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Who’s responsible. Faces of the “faceless” filthy rich

There’s a lot of idiocy on the right about who’s responsible and who are truly the rich in this country. I’ve actually had relatives tell me that Democrats are the ones who are rich. When I asked the how they could say that, they said the Kennedys.

That kind of mystification can only be happening because folks have lousy education so don’t know their "numbers" .. don’t know the difference between millions and billions for example (it’s just "lots" in their minds), because they have been made confused and deluded by Fox-style propaganda coming out in all the media, and because folks are afraid–and so make it "inappropriate" to name names and point fingers… As if knowing who is really responsible for things would trigger another French or Russian Revolution and have heads rolling and czar blood flowing. (Seriously?…)

So isn’t it about time we educated ourselves about the real causes of things rather than remained dummied down and going after each other (listen up, Tea Party).

So, I’m pointing fingers and placing blame. Anybody who tells you that is an inappropriate or crude thing to do is doing the work of these criminals to cover up and get away with their abominable deeds.

Here are some of the faces of the "faceless" filthy rich.
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Bad Billionaire Ballot

Welcome to RootsAction’s list of the Filthy Rich.

Billionaires get tax breaks big enough to fly a private jet through, and it’s contributing to our federal deficit. But it gets worse. The most vile of the bunch are using their money and influence to pollute the environment, wreck democracy and profit from war. The fancy word is plutocrat. Another way of saying it – they are the enemy of all we hold dear. Many of the billionaires in this collection have attended the infamous Koch Brothers’ annual retreats to plan their takeover strategies. These folks don’t deserve a tax break. At. All.

So check out a bit of their background, and consider – which billionaire is doing the most damage? We know, it’s a tough call. But you can do it. We just aren’t buying the line that these folks are worthy of special treatment and that Social Security must go before they do.

So vote away, and tell your friends.

And, let’s remember, we can Balance the Budget on the Backs of Billionaires. Believe us, they can handle it.

Pick your bad billionaire. Remember, they may all be despicable but you can choose only one! Share with your friends to help your favorite "win."
Who’s responsible. Faces of the “faceless” filthy rich

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