Fawn Brings The Third Prasad

Fawn Leads at The Third Prasad

Fawn Is First Consciousness at The Third Prasad

Despite time and the myriad experiences and changes of widely spread out peoples and cultures, the Unapproved and Hidden are everywhere and always excluded from the light of the obviously true or the common-sensical. Despite the wide and varied differences of the many definitions of Human, Reality, and Life, the truths of your nature repressed in the Unapproved and Hidden are never for an instant, or even slightly, partially, or indirectly included in the obviously true of any culture. Part of the reason for this total exclusion has to do with another defining characteristic of you, relatively upstart, humans: you alone, of all species, are only half ready for life at the time of your birth — relative to all other brother-sister species comprising the citizens of Earth — and you alone are totally dependent for your early survival on the good will of your fully growns, i.e., your parents or other adult caregivers.

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