other planetmates. And these infants were born, like planetmate births, without the birth pain and trauma for mother and newborn that came later after you became bipedal.

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