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People will grow to the limits of their strengths … and up to the limits of their fears

In spiritual rebirth, and life in general, when it comes to the difficult parts we have the choice to block, accept, and surrender … and even run away … and to vary and alternate and tweak our responses. …

So it doesn’t have to be so damn painful.

Only if you choose it to be so and adopt a sackcloth and ashes approach.

But that is done because of a lack of faith.

However, when you have real faith and you realize that you are in the Universe’s loving hands … always … and cannot screw it up … and that in spite of yourself things are going to work out exactly as they are meant to … you don’t have to be so hard on yourself.

People will grow up to the limits of their fears … and to the limits of their strength. We can’t help but do the best we can. So there will always be progress….

Progress, not perfection in being something we are not, is absolutely perfect for us.

We can only fall short of someone *else’s* assessment of how much we should do and can do. And when we realize that was a judgement of us that was unfairly given, a long time ago, and that we have unconsciously carried it forward with us despite its unfairness, then we can let it go.

In spite of ourselves,

we’re gonna end up a sittin on a rainbow.

(believe it.)

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