A RECENTLY UNEARTHED, UNRETOUCHED PRE-BUSH PERCEPTION from September 21st, 2000 shocks and saddens and then illuminates.

Is it Cogent and Prophetic?  Or simply Eerie, Unfathomable?



SillyMickel’s audio rendition of this post:
"Message in a Bottle: A Message Arrives from Nine Years in the
Past Predicting Today’s Events, Part 1"

I recently unearthed, March 9, 2009, 9:49am, three never
finished drafts of an article I intended to publish on my website prior to the 2000 Presidential election.  Stuffed and interwoven among the electrons of the backups of old computers, I had completely forgotten ever having written any of it.  Engulfed, indeed, pushed around and battered within the intensity and sharpness of recent political, geopolitical, and economic and financial forces, I was shocked to see the words, written almost a decade earlier, which, desperately intoning, warned of specific dire happenings should George W. Bush be elected.  For it seemed those exact words, of so long ago, had just been lifted from the headlines and front pages of today’s daily news.

Prophetic?  Eerie?  I don’t know quite what to make of it.  It certainly disturbed me and got me to wondering, and then to writing.  Perhaps now, as I lay before us the thoughts that I couldn’t help but ponder, and alongside them the thoughts expressed in the writings of that little remembered time, you and I, just might, perhaps in ways that we would never even be able to express to each other, nevertheless find revealed to us something totally unexpected, maybe even wonderful.  By looking closely, we might just get a peek beyond life’s veil surround; we have here the chance of capturing a glimpse beyond or into that mystery that has been said to be just beyond our limited senses, that place of awe and odd activity, a mere membrane away from the normal, which mystics, sensitives, seers, and sublime artists, claim to sense and sometimes speak. 

Take that as you will; still there’s no denying the fascination and fixation that these awesome unknowables held for the likes of Einstein and William James, pinnacles of rationality to the world, yet regarding these things in their attempts to communicate them only ecstatic and rhapsodic language would do, and even at that, they would claim they could not come near what they were intuiting.  So, here, perhaps, is just that kind of rare opportunity, rare for ordinary people, for getting such a glimpse of that sensed but unseen reality beyond the common sensical one, perhaps a keyhole into Mystery itself.

Certainly possible all this, yet I have to be extremely careful to note that I was hardly the only one thinking these thoughts nine years ago (the most recent dates on them are 8/19 and9/21/2000). 

It saddens me what could have been.  Reading it, I am stunned by how we’ve managed to vanquish from our minds and our media the insane, chaotic, and truly awful outlines of our times, as the events of the last nine years crept daily into our lives and world and shaped them and it in drastic ways that we can discern only by the contrast.  These unpolished catscans of a mind and time provide such a contrast, stark and shocking. 

So these writings I will reproduce here for your consideration.  However do keep in mind the date on the upcoming writing.  The last date this piece was even touched was, as determined by the “date modified” figure, exactly 8/19/20000, at 9:41pm.  That date, so long ago in my memory, really shocked me, especially in terms of the parallels with events today that were equally salient then.  The entire piece is on the long side, I’m sorry to say, but if you, like me, are a real political junky, I think you’ll find a lot of meaty stuff.  Substantial and important zeitgeists of that time are I believe made palpable.  Considering what is going on right now in our political arenas, it may seem so tangible that you may forget that it is not about today.  So I must stress that in no way, even slightly, was this writing altered.

(More later…)

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SillyMickel’s audio rendition of the continuation of this post:
"Message in a Bottle: A Message Arrives from Nine Years in the
Past Predicting Today’s Events, Part 2"



SillyMickel’s audio rendition of the finale of this post:
"Message in a Bottle: A Message Arrives from Nine Years in the
Past Predicting Today’s Events, Part 3"

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