Four Falls from Grace … And Back Again — Becoming Human Is Love’s Supreme Act of Recklessness: Experience Is Divinity, Part Sixteen — Existence Is Fun


Curious God and Infinite Poignancy: All of Reality Is a Divine Leela, a God’s Play … More Than Anything Else, Existence Is Fun.


God Would Not Want a King Midas Curse.

However, let’s say you are God and you are that Infinite Experience. You are endlessly experiencing. hand-of-midas1-600x399Would that be interesting in itself? No. Then there would be sameness. For in an important sense they would be all alike. One day of Divinity would be like the other, and it would be like King Midas who had the golden touch.

King Midas got his wish. Everything he touched became golden, perfect. But he couldn’t enjoy any of it, because it was all just the same. Perfection makes everything perfectly boring.


So there is a problem with an infinite God, an infinity of Experience, unless an element of surprise is added … the surprise of differentness, the unexpected, of newness, of change … there must be infinite variety of Experience along with an infinite amount of Experience.


Curious God

562802_469139956443536_476154461_n_thumb398987_204128006393807_284007885_nLet’s take it back to one’s individual experience of Divinity. We say God is One and think that means He/ She can be contained and explained and is one and not another thing. So we have religions that differently define God, yet they say that He is One.

cheesusWell, I don’t know if my experience of Divinity is like everyone’s, but I doubt it. laughing_jesus2Because God is all about infinite Experience.

So why wouldn’t it be one thing for me and something completely different for someone else … for everyone else? My encounter with the Divine might, at one point, be an Indian holy man … for someone else it might be a speaking eagle, for another a dancing god smoking a hookah, for another Jesus in a chariot….


God being infinite Experience, why wouldn’t our experiences of Divinity be different, fascinating, exotic … interesting? Why would not God who is infinite Experience be experienced in a wondrous array of ways?


Why might not God be the experience of a clownish, dancing Divinity offering hashish brownies to one person?197663_375565309166209_2049323184_n Why might She not be the experience of a bedraggled street person to another? Why wouldn’t She? You and I being One with that infinite experience, wouldn’t we? Would we as Divinity limit ourselves to the boring outlines that sad humans have set up to explain us?

And for everyone else it would be something else entirely, but something just as unexpected and fantastic.


Because that’s another thing: We are God, so aren’t we all curious to know. And don’t we only get our knowing, really, through experience? And with different experiences, more knowing?


Infinite Poignancy

It is so beautiful I can barely contain it. I can hardly even imagine that there is an infinite number of poignant dramas…that there are infinite numbers of horrors and heroines and tragic figures and heroic figures and demonic and evil people … and there’s all of the characters beyond imagining; and they’re all God. And this is the way in which God continues not just experiencing Himself, but experiences Himself as multiple.


God Has Fun.

So, it’s sort of like that example of being in a play. We were saying how life is like being on stage acting in a drama. We are all God, each acting our part, but, being human, forgetting who we are and fully identifying with our characters. Only the part of ourselves who is God, well, She knows She’s God still. She knows She’s God but She’s playing all these parts. And She has fun.


You might say He has fun, but His supreme act involving humans is the fact that He allows us totally to forget, so He can really be into the experience.

God’s Supreme Act … of Recklessness

So, becoming human is not a supreme act of Love, as some might say. Actually, it is a supreme act of just pure recklessness on His part! God is already Love. In becoming human She becomes less than Love.


And that’s a recklessness that gives the twist to love, making it piquant, manifesting it more so as poignant.

It’s reckless but not meaningless. It’s wild but profound and awesome.


By that I mean there is no faith involved for God. None needed. For faith is not necessary when there is knowledge. And God has Total Knowledge. He knows without doubt that there can be no harm. Never, in all of Experience can there be harm for nothing can stop being. There is only change, transformation.


So for God becoming human, it is kind of like bungee jumping off that bridge. You are attached by the cord and it is impossible for there to be any harm. Except that in throwing oneself into being a human, as soon as you leave the bridge, you get amnesia. Theeeeen what happens?


Four Falls From Grace … And Back Again

575142_3787859624489_205395451_nfBut God knows that is going to happen. God knows that in the process of coming to Earth, He is going to go through four falls from grace, until He will end up to be as dumb as a dipstick.


Then She’s going to have to go back again to realizing She is Divine from being so repressed and unconscious. But the process of it involves all the most wonderful things, experiences. These are experiences more wonderful than animals can experience, because it is all done in total forgetfulness that it is not real and that everything is just fine even when it doesn’t seem to be.

So ultimately, peek-a-boo: It has all been magnificent.


Death to Everyone — Makes It Fun.

What does Will Oldham say? He sings, “Death to everyone, is gonna come.… It makes hosing … much more fun.”

475px-rembrandt_christ_in_the_storm_on_the_sea_of_galilee-web487085_405457372846821_2017737770_nIt is because of the fear, ultimately that fear of death, that we are most fully alive. There is no need for that fear actually, but it is that which provides the edge, the spice…the beauty, poignancy to life. It is like the sharpness that salt provides to food to bring out its multiple flavors, which were there but were dull and not fully manifest. It is this fear that makes life fun, and so much more perfect in our forgetting for a time that it is just a game we are playing for our own, as God, amusement and the manifesting of beauty in existence.


An Edge of Pleasure. Multiple Flavors.

homepage1269523_475028102519727_1506114862_nIt’s because of that fear that there is the sweetness of pleasure to life as well. Because through pleasure we escape even the possibility, the threat, of remembering, which multiplies even more the “flavors” (experiences) of existence.

This is irregardless of the fact that pleasure extends our time in forgetfulness … it is only pain that wakes us up to our Divinity and brings us home again. For the amount of time it takes to remember our nature as Divinity is totally irrelevant. It does not matter. It is poignantly perfect and beautiful any way it goes, ultimately.


Life, Experience, That Which Is is all perfect in its seeming imperfection. It is fantastic and wonderful. Ultimately, as Sathya Sai Baba said, All of Reality is God’s divine leela, that is to say, play. So, more than anything else, Existence is fun.


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