Leopard Delivers The Eighth Prasad

Leopard Leads The Eighth Prasad

Leopard Was First Consciousness at The Eighth Prasad

For hundreds of thousands of years, the factors of wide-pelvis mothers birthing healthy, twenty-month gestated newborns vied for natural selection against the economic pressures for females to have shorter gestations to return to full foraging and to be able to move and run more quickly with smaller pelvises. Premature birth and narrower pelvises — concomitant with bipedalism — won out. Survival advantages won out over healthy, happy newborns and relatively easy, painless births with long gestations and the near perfect nurturing for the additional 12 months by a divinely designed biological process in the womb. You began the process of becoming human, meaning being separate from all other Earth Citizens, at the time that narrow pelvises, nine-month (premature) gestations, birth pain and trauma for mothers and newborns, and dependency on caregivers for the first few years of life became the norm for you. But your early humanoid forebears were still much different from what is called “human” today.

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