Rhino Delivers The 14th Prasad

Rhino Leads at The 14th Prasad

Rhino Is First Consciousness at The Fourteenth Prasad

The second major way that Divine Providence serves all Planetmates is in its being perfect providence, in ways that no one can see ahead of time. We are not only taught and guided toward our ultimate life fulfillment by Divine Providence, as we’ve said, but even our physical forms are most perfectly sustained in following Divine Providence. So both our existential and physical needs are most perfectly provided by following Divine Providence. Re the physical: physical needs for food, water, shelter, and so on, are more perfectly provided by Nature in ways that are most beneficial to the health of both our minds and bodies. So when you separated from the Divine, even defied divine assistance, when you decided it would be you who would control your diet, you dismissed Divinity’s perfect banquet…perfect in the sense of its effects on your primary purposes in being alive, not just existing. Yet before you wrested control of what you would eat, and you let Nature lead you in your diet, your kind lived much longer lives. It is for this reason that you have myths of very early ancestors living to ages of up to one thousand years, which was indeed possible, but for reasons that will be clear later, not particularly desirable. But, when you determined your much less diverse and unhealthy diet you created disease you never had before. Your life expectancy rapidly diminished. You would often choose foods that would please the palate and not necessarily nourish you. Previously you had a perfect alignment, as we do, between what is desirable and pleasurable and what is most beneficial to our health. But with your increasing split from your own feelings and instincts, your crazed brains sought foods that satisfied imaginary, not real physical, desires. So with this insistence on your own ideas for sustenance over the sustenance perfectly provided by Nature for your nomadic, foraging forebears, you added the suffering of unnecessary physical illnesses and earlier loss of strength and even of physical form itself to your unhappy lot.

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