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Half-Borns: Humans Being Born Premature Relative to All Other Earth Citizens Is the Root Cause of the Apocalypse We Are Creating Today, Say Planetmates


Half-Borns: Being Not Ready for Life at Birth Makes Us Variable…and Reckless. Part Two of Elaboration of 3rd Prasad – “Humans Only Half Ready for Life at Birth”

00004Ladder of Prayerx

[W]hat has caused this separation of your understandings of life from all others occurs at the beginnings of each of your lives…. You, alone, come into the world prematurely, before you are ready to. You, alone, are half born, only half ready for life when you are born. ….


[Y]our fully growns, especially those who you call “parents,” are responsible for overseeing and assisting the successful development of your youngest ones at levels of development that for us would be taken care of by Reality Itself….


[T]his fact alone has caused you to fall…from the actual Truth of you…to construct an opposite and alien reality…. [T]his development alone…has led to the gravest of consequences for All, including yourselves.

Dragon-Devouring-The-Companions-Of-Cadmusseparationfromnature (2)

Part Two of Paraphrase/ Elaboration of “The Third Prasad”: Being Half-Borns Makes Humans Variable…and Reckless

Jacobs-Ladder-ArtThe reason for this total exclusion of truth from your understandings of yourself has to do with another defining characteristic of you.

What has caused this separation of your understandings of life from all others occurs at the beginnings of each of your lives. You have a vastly different understanding of life than we because you have a way of coming into the world that defines you, 10-emergence-440that you have in common, and yet separates you, makes you distinct from and unique in relation to, the many millions of other planetmates: You, alone, come into the world prematurely, before you are ready to. You, alone, are half born, only half ready for life when you are born.


RootedInConservatismcrpdlrgrWe will be telling you, in the upcoming prasads, why and how you started being born prematurely as wells as what this being half born has led to for you.

163447461_cc79ba4091For now, just know that it means that your newborns are even more helpless than even the most helpless newborns of us. Being more helpless, you are more dependent on others for survival when you first emerge into the light of the physical world. There is an incredible amount of development we have prior to our coming into the world which is orchestrated by a rather precise Nature.unnaturalself.coil unnatural history.crpd A good deal of that comparative development for you is put at the discretion of the previously born of you. That is, your fully growns, especially those who you call “parents,” are responsible vlcsnap-2011-05-31-18h51m16s159for overseeing and assisting the successful development of your youngest ones at levels of development that for us would be taken care of by Reality Itself through a near perfect developmental process for each of us as refined over time for each of us by Nature.

vlcsnap-2011-05-29-22h33m23s45How this might be important is probably not occurring to you. But keep in mind that Nature does not vary; 03-610x457it is as precise as the laws you have discovered in your sciences of physics and biology. It will do for us what it has intended for us and has perfected itself in doing over billions of years.

zoonlander.self-absorbed.ben-stiller-zoolander1.crppedMeanwhile, your adults, for reasons we also will bring out in time, are even more varied—what you call differences in “personality”—than are your differences between groups and infinitely more varied than are our differences between each other within a species. osteenYou are vastly more different from each other than we in any species are from each other.

JacobsLadderThis difference means infinite differences in the ways your newborns will be attended to and nurtured. Being vastly more helpless than any of us, they are vastly more dependent on the good will of their care-givers at that early time. slideshow_05_lgAnd the differences in the good will or lack of that between your individual care-givers varies as much as the differences in your personalities. These differences in personality pepper-spray-cop-17 (2)affecting the differences in the ways your newborns will be cared for create the vast differences and myriad possibilities of personalities that each of you can have,watermarkcomp1 which determines the kind of care-giver you will become as an adult, hence it plays into how you will care for or not care for your own newborns, and so on around again.

P4220032You will see how this fact alone has caused you to fall irrevocably from the actual Truth of you and led you to construct an opposite and alien reality. This opposite construct you prop up with all kinds of twisted, bizarre “truths” to explain yourselves to you.

And this difference between yourselves and all other of your brother-sister species on this planet has consequences that have exploded the differences between us and mushroomed into the situation in which we find ourselves at this moment.


It is this development alone, you will find, that has led to the gravest of consequences for All, including yourselves.


The Third Prasad – Humans Only Half Ready for Life at Birth


Fawn Leads at The Third PrasadWith more time, and despite the myriad experiences and changes of the multitudinous and diverse (and mostly spread out and separated, never touching or knowing each other, on a massive planet) peoples and cultures, the Unapproved and Hidden are, because of a peculiarity of them, everywhere and always among all the many evolving and refining definitions of Human, Reality, Life — different as they could possibly be — never for a second, or even slightly, partially, or indirectly, included in that light of the obviously true, the common-sensical, by any culture. Part of this peculiarity — the relative upstart humans have another common defining characteristic: only half-ready for life at the time of birth (relative to all other brother-sister species comprising the citizens of Earth), they are, humans alone are, totally dependent for their survival upon the good will of the fully grown — often parents, but not of necessity and certainly not always.

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The Family Investment – Over time, humans saw some minimal benefit in keeping newborns alive – The 24th Prasad from the Planetmates

Ambivalence Regarding Children

Planetmates Release The Twenty-Fourth Prasad

Care-giving was tainted and minimal, and it fostered traits reflective of the emotional deprivations of the adults.

Arctic Grey Wolf is First Consciousness at The Twenty-Fourth Prasad.

However confused the grown Humans, over time they came to understand that for their own survival there is benefit to the investment in these dying, desperate prematures.

The Twenty-Fourth Prasad – Children As Investments

So all care-giving was tainted with this early deprivation and self-centeredness of the care-givers and so, while it did not serve the newborns needs for perfect nurturing, it allowed for some, at least, minimal nurturing for survival. Meanwhile, it acted on the newborns so that such traits that were even dimly reflective of the satisfaction of the fully growns’ own early deprivations were selected for in newborns. This period of ambivalence over newborns and what to do with them characterized your species for a very long period, relatively, and your species remained a small and insignificant part of all Earth planetmates because of this. This only began to change when you began your sedentary-accumulative-conforming ways. So, however confused the grown Humans, over time they came to understand—and it’s to be noted that in some types of cultures it took a great deal of time to get to this understanding—that there is benefit to the investment in these dying, desperate prematures, for their survival.  (to be continued)

Paraphrase/ Elaboration/ Abstract of “The Twenty-Fourth Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema

Your children were hurt by this early inattentiveness to their needs. All parenting was suffused with the emotional deprivation and resulting twisted consciousness of your fully growns. However far from ideal nurturing and what is possible in Nature, such care-giving was sufficient, barely, for species survival.

But such a corruption of nurturing continued to infuse and mold the personalities of your children in unnatural ways. More and more, it pushed toward characteristics that mirrored the darker impulses of your adults; it manifested the repressed undersides of fully growns, which was comprised of early unmet needs and corrupted desires.

So there was ambivalence in the desire for children. Your species swayed back and forth about what to do with them—between the poles of infanticide and abandonment on one side and acceptance and nurture on the other—for the longest period of your fully human existence. It follows that humans did not thrive during this period. You survived, barely; but your numbers were not large compared to other species and your species and its strange proclivities did not matter much in the grand scheme of things. You were no great harm and caused no widespread suffering to the many outside of yourselves.

But as your species turned its back on its nomadic roots and, blinded by an unnatural fever, pursued a circumscribed and strenuous sedentary lifeway, this stasis in your numbers began to change. You began to see some benefit in having offspring. You perceived survival advantages in family status and larger broods of children.

Of course, for most of this time the greater majority of you still did not come to the appreciation of the family burden, still there was ever-growing understanding of such as worthy of investment. And this changing view correlated predominantly with sedentary lifestyles and accumulating/conforming ways.

To clarify, your crazed non-sedentary forebears still were ambivalent about children and perceived families as a burden in relation to their overblown perception of the struggle to survive. Alongside this, in the world of Nature, there was neither a disinclination for offspring nor an overinvestment in them. Bonding and affection with Nature’s young rose from the correct, biologically constituted, appreciation of the offspring, and this more individually so. Nature’s parents do not view their children through a dark, crazed veil of dry and thirsty deprivation nor a floral, milky gleam of vain and pathetic estimation. In contrast to both of these, agrarian anchors and accumulating, conniving modes fostered appreciation of increases of population, specifically, families, as beneficial in the struggle for survival. It follows that attention and energy would be put into these extra beings, seen increasingly as resources in the struggle against the monstrously over-apprehended fear of death.

The upshot is that in your ever-increasing sedentary numbers, children were considered advantageous against that imagined encroaching darkness you carried. So the life of your otherwise doomed, helpless newborns was valued more often than not. You desperate suffering half-borns would increase your numbers as a defense against your personal demise.

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