Something Wonderful: Planetmates say in humans’ choosing nobility and defending Nature, “Something wonderful is going to happen” – The Thirty-Third and Final Prasad


The Great Reveal, Chapter Forty-One: The Thirty-Third Prasad. “Something Wonderful Is Going to Happen,” say Planetmates.

Planetmates Release the Thirty-Third Prasad

Planetmates tell us we can return home and be embraced again by Nature. Their message to us is a sign that the most fantastic and fulfilling life lies ahead for humans. This re-union is the most sublime and wonderful Love. But even beyond this, we have the possibility of turning this challenge into the most incredibly heroic and noble of tales. This we could do, not as separate egos, but in reversing that, in allowing ourselves to desist from fighting Divine Benevolence the way we have. They say that an inter-being consciousness is possible that is almost like a coming together of heaven and Earth, and this being so, “something wonderful is going to happen.”

Dolphin is first consciousness at the Thirty-Third and final Prasad.

“[W]e will all feel the results of your indecision quite soon if you do not heed us.”


The Thirty-Third Prasad: Something Wonderful to Happen

secret-garden7-berceaux-insidematrix-podIn not choosing you have actually chosen your demise. We have come to remind you, to pluck your memory, to wake you, and to warn you. The rest is up to you, and we will all feel the results of your indecision quite soon if you do not heed us.

However, if you choose to be noble planetmates again and join with Nature in its defense, we will continue on in greater alliance together. The Earthly adventure can continue virtually without end. For in this case, something wonderful is going to happen. (final prasad)

Part One of Paraphrase/ Elaboration of “The Thirty-Third Prasad”: Your indecision will manifest horribly very soon, or your lives can be be made noble, even sanctified.

You can return to nobility. You were once admirable planetmates, honorable Earth citizens. You lived in harmony with us and with all of Creation. You accepted what Providence provided, asking no more. Life was beautiful and full.

Or you can continue on this slide to oblivion, pulling us all down with you. 052211_RP9gh66765_TRGT2025You must decide; you can no longer put it off. If a sufficient number of you do not choose to take up alliance once again, like you did long ago, with all of Nature and act to nurture and defend the exquisite Creation on this planet, that indecision, that refusal to become transformed, will become known to us all very soon in the events that will come increasingly into your life, disturbing you, inconveniencing you, making you suffer, and causing for you a miserable, agonized end.


What you can do instead is to stop running away and start “standing” and “facing” what you are manifesting—having the faith that not only will you be able to do this, but that it will teach you, lift you up, inspire you into right action as regards these unprecedented unfoldings, ennoble you, guide you, and, greatest of all, sanctify and fulfill your life bringing it once again into perfect resonance with the Good of All, the All That Is.


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