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Be Authentic, Change the World, Risk Death! Fulfill Yourself! Risk Persecution!

Cultures, through their traditional practices, brutally separate us from our source of life, guidance, and inspiration and create a blank slate at birth, which would otherwise have been a map of life, with contact numbers directly to God and technical assistance angels — a kind of Jacob’s Ladder for when the going got rough. Then, culture tells you to be an individual and aspire to greatness and puts up examples of people who have done so and made a difference for their society and the world. And then culture punishes severely any one who is exceptional and shows it and/or strives to do exactly as the cultural teachings were inspiring him or her to do. This is the cultural double-bind, the mind-fuck that makes us all somewhat crazy.

John Lennon - "working class hero"John Lennon nailed it in his song "Working Class Hero" on the "Imagine" album: "As soon as you’re born, they make you feel small, by giving you nothing, instead of it all…till you’re so fucking crazy you can’t follow their rules…then they expect you to pick a career…but you can’t really function you’re so full of fear…." Of course, his chorus then expresses the other side of the this cultural push-pull "A working class hero is something to be…" then sadly he ends the chorus "If you want to be a hero, well just follow me." At the time, the zombie critics didn’t get it that he was being sarcastic and sad when he said that, not egotistical. Nevertheless, he was pointing out that it is damn hard to be something in a culture that targets you then for doing it.

And that brings us to Michael Jackson. Michael is the latest example of what we do to those who give the most to us: Lennon, Jesus, Michael, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi — while half the world is inspired and grateful, it brings up jealousy, spite, and hatred in others. So authentic people, real people, often play a very heavy price, sometimes death, at least persecution.

Despite these huge drawbacks, our deepest desire is to be authentic. It is the reason we were born; it is our only real mission in life; and it is given by God. That desire is to live lives of richness, truth, and love, being all that we can be and expressing that unique thing that all of us has that no one else does, so that God’s purpose will be fulfilled in that the world will receive that which we alone can give it.So many people strive for authenticity, for realness of life, richness of experience…the old-fashioned term would be "fulfillment."

People who are authentic are extremely attractive and draw just as extreme hatred on them. Obama, like Michael Jackson, is another example. JFK was another one. You see the problem. Look at how many were assassinated. Bhenazir Bhutto, in Pakistan, shot in the head as she returned to her native land to help reform it.

Yet courageous people continue to aspire to regain what they had stolen from them at birth: their uniqueness, their greatness, their one true mission in life, indeed, their very soul. In Hindu culture, they call it your Atmadharma — in other words it is the right action to do (dharma) that is in line with your soul-divinity (Atma).

I’ve gathered together a collection of my audio presentations on this subject at and titled it "Michael Jackson and the Authentic Life."

The clips and the audio presentations in this collection, "Michael Jackson and the Authentic Life," all have something to say about this questMichael Jackson & the Cultural Mind-Fuck for authenticity. And at this time, when the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, it is only an uprising of authentic people, and people striving to be that, which will keep this planet from becoming another Mars in the very near future. That’s why this is so important.

Below is one of the presentations I’ve uploaded in audio format about culture and authenticity and the mind-fuck. It’s titled: "In Memoriam. Michael Jackson’s 2004 Fiasco – The Attack on Uniqueness, the Scapegoating of Feeling, the Hatred of the Free and Successful by the Sellouts, the Compromised, and the Zombie Corporate Slaves’ with text (and music!) it’s at "In Memoriam: Michael Jackson’s 2004..." at


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