Cow Brings The Twelfth Prasad

Cow Leads at The Twelfth Prasad

Cow Was First Consciousness at Twelfth Prasad

After you “conquered” the Flora Empire, you began “conquering” your fellow Planetmates of the Fauna Kingdom. Pumped up on the desperate desire to control, you captured, enslaved, and set the lifecycles of these independent Earth Citizens to ends that would suit only yourselves. The ones you enslaved were ripped from the perfect design of Nature; they were beaten into alien, schizophrenic molds, which were the products of human minds — themselves the product of early trauma — that were fearful, obsessesive about controlling, crazed, backwards thinking, and overstimulated. It was no longer enough to hunt planetmates for food, you had the bright idea of owning and growing them, much as you’d done with the Earth-bound Planetmates, the Flora. So, you captured these Planetmates out of their perfect, divinely-ordained lives in Nature; and you kept, grew, raised, trained, ate their offspring, and often killed and ate them eventually, along with other ends of yours that you would dream up for them emanating out of your brains, which were overstimulated and at this point seeing much of the Fully Conscious Universe, Alive Universe around you as dead, including all matter, all the Flora Kingdom, all the Fauna Kingdom, and even your own kind who were not like you enough (those from other tribes/cultures; even those that were different in your own tribe/culture), even if it was just their age — infants and children were predominantly seen as things, not fully living or feeling, and as resources to be exploited or discarded at will. All of this controlling required the final changeover of your lifestyle from nomadic to sedentary. You needed to be in place to grow food, as least for the growing/harvesting season; but you needed to be sedentary the full year round in order to raise Fauna Planetmates. This final phase in your change from nomadic to sedentary lifestyles would be the one major root cause, in time, of the apocalypse that we see looming before us all today.

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