Goat Brings The Eleventh Prasad

Goat Leads The Eleventh Prasad

Goat Was First Consciousness at The Eleventh Prasad

In terms of the well-being of yourselves and all life on this planet, the worst development of all occurred when you began to grow your own food. The agrarian revolution developed out of the same forces that caused you to begin hunting, which have to do with your unnatural fear of scarcity of resources and lack of faith in a Divine Providence to meet your needs even better than you can alone. The controlling of your earth-rooted food sources, horticulture, grew out of your impatience with the Divine harmony and plan and your desire to control — what we would say is interfering — Nature’s perfect ways even so far as the Flora Empire. This development took hold of increasing numbers of you beginning twenty-five thousand years ago. You began determining the life cycles of some of the Earth-rooted beings of this planet, and you continued your God-like determinations of life and death of other beings as well as the who, what, where, when, and how of their existences. You currently are recording this development as an agrarian “revolution.”

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